5 Proven Tiling Tips to Make Your Bathroom Look More Expensive


It’s natural to want a classy bathroom that looks modern and expensive. And, most likely, you don’t want to spend a fortune on it. That’s why we’ve made a list of tiling tips to make your bathroom look more expensive with a limited budget.

Use Unusual Schemes for Usual Tile

5 Proven Tiling Tips to Make Your Bathroom Look More Expensive

Do you believe that you can make your bathroom look more expensive by just purchasing dime-a-dozen subway tile? No, you really don’t need to buy expensive tile with glamorous effects like marble pattern or textured surface. You may take the cheapest plain white tile and lay it under an unusual scheme – alternating its direction. Mix vertically and horizontally laid tiles to create an intricate pattern on the bathroom wall or floor, while adding a unique touch to your design. You can achieve a more dramatic effect, if you choose a tile of another color: both bright colors and pastel shades may look rich in such a scheme. Herringbone and chevron designs are still hot, so you get a good chance to combine cheap tile and trendy pattern with flair.

Add Mosaic Touch

5 Proven Tiling Tips to Make Your Bathroom Look More Expensive

Generally, mosaic tile is not considered as a cheap design option, but it looks glamorously and is strongly associated with a custom design. So, why don’t borrow a little of these qualities to create beautiful accents in your bathroom? Make a border around the walls or mosaic-tiled countertop or decorate bathroom niches – there are a lot of options for a creative mind. Mosaic tile can be perfectly mixed with cheap tile of various designs, but if you have difficulties with inspiration, take a look at this collection of mosaic tiles. Explore the available colors and textures, and then use the ideas in your own project.

Use Tile Murals

5 Proven Tiling Tips to Make Your Bathroom Look More Expensive

You can spend a lot of money on buying some expensive tile and then lay it throughout the bathroom or you can purchase a rather cheap collection and then add a bright accent with the help of a tile mural – and we can’t say, in which case the effect will be more luxurious. Indeed, a tile mural can create a great focal point in your bathroom design and there are a lot of options of their sizes and designs. You may choose animalistic, floral, graphic, abstract or any other pattern to meet your requirements. As an option, there is always a chance to find suitable décor elements in tile collections, using which you can create custom image on the bathroom wall or floor.


5 Proven Tiling Tips to Make Your Bathroom Look More Expensive

Let’s go back to unexpected schemes. While color-blocking is no longer a favorite in fashion design, this idea has great potential in tile projects. It allows creating a strong statement and adding a personal touch to your bathroom design, while doesn’t require pricy tile for implementation. In fact, you can use both mosaic and regular tile, as well as almost any colors, shapes and sizes depending on your taste and features of your bathroom. The main task is to develop a creative scheme that will perfectly meet the space and reflect your attitude. Your project will get more exquisite feel, if you add a trendy ombre effect to color-blocking, though such a project can narrow down tile options and require more planning efforts.

Dosed High End Tile

5 Proven Tiling Tips to Make Your Bathroom Look More Expensive

Do you dream of marble walls in your bathroom? Or maybe you’d prefer mosaic decoration? Some types of tile are rather pricy to use them throughout the bathroom, but it doesn’t mean you have to give up the idea. Make an accent wall from high end tile to achieve a desired wow effect, but save a bunch of money on tiling the bathroom from top to the bottom. You can use designer tile for the accent wall – gorgeous imitations of stone or wood, glossy metal tile or iridescent glass mosaic, 3D effect tile or something else – and then leave other walls just painted with neutral color. As an option, you can tile all the rest choosing affordable tile of plain design, which will create a kind of background for your attention-stealing high end wall.


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