5 Home Improvement Projects That Require Scaffolding to Complete

5 Home Improvement Projects That Require Scaffolding to Complete

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There are many jobs at home that can be completed using a ladder but there are many other projects you will not want to undertake because a ladder doesn’t provide enough safety. There may come a time when you need to hire a scaffolding company to come in and provide scaffolding work surfaces for you to be able to work from to update your home exterior in the safest manner possible. The main jobs that are carried out from scaffolding are outlined below.

5 home improvement projects that require scaffolding to complete


The main job that a scaffold is usually built for is when you need to build an extension on the house. The first lift can be done easily enough if the brick/block layer is tall enough to get the right height to the windows built, and even if they are not, trestles will usually be used in this instance to put lintels above the windows or to get the last course of blocks on beneath and in-between the joists. When the first lift is complete, though, the bricklayers will need a scaffolding company to come in and give them a level to work from so they can complete the second lift depending on how big the extension is.

Gutter Replacement

There was a time when guttering companies replaced gutters by using a ladder, but now there are a lot of health and safety laws in place which means they must complete gutter repairs/replacements using a scaffolding surface. Scaffolding surfaces are perfect for any trade looking to complete work whilst working at heights.

Loft Conversions

Another job that will require scaffolding is when you are working on a loft conversion. Most of the job is completed on the inside, but when you are looking to implement a Velux window or even alter the roof there will need to be scaffolding for the workers to undertake their workload.

Rendering Work

Scaffolding will often stay in its place from when the builders have finished the extension or new build, but scaffolding will always be mandatory for renderers/plasterers to complete their work. If the scaffolding isn’t in place, you will find that it is not only not safe to conduct work for renderers, but it’s also a much harder job because they will need to hold onto heavy buckets of render whilst doing their jobs on a ladder.


Painting work often needs to be completed using a scaffold, again because of health and safety laws. Painting exterior areas is now a lot easier than what it used to be even though there is now an added cost. Painting rendered areas isn’t easy from a ladder so a scaffolding surface is a requirement.

There are many other reasons why you may need to hire a scaffolding company to come in and design a structure for you or other workers to work from. It’s certainly not the cheapest product to hire, but in this day in age, it’s mandatory for anyone working at height because of health and safety laws.

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