Workplace wellness: how offices could be the healthiest place for you


Workplace wellness: how offices could be the healthiest place for you

Australian businesses sign up to building certification that focuses on the air, light and comfort of workplaces

Already buzzing with energy as he is, the real estate wellness pioneer Paul Scialla takes it to another level when discussing how to lure office workers to the water cooler.

“If people see water, they drink water,” he says.

The former Goldman Sachs partner is outlining his plan as to how office space can be configured to improve the visibility of what he insists on referring to as “hydration stations”.

It is just one of hundreds of small touches the American entrepreneur has codified into the Well Building standard, an accreditation system that rates how a building affects the wellbeing of those within, just as the eco-conscious Green Star rating system assesses a structure’s impact on the environment outside.

Water is one of seven wellness categories Scialla wants real estate developers to consider in their building projects, along with air, light, nourishment, fitness, comfort and mind – a remit that takes in everything from sound barriers to air purification systems.

In Sydney for the Green Cities 2016 conference, Scialla came to Australia to seal the deal on partnerships he hopes will see the Well Building standard proliferate throughout Australia, one of 14 countries globally to feature projects undergoing accreditation.

During the week he locked down an agreement with the Green Building Council of Australia and deepened an existing partnership with the global property group Lendlease. […]