Friday, July 21, 2017
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  A name synonymous to Paris, Eiffel tower is that quintessential landmark which rules the list of must-see places on every Paris itinerary. This architectural jewel in the crown of Paris attracts millions of tourists from different regions of the...
Nouveau is a style of art that focuses on simple patterns, curved lines, and elements of nature. These elements are often worked in together to form beautiful patterns, ranging from the simple to the complex. Many people choose to...
The sun is shining and we’re halfway into 2017 already. Where did the time go? If you’ve been meaning to tackle some DIY projects this year and not found the time to get round to it, now’s your chance....
  Modern design seems to stay in perpetual style, long after other trends have come and gone. And why not? It’s classic without ever feeling outdated; utilitarian without taking itself too seriously. When it comes to the living room, for example,...
Do you feel safe and secure in your home? Unfortunately, thousands of homeowners don't prepare for the worst-case scenarios that can take place in their properties.
The Do it Yourself movement has made a major comeback since the last recession, driven further by home repair ..
In the past, high-tech security systems were only seen in the homes of wealthy, important characters in movies
Rubbish removal is an integral part of keeping our surroundings and the overall environment clean
You can love your home and still admit that it’s a little bit on the snug side ...
There is no better time to invest in the commercial property market than today. There are plenty of new startups and businesses setting up shop across the country ...
Buying a settlement in Australia can be a long process that a normal person hates
Some home renovations yield a 100% or higher return on investment, such as replacing a dented garage or front door with a new, insulated and more durable model
Your garage door is your best ally when it comes from protecting your beloved car from danger
We all want to make our way up the property ladder and to eventually buy our dream home.
Having unchecked household pests can create serious health hazards for families, especially in homes with small children.
Modern homes have adapted to the age of smart home technology to make our lives easier and better
Thinking about the entire context with the global warming, we soon come to the conclusion that the air conditioning machine is one of the most important devices in our homes
Have you ever been at a party and wanted to discuss a topic that was a little out of the ordinary?

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