Alper Deri̇nbogaz’s Tri-Fold: Dialogue Of Form And Space

Alper Deri̇nbogaz’s Tri-Fold: Dialogue Of Form And Space

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Alper deri̇nbogaz’s tri-fold: dialogue of form and space

Alper Derinbogaz, head of Salon, has created award-winning projects that approach the architectural design on a multi-disciplinary level. In collaboration with Antilop they have designed “Tri-Fold” for the Volkswagen Arena Lounge. It is more than a mere installation of art in the sense that it both keeps its existence in space and at the same time provides an experience of space with its dynamic form.

Alper deri̇nbogaz’s tri-fold: dialogue of form and space

The Tri-fold designed for the lounge of the Volkswagen Arena, reveals a dynamic narrative starting from the ceiling of the lobby down to the interior wall surface and finally down to the floor that at the same time provides a powerful experience of space for its users through an interactive and fluid impact. Alper Derinbogaz combines his architectural design with technology in Tri-Fold which, besides being a modern installation with its dynamic form that directs spatial movement and its interactive narration integrated to three monitors, also serves as a seat and an architectural piece integrated with the whole space.

Alper deri̇nbogaz’s tri-fold: dialogue of form and space

Tri-Fold is developed a solution to the guiding problem of the Volkswagen Arena lobby space and narrated it as an interactive multi-touch monitor lounge that guests can use before and after the events. The Volkswagen Arena project is a result of the cooperation with Antilop Media Design Agency where custom-made contents produced exclusively for the Volkswagen Arena are broadcasted on the monitors to add a feature of interactivity to the installation. Integrated to three monitors around it, Tri-Fold is located to refer to the three basic movements of the installation and thus inter-connection of the installation is provided.

Alper deri̇nbogaz’s tri-fold: dialogue of form and space

Tri-fold is a corner design which serves as a sitting unit, suspended ceiling and an interior wall surface at the same time. Its structural application was made possible by Magari Masif. A cold material, plywood, is converted into a warm atmosphere with waffle technique to control the direction of the space.

Alper Derinbogaz describes the value of Tri-Fold that added to lobby space, “Tri-Fold, rather than choosing to become the star of the space, reveals its existence in quality and also refers to the conception of the space by establishing a dialogue with the same.”

Project Details:
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Type: Interiors
Architects: Alper Derinbogaz in collaboration with Antilop
Project Team: Gül Ertekin


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