Another voice on Vancouver Art Gallery design: The Emperor Has No Clothes

Another voice on Vancouver Art Gallery design: The Emperor Has No Clothes

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Another voice on vancouver art gallery design: the emperor has no clothes

The debate over the Vancouver Art Gallery’s proposed new home at Larwill Park continues. One would hope so, since this is the phase in which the VAG is hoping to generate a lot of public interest, along with the opening of a lot of wallets. Keeping this hidden from debate isn’t going to help the fundraising efforts. My colleague Daphne Bramham has already written an opinion about the idea of using wood to clad the Herzog & de Meuron design.

On Friday Michael Audain, perhaps the most crucial philanthropist to the VAG’s hopes for a new home, weighed in with a less than ringing endorsement. He supports the VAG’s desire for a new home, but he suggested the concept design by Herzog & de Meuron was a little lacking in the details necessary to spur a donation. I’ve written in the past that the VAG, to be successful, will need to capture a lot of philanthropy.

Over the weekend I received another view, this time from Ralph Segal, the city’s recently-retired senior architect and development planner. His letter came with its own title: New VAG Design: The Emperor Has No Clothes. Given that he was on the inside of the discussions to give the VAG a shot at Larwill Park, I find his comments informative. []


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