A new photo series strips New York’s architecture to its bare bones

A new photo series strips New York's architecture to its bare bones

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A new photo series strips new york's architecture to its bare bones

The New Yorkers won’t be happy.

The city’s most famous buildings — the Chrysler, the Guggenheim Museum — have been uprooted to some of the world’s most deserted landscapes. Luckily, it’s all just a photo manipulation trick, rather than an actual raid of New York’s architecture.

American designer Anton Repponen began the project last September. He wanted to remove the iconic buildings from the buzz of New York, so they could be fully appreciated.

“Sometimes incredible buildings get lost in all the noise. They disappear behind the cars on the street or the branded coffee shops around the corner. I wanted to showcase them as the architect had intended.”

To complete the 11-image series, Repponen spent hours photographing the same building. […]

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