7 Sneaky Ideas To Make Small Baths Look Bigger And Leave A Larger Footprint

7 Sneaky Ideas To Make Small Baths Look Bigger And Leave A Larger Footprint

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While the new home bathrooms have nearly doubled in size over the last three decades, there are few things like drafty windows, squeaky floors, and smaller bathrooms pretty familiar to the old house lovers.

A small guest bath or powder room is okay, but just imagine,
How inconvenient is to have a small master bath….

No need to worry, here I share some sneaky ideas to combat the claustrophobia by scaling down to physically save space. You don’t need to tear down the walls to create a better beach-like retreat you’ve been dreaming of.

There are various ways to deal with the look and function of your small bathroom. You just need to know some simple tricks and a few pointers that can help a tiny, cosy space grow, visually. You can get the right bathroom accessories while saving some bucks using Soak & Sleep promo code when you shop for items like bathrobes, shower curtains, towels or other bathroom storage products.

Selection of the right lighting, colours, and fixtures is all you need to create the illusion of a larger, roomy bathroom.

7 Sneaky Ideas To Make Small Baths Look Bigger And Leave A Larger Footprint

Here we dig deeper into various design and architectural ideas which can help you make your small bath space look bigger.

1. Blend the wall and the tile colour

Blending the colours of the walls and tiles doubles up your bathroom space. Choose a contrasting colour for the tiles in the shower. Visually, it would appear as if the size of the bathroom is cut in half, making the shower visually seem like a separate space. By matching the colour of the tile with the wall, it will all read as one larger room.

2. Paint the ceiling, the colour of the walls

You can visually expand the space by painting everything in a unifying colour. If your ceiling has some oddly shaped low areas, painting the ceiling with the same colour as of walls will make those unusual shapes disappear. It cuts down on the number of transitions and planes intersecting, therefore creating a cleaner and more expansive upper space in the room. You can also go for one shade lighter on a flat ceiling, because ceilings are always meant to read a bit darker than the walls.

3. Take the tiles in the shower up to ceiling

It is good to take the tile all the way up to ceiling than stopping the tile 1’ below the ceiling and trimming out the tile edge. This will likely cost less money. However, remember to have less contrast and fewer transitions to give a more wider feel.

4. Use clear glass in your shower

Using the textured glass in the bathroom often make a space feel like it has an extra wall. It is true that you will get the light in and have some privacy, but it will prove to be a visual barrier within the room.

5. Keep plenty of natural light

You should always have as much natural light in a master bathroom as possible. Because nothing beats the feeling of walking into a bathroom in the morning and glorious sunshine peeping in the bathroom to welcome you! Natural light is always desirable and it helps with your make-up too.

6. Use mirrors strategically

“Mirrors should think longer before they reflect.” Everyone knows that the mirrors are only as good as what they reflect. But you can place mirrors across from a window within the bathroom. Doing this will make it look like as if you have two windows in the same small space!

7. Keep everything the same tone and colour as much possible

Don’t have light tiles and dark walls (or vice versa), because this combination will chop up the space, visually, and make it seem more smaller.

However, if you do want to do some contrast combination, you can limit to use something that seems like an object in the space, for example, you can place a low cabinet or a light fixture. Then, the object will stand out as a feature, while everything else will tone down and blend together as a backdrop. It’s always a good idea to find some offers on Dealslands UK while browsing for the bathroom products.

So, this is how you get more visual square inches in your small bathroom.


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