13 Awesome Maintenance Tips and Tricks for Your Home

As great as it is to buy your own house or renting one yourself, maintaining it can prove to be a real task. Purchasing fancy appliances and home décor, yet failing to maintain it is a total bummer. Home maintenance is as crucial as it is to do your laundry, cook, or mow your lawn.

While you can always hire someone to get the job done for you, doing chores and taking care of your own house has its advantages. Firstly, you save up on a lot of unnecessary costs; second, you know your home better than anyone else- so why not do it yourself?

Here are some great tips that one can adapt for maintaining a cleaner and more efficient home.

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  1. Plumbing

Taking care of the plumbing system in your house is very crucial. The primary reason for any disturbance in plumbing is clogging.

This may happen from the waste in the kitchen or your washroom. Kitchen wastes include oils and fats which often cause clogging in the plumbing system. In the bathroom, on the other hand, hair is the culprit. One could always use cleaning acids to get rid of these unwanted clogging elements, but it is also important to know these chemicals cause a lot of problem in the plumbing system and may even cause leakage.

A plunger should always be used, and weekly unclogging of the drains helps in avoiding such hassles. A drain snake is another good option. If the situation gets more complicated, you may need to call in a plumber.

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  1. Air conditioners

Maintaining air conditioners are not a huge task but repairing one could prove to be expensive unless you professionals. The AC screen should particularly be cleaned from time to time. It is a simple process, and in the long run, it helps in better cooling.

To ensure steady water flow, the condensation hose should be inspected periodically, and also make sure no unwanted microbial attack or algae are growing in its pathway. This could cause serious health hazards at your home.

  1. Maintaining your refrigerator

Of course timely cleaning of your refrigerator is essential, but apart from making sure the inside of your fridge is clean, it is also essential to check if the external unit is working properly. The coils of your refrigerator should be vacuumed from time to time. The door seal is also critical to be inspected. A good door seal ensures that your food stays fresh does not have the possibility of growing mold.

  1. Cleaning your gutters

This may seem to be a very daunting task, but it helps in the long run. The main drainage and sewer of your house too need attention. Physically removing debris is one way to ensure cleanliness. Apart from that, a garden hose could also be used to clean the gutter.

Make sure the gutter is properly fixed and are not out of place. Use disinfectants to get rid of unnecessary disease-causing pests.

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  1. Re-painting

Now, this job could sometimes require a professional, but it could also be done alone. Rooms which have cracking paint or rainwater seepage particularly needs your attention. Taking out some time from our busy schedule and repainting our walls can be fun too. There is a lot of scope for experimenting, and one could go crazy and creative!

  1. Cleaning your humidifiers

Some homes use humidifiers to keep the air clean, especially during winter months.  After using the humidifier, one should make sure there is no stagnant water and the water valve is closed. It is important as this avoids the growth of molds which could cause health problems.

  1. Maintenance of washing machine

Your washing machine needs attention too. Leaky pipes could cause a lot of hassle and require quite some investment to get fixed if the damage is too much. The water supply hose should be inspected from time to time for leaks and changed if required. Any damaged part of the machine should be replaced immediately. It is imperative to understand that the device is used on a regular basis, so its maintenance is our duty.

  1. Furnace filters

Furnace filters require some attention too, and it is crucial to replace your furnace filters from time to time. When there are animals in the house, this should be done more frequently. Usually, the time span in between cleaning and replacing furnace filter is 2-3 months.

  1. Check for termites

The most probable places for termites to grow are your wooden furniture or any wooden item. Termites could cause a lot of damage to walls and the entire foundation of the home. Timely checking for termite and taking measures to stop their spread and is critical. In case the damage is too much, professional help and pest control may be required.

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  1. Fire extinguisher check

Making sure that the fire extinguisher works properly is also crucial. The safety seal should be intact, the pressure normal and the inspections are documented from time to time. Fire extinguishers are very important in a house, and so is their maintenance.

  1. Check for leaky door and windows

Leaky door and windows could lead to a lot of weather damage to the house, especially in tropical regions. Keeping a check on these minor leaks could save one from a lot of trouble and damage to the house and one’s health.

  1. Running water through your bathroom pipes and faucets

When sinks and pipes are not used for a very long time, there is a possibility of grime growing on them. You can avoid this by running these pipes and faucets from time to time to ensure the steady flow of water.

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  1. Garbage disposal

Keeping a check on your garbage disposal is mandatory. Timely disposal is what everyone does, but it is also necessary to maintain the disposal unit. Use pesticides and disinfectants to avoid invasion and don’t forget to keep a check on the unit.

These are just some of the home maintenance tricks and tips one could use to keep a clean and healthy home. Always remember to invest equal time to yourself and to maintain your living space.

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