4 Simple Things to Consider Before Bathroom Renovation


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Remodeling any room can pose a challenge, a bathroom, however, throws more challenges than the rest. With plenty of different factors to bear in mind, including plumbing tiles, fixtures, and even storage, a bathroom renovation needs a thorough planning and professional help, if it is to be successful.


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Here are few things to consider before your bathroom renovation process.


The first thing to do, after you decide that you want a renovation for your bathroom, is to come up with a realistic budget. This will serve as a guide and will aide with the decision making process throughout the remodeling phase. Knowing the amount of money that you are going to spend on materials, labor, fixtures, cabinets, etc. right from the onset of the project will help you get the most of the process.

Besides, presenting the budget up front is the only way your architect or interior designer will understand what to work with, to give you the expected results.

While making your budget, you should remember to factor in all the aspects, including plumbing, labor, cost of materials, electricity and even transportation. Don’t forget to include some miscellaneous funds that will cater to any arising issue.


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Design Style

Before the walls of your bathroom are broken down, you should have a solid plan for what your new bathroom is going to look like. Decide beforehand whether you want a high-tech, modern, luxurious, or traditional design. There is a range of factors to bear in mind based on the style, for instance, the pattern, color, fixtures like shower heads, taps and toilets, baths, tile choice and so on. Consider who will be using the bathroom and make your decision around what will meet their needs. Click here to view some options.


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Once you have your budget in writing, the next thing is to find an expert to carry out the work. You should not, at any cost, try to muddle on your own, or hire just about anybody in the name of saving money. You’ll be surprised to learn that many bathroom remodeling projects are never completed just because the homeowner was trying to minimise cost.

Since you don’t want to experience such, it is a good idea to work with well-experienced builders and architects who will work with your budget to help you get beautiful and functional spaces. The architect will also help to oversee the project to ensure everything is done according to plan. They’ll make sure that everything, including waterproofing, is handled by licensed and qualified professionals. When not done correctly, leaks might occur, and the repair costs can be very high.


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If you are doing a minor renovation, on a budget, try not to move the pipework. Moving the drainage and pipes translates to more work and money. However, if you are doing an overhaul, you may need to alter the layout. In such cases, you can take advantage and change the pipes to larger ones because they don’t clog easily. And if you live in areas that experience winter, then it would be an excellent idea for your supply lines to be routed inside.



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