Futurists Propose “Walking City” of Configurable Housing Units

Futurists Propose "Walking City" of Configurable Housing Units
“Multigen” is Terreform ONE’s answer to the question of multigenerational housing. Their project consists of mobile, configurable housing units or houses that can alternate between urban and rural environments

“Multigen” will enable generations to live together, but still preserve options to move away for any length of time. Not only will extended families be able to live together “under one roof,” they will also have the option of combining their living units with those of, say, their grandparents, parents, or children. These can, in turn, be integrated into greater settlement patterns, including cities, suburbs, and rural areas.

Multigen housing is comprised of fixed and mobile elements, as well as a variety of architectural types, to accommodate the changing desires and lifestyles of multiple generations living together. In doing so, they are designed for both intergenerational continuity and moments of flux: going off to school, changes in marital status, retirement travel—all the forms of making and moving away from the family nest.

The combination of these semi-permanent, semi-mobile elements opens up numerous combinations of autonomous and communal living arrangements.