Home Improvements With Safety In Mind


Home improvement should be a constant task on a long-term cycle. If you’re investing in a house via a mortgage, you want to add value and protect your investment. Why would you not want to asses your home and constantly improve it?

There are plenty of ways that one could improve a home. You can add insulation to a loft, you could order the construction of a conservatory, you could add an extension to your home or even fit new windows. You could automate your home with various Android devices. You could add new decor or furniture.

There’s a lot you can do.

Now, let’s talk a bit about psychology. In 1943, Abraham Maslow, an American psychologist proposed a structure in his paper ‘A Theory Of Human Motivation’ which was published in the academic journal – Psychological Review.

Home Improvements With Safety In Mind

The structure he proposed was known as the ‘Hierarchy of Needs’. In it, the base of the pyramid was the foundation of life and the needs went up towards the superficial pinnacle. There are five stages to Maslow’s pyramid structure. The base is rooted in physiological needs (air, food, water), the next stage up is safety (health, personal and financial security), following that we have love and belonging (friendships, intimacy, family), the penultimate stage is esteem (strength, competence, freedom, respect). The final stage in Maslow’s pyramid is self-actualization or being the most that one can be. The basic needs are at the bottom, and you might note that safety is a pretty severe need. Let’s focus on that.

Safety can pretty much be defined as the need for security and protection. Without security, we feel vulnerable. In a basic world, safety would be the need for shelter, in the modern world, the need for safety may mean home security, job security, savings and wellbeing.

Home Improvements With Safety In Mind

As with safety, we’ll take a deeper look at one aspect. Home security is something we can certainly take charge of when other aspects of the need for safety are out of our hands (job, finances). Home security involves the security setup on a site or home. This could be through security hardware, or through personal practices.

The reason behind home security is that there are criminals out there who will look to take advantage of negligence and enter a home to remove valuables. They could be male or female; they will act on low-risk temptations; they might look for cash or fenceable items and will be attracted to easily accessible homes. Do you see the pattern? Low-risk, temptation, easily accessible? That’s exactly why home security solutions exist, so you can make your home less of a target.

Official statistics from the FBI show that burglary is still a big crime. Nearly two million incidents of the crime occurred in 2014, with nearly sixty-percent of these burglaries being caused through forcible entry into a property. The opposition here will force a door six times out of ten.

That means it’s time to take a look at what home improvements you can make to keep your safety in mind. It’s all about home security.

Firstly, there’s the little things you can do. If your door is rotting, ageing or in need of replacement, don’t hesitate -ageing wood doors can and will be kicked through. Remember the stats? Six times out of ten, a criminal will attempt a forced entry. If you make it easy with a weak door, it’s going to happen. Also, remember to lock your doors! If you fancy a futuristic solution to door locking, there are plenty of ‘smart locks’ on the market. It’s worth saying it again, so lock your door! No amount of smart locks will protect a door that has been left wide open.

A guard dog is always a good idea in theory, but most people don’t have the time to look after pets, and if you’re not home – it’s not fair on the dog. There are a few robotic solutions that are marketed as toys, but with visual feed and speaker systems, they can work just as well. Beware of the dog!

Security cameras are a bit of an issue. While vision is going to deter most crimes, some plucky criminals will see the presence of CCTV as an advertisement of valuables on site. This doesn’t mean that cameras should be avoided altogether, but you can be smart with placement. A top doorbell security camera is a smart solution that will not only allow you to see who is knocking at your door; you’ll also be able to spot lurkers who could turn out to be criminals casing your house. Most camera systems can be linked to smartphones so that you can access a visual feed no matter your location. There are even lightbulbs that house 1080p full HD lenses. There are solutions everywhere; you just need to keep an eye out for them so that they can keep an eye out for you.

Home Improvements With Safety In Mind

The biggest home improvement you can make for your security and safety is the installation of an alarm system. An alarm will sound off extremely loudly when it is tripped, and many models will alert either a security team or the police to the site in response to a break-in.

You can spend as much as you want on security features and home improvements, but if you’re neglecting the basics, you’re going to suffer. If you continue to advertise valuables and leave your home open to criminals, they will find a way to take them from you. Be as resourceful and as intelligent as those looking to steal from you, and you will beat them each and every time. It’s important that you improve your home security with the times so that you don’t have to worry and stress about criminals breaking into your home and taking whatever they want. That should never happen.


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