16 Home Essentials Under $200 That You Simply Cannot Overlook


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    What are some home essentials that you can think of that you have? Or even some that you don’t have that you can’t think of to spice up or make things easier for you in your home. There are some items in some homes that are not needed in the household that couples or families want to get rid of but can’t seem to know what to replace it with. Here you will find 16 home essentials in which you can make your home livelier and more peaceful to your eyes.

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    Compact Basic First Aid Kit

    When it comes to moving in a house or just merely sprucing up the place, there is a high chance you can hurt yourself by getting a cut, scrape or a splinter. Be ready with a first aid kit with band-aids, antibiotic cream, burn cream, tweezers, a thermometer, ace bandages, and some ibuprofen. This can be a viral item when moving in or if you are already living in your home.

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    Soldering Iron

    What are the chances that a new household or a longtime household has a soldering iron? Its mere to none, but it’s a great item to have on hand when you are in need for something fun like arts and crafts or an emergency with a plumbing problem. How can you pick the best soldering iron for you though? The best thing to look for in a good soldering iron is the type of the soldering iron you are looking for and temperature control.

    Basic Cleaning Supplies

    After moving in or genuinely, you’ll need some cleaning supplies to keep that house spic and span! Having things around the house such as glass cleaning, multi-surface cleaner, dish soap, washcloths, rags, and anti-bacterial wipes. These will keep your house clean and sparkling in no time all the time!

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    Air Compressor

    Do I need an air compressor? What would you I need an air compressor for? The truth is there is a lot of uses besides filling your car tires! Air compressors can be used for things such as; spray painting, cleaning dust out of electronics, nail gun attachment, etc. These are all great uses for a nail gun from speedily putting up a new fence to spray painting a house item or putting a new coat on your house!

    Quick Food Staples

    When it comes to getting settled down or just after a long day it is good to have easy to make food staples in your home that won’t take away all your energy. Things such as; pasta, pasta sauce, cereal, milk, break, peanut butter, and jelly. These are all quick things you can make a fast and easy meal with satisfying that hunger without exerting all your energy!

    Small Appliances

    When it comes to unpacking or maybe you just don’t have them there are a few small appliances that can make your life easier when settling down or trying to relax after a day at work. Most houses have a microwave but let’s include the appliance not all people have like a blender, toaster oven, and even something like a food processor. These are not genuine things households have, and they can make life a lot easier instead of a turn on your giant over, making your first smoothie, or even grinding up bread crumbs for your new baking extravaganza.

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    Gun Safe

    Yes, a gun safe can seem like your over doing it and can be quite expensive, but you can store more than just a few guns in them. Gun safes are perfect especially in a case of a house fire or natural disaster to harvest some of your historical or memorabilia that is fond of you. You can also put your fire arms in them to keep them at a safe distance and keeping from your children or others besides you who you don’t want having access to. It’s a great investment and has much more uses then just guns.


    Moving is grimy work, and when it comes down to it, everyone needs a relaxing shower or bath after moving or a long day at work. Make sure to have soap, shampoo, toilet paper, hand towels, toothbrush and toothpaste, antiperspirant deodorant, lotion, and also towels and washcloths for tidying up after that nice hot relaxing shower at the end of the day.


    Don’t Laugh – – there are all times where we lose track of / can’t locate or in despicable moments break chargers for our phones, laptops, and tablets. It’s good to always have these on hand when needing to have your phone charged for a family/work calls, have the tablet at full capacity for your children, or having your laptop ready for some work at home when needed. When in doubt! Charge it out!

    Air Rifle

    Air rifle? You mean like a red rider bb gun? Close, but no. An air rifle can be fun and great entertainment or a great use to get rid of those pesky critters like squirrels or groundhogs getting in / under your house and breaking things. Fun?!? Of course, use an air rifle to teach your kids how to shoot without the loud sound getting on your neighbour’s nerves, or having to travel to a gun range. Or use it to take care of those squirrels and groundhogs digging holes in your yard or chewing up the wiring on the inside/outside of your house.

    Duct Tape

    Yes, Duct Tape. I said it. Duct Tape can come in handy in many different situations when moving or around the house when needed slightly or in an abrupt situation such as a plumbing leak that needs to be cover in a fast manner. Either way, it’s great to have around even if you don’t think you need it.

    Comfy Sofa / Ottoman

    After a long day of moving or a long day at work, nobody wants to get home and lay down on a stiff couch. They want to sink into the cloud and mellow down after a long day, so when it comes to shopping for things for your house take a test run on the couch for a little and once your drift off into heaven that is when you will know that, that couch is the one for you!

    Bottle Opener / Corkscrew

    At the end of the day of moving or just a long restless day at work, it’s nice to be able to find or have a bottle opener to open a nice cold glass of wine or a beer to settle down and cool down. Maybe you don’t drink alcohol well it’s still great to open a nice cold bottle of soda pop and swing it back while relaxing on that lovely comfy sofa you got!

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    Analog Alarm Clock

    Insult? I think not. We have all had those days we relied on off our cell phone in this modern age which led to it not going off and you were late to work. An alarm clock is good to have in case your phone dies over night or you simple just are not a fan of the modern age and don’t use a cell phone. Either way, after a long moving day or after a settling night, it’s good to have a clock on your dresser to wake you up the next morning for work or a busy schedule!

    Security System

    Everyone has seen all the commercials and think having a home security system is overrated but in the matter of the fact besides protecting you and your family.  Even if you live alone, it’s great to have just in case of a home break-in or robbery. It’s good to protect you and your family belongings in any situation while you are not at your castle to protect it.


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    Candle Wax

    Candle wax is good to have around the house even for using it to make your place spelling great! That left-over candle wax can be used for some things. Have a wood drawer that isn’t sliding well? Apply some candle wax to it, and it will slide like new. Shoelaces fraying? Rub some candle wax on them, and they will look good as new! In any situation, candle wax can be used for cool ideas when you put your mind to it.

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