A Dance for Architecture

A Dance for Architecture

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A dance for architecture

When history looks back on the architects working today, it may remember them as the group of practitioners who dramatically expanded the boundaries of architecture into a cultural form. With this goal in mind, architect Steven Holl and choreographer Jessica Lang have teamed up and created what the duo bills as, “a dance for architecture,” entitled Tesseracts of Time. The architectural dance performance, which premiered last month as part of the ongoing Chicago Architecture Biennial, explores the four types of architecture as they correspond to the four seasons.

“Both architecture and dance share a passion for space and light in time, however they are on opposite ends of the spectrum with respect to time,” explains Holl, who also teaches a class called The Architectonics of Music at Columbia University and in 1989 exhibited works at the Museum of Modern Art. “Architecture is one of the arts of longest duration, while the realization of a dance piece can be a quick process and the work disappears as the performance of it unfolds. Here the two merge.”

The hour-long performance uses Holl and Lang’s year-and-a-half-long joint research project, Explorations In, as a point of departure. Lang’s dancers bend and glide swiftly, under vivid projections of light, around the structures Holl crafted for Tesseracts of Time. […]


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