A La Sagrada Familia in Manhattan? See the Unbuilt NYC Gaudí

A La Sagrada Familia in Manhattan? See the Unbuilt NYC Gaudí
Gaudi’s proposed building in the New York skyline, as imagined by the TV show “Fringe.” / © FringeTelevision.com

In 1908, Gaudí designed a New York skyscraper. The details of the commission remain unclear, but the basic design sketches for both the exterior and a few interior areas are still alive today, and this building would have been historic: If built as designed, it would be taller than all but the very top of the spire of the Empire State Building, which was built 25 years later. Whether or not this building could actually have been completed is very much open to debate.

Gaudí was no stranger to drawing up impractical designs: His magnum opus, La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, has been under construction for 132 years, and even the most optimistic estimates say the building will take another decade to complete. Nevertheless, the structure is a world landmark and draws two and a half million visitors every year.

Despite concerns over its practicality, the design is something to look at. It was called the “Hotel Attraction”, embodying a futuristic theme for Lower Manhattan. Rounded cones make up most of the building, somewhat similar to the trademark cathedral spires of La Sagrada Familia, but clustered together to form a single large tower. []

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