Thursday, June 22, 2017
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These are uneasy times for the American city, and especially New York. Officially despised, targeted for punitive cuts in federal funding, gentrified into a rictus of bland affluence ...
Auto insurance is just another bill to pay, and if you don’t have much spare cash, you might be tempted to skip paying for a new insurance policy.
Tulou buildings are some of the China's most stunning historic structures and Lin Lusheng, who grew up in a tulou, is on a mission to shine new light on the intriguing design
Green Buildings are taking over the urban landscape. Newer construction methods and design features drastically improve a structure’s performance while also reducing waste
The announcement that new megacity Xiongan will be built near Beijing is the latest attempt to take pressure off China’s biggest metropolises. Can it work?
Though there’s much to admire, the designers have overlooked the most fundamental element of successful cities — the street, writes Christopher Hume
In 2011, the Gaumont-Pathé group decided to renovate the existing building in order to upgrade the cinemas and to improve user comfort
Later this year, the new US Embassy in London will open, a giant glass cube on a formerly industrial site south of the River Thames
The woods of East Hampton were the site of active architectural exploration throughout the post-war era
Since the fall of Yugoslavia, many formerly state-funded cultural institutions have fallen foul of privatisation, but some activists in Serbia are pushing back against the loss of public space
The St. Joseph project is a luxury residential development situated in Abbottsford, Victoria.
Cinema, theatre, library… what was once the Chester Odeon has been turned into an exciting new communal space
The nearly complete future home of the University of Toronto’s Daniels Faculty is already one of the best Canadian buildings of the past decade, Alex Bozikovic writes for the Globe & Mail
Inflatable architecture, which was wildly popular in the 1960s and ’70s, is back
The space is called the “home office” but it is equally a games room, pool house, bedroom, art studio, relaxation space and a DJ booth
Photographing the zones of contact between the multilevel metropolis and the mountain.
Robbie Walker bought this house about three years ago. He was living in Richmond, feeling very cool in a converted old grocery store that he had just finished renovating
Our cities are increasingly beset by a lack of affordable housing, inequality, lagging infrastructure – the list goes on.

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