5 Easy Ways to Make the Bedroom a Comfortable Hideaway


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Bedrooms are amongst the most important rooms in any home – they offer a perfect hideaway from the world. As such, they could use a little tender loving and care if they are to live up to our expectations.

Creating a comfortable bedroom isn’t rocket science; it’s only a combination of a few aspects like wall color and some lighting source, accents and decorations, and window treatments. But most importantly, it involves integrating a comfortable mattress, as well as sheets, linens, and blankets to ensure a good night sleep.  

If you are just getting started with designing the interiors of your bedroom, or are looking to make some adjustments, then here are some five easy ways to make your bedroom a comfortable hideaway.

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Picture courtesy: Christopher Jolly@chris_jolly

Start with the beddings

It’s one thing to have a beautiful bedroom and another to have perfect linens that will encourage the resting process. You spend about eight hours of your day sleeping, and you want to make sure that you do so, on a comfortable bed. So, your first step should be getting a befitting bed, mattress, and beddings. For a subtle effect, try working with colors that will complement the rest of the room. You can click here if you want to learn more about the right type of mattress for you.

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Wall color

Once you have your comfortable bed, next step is the wall. The colors of your wall will broadly impact the mood and feel of your bedroom. If your bedroom is large, you can work with warm colors like yellows, reds, oranges, and earth tones to make the room feel intimate and cozy. For smaller rooms, neutral colors like light brown, beige, or white can help make the room feel larger.

Besides, they’ll allow you to hang more pictures without worrying about color clashing. If you still aren’t sure about which color to settle for, you can get inspiration from your beddings, carpet, or even a photo frame.

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Light source

Having different sources of light can be a great idea, as it helps create a warm, welcoming feel in your space. If your bedroom only has a single source of light, you should consider integrating more – you can try floor and table lamps, use candles with varying heights around the room, hang a pendant light, use track lighting, or even a wall lamp or wall sconce.

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Window treatment

You’ll be surprised by how much changing the window covering can enhance the feel of your bedroom. The market presents an incredible selection of window treatments, so what you settle for will largely depend on your budget and personal preferences. For example, you may want blackout curtains that don’t allow light pollution into the room giving you the best night’s sleep possible. The best part is that the latest kinds of window treatments are designed in a way to help you conserve energy without sacrificing on style.

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Adding accents

Sometimes, incorporating a few low-cost accents to your bedroom can make a whole difference. For instance, you can add a rug next to your bed or even place a reading chair with a matching stool or ottoman in the corner of the room.


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