Vietnamese french-era architecture to be saved

Vietnamese french-era architecture to be saved
Sofitel Metropole Legend Hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam / © E8Club

Architectural features of the more than 100-year-old Sai Gon Tax Trade Centre will be preserved when the centre is torn down to build a metro line and a 40-storey office and hotel complex.

The plan from the Sai Gon Trading Corporation Limited (SATRA) calls for exterior features of the original architecture to be incorporated into the new building.

On top of the building at the corner of Le Loi and Nguyen Hue streets, the dome of the new building will contain similar patterns of the original building, called the Grands Magasins Charner.

According to SATRA, the new building will be modern in aesthetics and function. However, its architecture will blend with more traditional structures, including City Hall, Opera House and the Rex Hotel, located nearby.

Inside the building, on the ground floor, the lobby and the mosaic tiled floor and the major stairway of the original building will be preserved.

Most of the sections will remain in their original positions.

The main preservation task inside the building will be to keep the mosaic tiled floor.

The first task will be inspection of the condition of the mosaic tiles to determine the necessary costs, number of workers, and other relevant issues, according to SATRA’s representative.

SATRA has selected international consulting companies to proceed with the project.

The main design task was assigned to an American company with 50 years of experience and 5,000 experts, with offices in 112 countries. […]