A revolutionary new football stadium in Kenya

A revolutionary new football stadium in Kenya

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A revolutionary new football stadium in kenya

Waterbanks is a simple but bold idea from British architects Jane Harrison and David Turnbull. Their stadium holds up to 1,500 people and nearly 370,000 gallons of rainwater.

In countries where access to clean water is limited, time spent tracking down a potable source takes away from, say, time at school. So what about a school that collects the water for you?

The first Waterbank school was built in 2012 in Laikipia, Kenya, with a rooftop system that feeds water through a series of ceramic filters that purify the water by removing pathogens, then deposits the clean water in an underground cistern. This system provides a little over a gallon of water a day to 300 children and their families. “Water has a role in so many aspects of community transformation,” says Harrison.

The stadium will provide many times that — and a little fun along the way.

Source: Modern Farmer


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