6 innovative ways to enhance your door entrances

    6 innovative ways to enhance your door entrances

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    The front door of your home is the primary entrance used by people to come-in to your home. While the interiors of your home and the overall décor makes it look beautiful, but, the first impression about your home is often made by people from your entry door Most often, if your front door is conventionally designed and is not enhanced with any special door enhancements, people make a similar impression about the entire house. However, if you work on enhancing your doorway, it makes your house look uniquely attractive and contemporarily designed.

    6 innovative ways to enhance your door entrances

    Here are the 6 innovative ways you can use to enhance your door entrances to give an uplift to the overall décor of your home:

    1. Lighting:

    Carefully selected and positioned exterior lighting can greatly enhance the entrance of your home. A small light bulb next to your entry door not only illuminates the area and make it safe for use during the night, but also makes your entry door look bright, stylish and modish.

    2. Door furniture:

    Another amazing way to enhance your home’s entrance is by festooning your primary entry door with stylish door furniture depending on your home’s overall décor, you can choose the door furniture from a variety of styles such as contemporary, ethnic, Victorian etc. You can also check the vast collection of door furniture from Stronghold Direct. Here you can find every type of door furniture ideally matching your budget and needs.

    3. Door Hardware:

    You can always add some hardware components around your primary entrance door to enhance its look. You can add a contemporary letterbox, or some storage space near the door that gives it a beautiful addition yet being useful.

    4. Vast Windows:

    A full length window on the either side of your front door not only gives it a symmetrical look, but can also significantly improve the kerb appeal of any property. The windows are a good source of natural light, and when installed on the side of the front door, they enhance the door’s look. Ensure that the windows and doors, share the similar looks and furniture.

    5. Use colours:

    A punch of bold yet bright paint which contrasts with the trim and siding is an amazing way to revamp the entry of your home. You can use the spring green against a white façade, or try a matt maroon shade which does not look extremely bright, to beautify a door that cheerfully leads the visitors in. However, consider the overall décor and style of your home before choosing the colours. These colours should not go against the overall theme of the home’s décor.

    6. Keep the area clear:

    While this is one of the most underlying rules to ensure that your home’s entrance looks neat and beautiful, but, many people tend to ignore it. Cut back any overgrown plantings which might be blocking the view of the front door or are spilling over onto the walkways. Plants and flowers in the containers are quite easy to maintain and can also, can be rearranged any time.


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