Dissing+Weitling: The Bicycle Snake


‘The Bicycle Snake’ is Copenhagen’s new architectonic trademark. It elegantly connects two parts of the city, which is one of the world’s most bike-friendly places. Louisiana Channel visited Dissing+Weitling Architecture to hear their thoughts on the iconic construction.

To make a bridge, which is dedicated to cyclists, is not seen often around the world. But Denmark has a certain “bike culture”, which the bridge serves as a tribute to. The orange bridge is strikingly slender and elegant, consisting only of what is absolutely necessary while serving an actual practical purpose: “It’s not trying to be more than it actually is.”

‘The Bicycle Snake’ — completed in 2014 by Dissing+Weitling— meanders 6-7 meters above sea surface with a total length of 230 meters. The bridge is made of steel and the surface has a bright orange colour, which creates a clear visual course for cyclists. It has been awarded the Big Arne Award in 2015, the WAN Transport Award in 2014 and the ‘Raise the Bar’ prize in 2013.