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The site is a corner of the Bel Ebat fairground, on the edge of the historic town centre of Evreux ...
Named after its sunny corner block, True North is a home for an architect and family
The striking residence, a monolith designed of insulating concrete is located on a quiet street with little traffic in the village of Pliezhausen ...
Award-Wining Community Center is a Talisman of Hope and Change in Newark, New Jersey
The architect’s basic concept of the five-story building is formed by two interlocking planes ...
An innovative Canadian first for a heritage preservation project of its size, the new glass envelope that will protect the Grand Théâtre de Québec is a Lemay and Atelier 21 consortium design
Ashwood Chadstone Gateway project is a major housing and urban renewal development in Ashwood and Chadstone area 15km outside of Melbourne
Slot House / AUA

Slot House / AUA

Slot House by AU Architects remodels a London end of-terrace house through the introduction of natural light, volume and the visual connection of new spaces with the existing
MoDA was approached in 2013 to reimagine an existing 10,000 sq. ft. two storey building in the historic Calgary neighborhood of Inglewood
A breath of fresh air for this semi-detached Tudor in Ville-Saint- Laurent
Meakins Road Residence in Flinders is an example of a B.E Architecture house in the country, which after 13 years, has just been sold by its owners
The two-deck Eurasia Road Tunnel, connecting the Asian and European sides of Istanbul’s Bosphorus is 5.4km long, 3.4km of which is bored below the seabed
In the design of the new Zalmplaat School, the expressive and soft building volume is equipped with two floors with rounded corners ...
The brief for this new school building included a variety of general learning areas, provision for the senior year teachers and a science centre
When presented with the opportunity to design this small addition to an existing residence, it was exciting to discover a number of established and significant ...
On a tree-lined street in Marly-le-Roi a community very close to Paris where high fences traditionally isolate each house and its garden, there is a house
This former Hospital is a showpiece of Meursault’s rich architectural heritage
The Centrexpo Cogeco Drummondville expresses the avant-gardist side of Drummondville by showcasing an actual and contemporary image

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