3 Similar Yet Different Community Living Architecture Tips For Success

3 Similar Yet Different Community Living Architecture Tips For Success

All architects know that the smallest of details can help render a project a success or a total failure. Designing a building that is efficient cost-wise while following the wants and needs of a client is a task all great architects are asked to do. Projects that are involved with community living are becoming much more popular. The money that is saved by people who cannot afford their own home is immense when compared to renting a home. Performing an adequate job for a builder specializing in community living can lead to long term contracts. All architects know that consistent work helps breed job security and even more so in the case if you develop a personal relationship with the client.

Senior Living

As the senior population grows in the country so does the need for more senior living facilities. The physical limitations of many of the residents there is something an architect has to consider immediately. A multistory building can be a disaster in the cases of a fire or other need for evacuation. The lack of mobility should cause an architect to include places to rest throughout a build or even a place to sit down one a flight of stairs has been walked. Socialization is another huge factor as many people in senior living facilities have lost their significant other. Socializing helps keep the brain working and in good health according to research. Senior living architecture is about the comfort, well-being, and safety of those who live there. Detailed oriented companies like OZ Architects Senior Housing Architects do the best work on these types of projects.

3 similar yet different community living architecture tips for success

College Dorms

Although students keep graduating thousands of dollars in debt does not deter them from attending college at record rates. Unlike that of the senior care facility, the mobility of the residents here is not an issue. The need for thick walls that block sound can be a huge perk for students trying to study while others have finished their finals. There is also a need for socialization with a few common rooms or kitchens throughout the dorm. The comfort of the students is usually not the main concern for some universities but rather fitting as many people as possible into the dorm. Safety is also a huge concern for universities wanting another dorm designed as some college students are sure to start a fire while cooking for themselves for the first time.

Jails or Prisons

The need for new jails and prisons is always in demand with both becoming overcrowded at record numbers. This is not the community living that many people would pick but it does have similar attributes to the other housing options on the list. Just like a university, some private and state correctional facilities care nothing about the comfort of the inmates. These facilities are meant to be cold and unwelcoming to deter people thinking jail or prison isn’t so bad. The safety of the guards as well as the safety of the inmates is paramount in this setting. Extraneous pieces of metal on walking rails can be used as a weapon so designing this in mind is important. This type of facility might need underground ways to get from one side of the facility to the next for a raid without inmates having any knowledge of this. Common areas are important in these facilities as well but design these so everyone in the room can be seen at once. A majority of the people in these facilities aren’t in there because they are innocent.

The above community living facilities are going to continue to be in demand in the coming years. If you take on a project like this make sure that you keep the above in mind!

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