The Advantages of a Roof Garden and Why you Should Consider one for your Home

The advantages of a roof garden and why you should consider one for your home

Most properties in urban areas, particularly new-builds, seem to come with less and less green spaces nowadays, leaving homeowners to look for ingenious alternatives in order to have some outdoor space to relax in.

If you are short on space, but have a flat-roofed property, you might want to consider creating a rooftop garden. Not only a tranquil space to be, up above the hustle and bustle of the inner city, but research has found that creating a rooftop space adds a ‘premium’ to your property price value. Great news for those looking to sell their houses fast with companies like Open Property Group.

Roof top gardens can become anything from a lawn space for a relaxation area, or used by urban gardeners to grow organic crops for consumption in the home.

The Rise of the Urban Gardener

As more and more urban spaces are developed and as the population grows, it goes without saying that we will see more homes with little outdoor green spaces. This lack of space comes at a time when consumers are more aware about the quality and providence of their food and many are taking to growing some of their own vegetables or keeping free-range animals such as chickens as a way of improving their diet.

Organically grown food from your own allotment will taste better and is also likely be more nutritious too.

That is one of the top advantages of having a roof garden on your home if you do not have any other available spaces to grow things, and keen urban gardeners now have a viable option. Other benefits of having a roof garden include the following and many more:

  • Free, organically grown food
  • A beautiful green space that improves your homes’ aesthetic in a natural way
  • Improved Insulation
  • Added value to your property

How to Create a Roof Garden

If you have decided to create a roof garden on your property then there are a few things you will need to consider. The biggest consideration is how much weight the garden will add to the roof, therefore it is worth asking for a professional opinion on whether the roof is strong enough, or how to improve it if it isn’t. Other important tips include installing pond liners to prevent plant roots from reaching the roof, gravel and some bigger stones to help with drainage.

To top off your roof garden all that is required is some compost as well as some topsoil and then a trip to your local garden centre for the plants, flowers, or vegetables that you want to grow.

All told, a roof garden can end up weighing anything up to 150KG per square metre, so having a structural engineer advise you on the project is highly recommended. In terms of cost, how much you spend will depend on how many of the materials used are purchased or recycled but a project such as this can range from around £50 to £150.

In addition to the many obvious benefits of having a roof garden, this clever use of spaces can also add to the value of your home when done right. A beautiful green space in an urban area will make your house more appealing and interesting should you consider selling it in the future. As space runs out in and around urban dwellings, it’s great to see more and more people creating roof top gardens!

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