Learn the Best Apartment Moving and Packing Tips Right Now

Planning a move?

Moving can be one of the most stressful times in our lives. It can get pretty hard to take your entire life, package everything down to the dot, and move away in a matter of a week.

How to make moving and packing something that’s easy and smooth? It’s a question that goes through everyone’s mind.

The first step is knowing about some basic info that’ll make the transition a whole lot easier.

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Learn the Best Apartment Moving and Packing Tips

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Some Basic Information

Being prepared for moving is half the battle won. Before you talk with your moving companies, you should know some of the basic things that goes into to making the moving smooth.

  1. The Estimate

Movers give you a complete estimate of what it costs to shift your items. This estimate can be binding or non-binding. The movers would come into your house and check all items to give you a proper estimate.

When your moving and packaging is given a binding estimate, then they’d be liable to move your items with that amount only. This is a legally binding contract which can help you plan your budget out in advance before starting out.

  1. How is this estimate reached?

When movers come over to your house, they’d check the volume that the complete place takes. The items take up the volume in the truck, and that’s what they calculate to find out how much moving your items will cost. Decluttering and creating a space where your items take up less space is great.

Movers will provide you an estimate of the price using the number of cubic feet it takes.

  1. Order of Service

This is a binding contract which gives out every kind of information about how the move will go. The whole contract gives out the information, with agreed upon dates for pickup and delivery. The Special services that you request will also be listed here.

Remember, unless you get this contract you’re not going to get ahead. This is a vital document in your moving process.

  1. License numbers

The MC and DOT license numbers are necessary for any mover. Keep in mind to ask for these license numbers as every moving partner is required to have them. It’s also a helpful trick to find out whether the services are legal or not.

Most movers have these up on their websites, and you can check with them over on the phone if they don’t.

  1. Communication

If you have hazardous goods to move or have something else that might need more care, it’s better to talk to your mover beforehand. No moving partner would consent to moving inflammable and dangerous items across the borders since the risk of accidents is much greater.

Communication is necessary to get all the information across.

  1. Tipping

Tipping is not essential, however, to pay some amount to your movers as tip for a difficult move is probably one of the things you should do. Tipping is a time-honored tradition that shows your gratefulness. It creates a good relationship with them.

  1. Loose stuff

Anything that can be moved easily, including dresses and stationery must be packed into separate boxes. It’s not advisable to put them in your drawers and dressers. Arranging them into boxes prevents any kind of damage to your possessions and also makes the mover’s job much easier.

  1. Jewelry and riches

Jewelry and other valuables can be moved, of course. However, when this happens, its best to tell the movers, that they can take special care of the items.

  1. Live Plants

While movers do accept live plants for transport. It’s better to arrange for different methods, so that live plants live through the heat and stress of moving. Most movers trucks will not have separate help for your plants, and they may not survive the move.

  1. Best times for moving

The summer months are busy months for shipments. It’s better to contact your moving partner early on, and you’d be ready to get moving in a week.

Being a little flexible with your timing is also a good way to give your movers time to actually get your possessions into their trucks safely and without hurry.

After the summer months, the moving companies are less busy so, it’s better to contact them beforehand.  

Best apartment moving tips

How does the move happen?

Your moving partner would make space for your items in their trucks. The truck will also contain the items of other users of the service, unless, you pay for an exclusive truck or the load of items require it.

An exclusive truck takes a lot more money than usual, and the move would take time too, since, the whole vehicle must be available for your use during the time.

The driver and mover will inform you about the time of delivery a day or two in advanceprior, so that you can prepare without any problems. You can ask the movers for an update at any time.

Types of Moving

  1. Local

When you’re just moving across the state or the town, ask the mover for a proper quote. Arranging this move by yourself is traditional. However, the movers can help you get the items to your destination safely without any problems.

The local moves are easy and quick to process, so you needn’t worry about it much. With movers, you get relieved of the stress as well.

  1. Interstate

Interstate moving in this country can be incredibly stressful. Look for licensed drivers with the movers and look for movers who will help you with proper relocation. This way you get the work done, and you get the best deal available. Relocation help means arrangement of furniture, work towards putting boxes in proper places and other small things.

  1. Personal

If you’re only moving your home items, it’s essential to set a proper timeline and contact your mover in advance. This influences the communication and helps you get into a huge move without the usual stress constraints.

  1. Commercial

Most commercial moves are large in their capacity. In that case, it’s necessary to make sure all your items are well-marked and labeled properly. Packing and the efficiency of moving make even business moving less bulky.

Make sure to pack your cartons properly.

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Packing Tips

  1. Out with the old

If you’re not using something for over a year, its best to not add it to your move list. Unless your items are family heirlooms, its best to get rid of the things that aren’t being used throughout.

You don’t need that blender that doesn’t run anymore, and moving is a perfect time to get rid of anything that you’ve let accumulate.

Sell the things to a scrapyard, or leave them behind.

  1. Proper labeling

Labeling is important as it helps you to unpack. It also provides your mover with the idea of how to stack particular items in which order. Overall, a labeled package is the sign of a responsible owner.

  1. Storing the items

Fragile and heavy items must be packed separately. It’s necessary to pack your items properly so that the items don’t sustain any damage. This also prevents a lot of clutter when you unpack.

  1. Packages you can carry

Once you pack your boxes, make sure you can carry them. The cartons which are overloaded might break and cause you problems later. So, it’s better to use more cartons than to overburden one with all the luggage.

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How to choose your mover?

Getting a proper mover for all the items at your house is essential. There are various moving assistants to choose from for your woes and its necessary to make the right choice.

Some tips on how to choose the movers are given here:

  1. Go for registered movers

All movers are required to have certain licenses. While choosing your mover, make sure to visit their websites and find out their registration numbers for MC and DOT.

These licenses prove that everything that your mover would be doing is legal and you won’t be stuck in some court case for years.

Also necessary is to check the driver’s permits. Usually, movers would check out the permits themselves and find out whether their registration is proper or not.

  1. Communication is key

Remember, your mover is required to talk to you. Going for movers like Movingkings.com who not only listen to your requests but, keep them in mind while planning the move is the best. This allows you to plan your departure and arrival perfectly and also give proper space for you to check how your luggage should be moved.

  1. Stress-free moving

If the mover demands too much of you, it’s better not to commit. The mover’s work is to help you out in creating a proper way to move, but, it shouldn’t drain you out.

Go for friendlier movers, people who would be professional and help you out without causing you undue stress. The perfect movers are professional and affordable.

  1. Able to cooperate

This plays into communication too. If a mover can’t manage your needs, it’s not possible to manage the contract efficiently. So, mention your needs and the things you expect them to do, and you’ll get your move done easily.

The movers will also help you to create a better clutter-free packaging with boxes if you can convey your problems to them. Remember they are experts in the industry.

Stress-free Moving

The goal is to make your move as smooth as possible. This can be worked out along with your moving partner’s help. Understanding the keys to safe and efficient moving is necessary to get through the move without any problems.

Packaging tips for apartment moving

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  1. Pack up early

Your moving partner would want to check how much volume your items would take. So, unless you have items that are difficult to store, pack everything up efficiently before the mover gives their estimate. This estimate would help you budget out the move farther.

Also, decluttered packing is equal to an easier move. It also means that after the move you have to expend much less effort in unpacking and making the new place into a home.

  1. Open up dates

We all lead busy lives and moving means a lot of our days at work are spent only in moving. However, planning and taking a proper break is the key to get your items to your new house properly. Give a time window for the dropping off of the items and ensure that you’re there to help them.

With the extra days, you’d have time to rearrange your residence or business before starting off again.

  1. Make sure to categorize

Categorizing your items and prioritizing them regarding fragility opens up for a lot of ease in moving. Not only do you get to know how to stack the items correctly, but you can also easily figure out, which ones you must check when the move is made.

Prepare your house properly, and you’ll be jet-setting to an easy move.

  1. Label your possessions

Finding out your possessions and which one should be opened first and which ones would be opened last makes sense. The whole thing is much more streamlined with a little bit of aid from you.

Also, planning out the organization of the furniture helps your moving partners to arrange your household that much better without any additional faults.

  1. Keep the kids away

Moving is much more efficient with fewer people around., The movers have the professional aid to go about their work without concentrating on preventing accidents with kids and such. If possible, planning your activities and your kids’ activities around your move date would be very practical.

  1. Fix your daily needs

Gas and electrical lines should ideally be operating in your new home before the movers reach with your possessions. So, it’s better to plan those things from before. Getting everything set up gives you the window to work through your move much faster.

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What makes a great move?

Moving can take a long time since, packaging into boxes and labeling are tough things to accomplish in a day or two. It’s better to take the period in your stride and plan your move so that you have ample time to arrange the items at your home properly.

The more time you have, the more easily you can unpack and restart your life. Also, with enough time, you get some rest in between too.

Check out the following tips to make your move even smoother

  1. Get yourself tags

Paper tags and a marker are the first steps to ensuring that you have everything in place. Label your things on the basis of where they have to be kept after the move (in the kitchen, in the bathroom, etc) and how you plan to open them. This declutters the process and helps you move much faster.

  1. Efficiency v/s Speed

Speed is important during the move, yes, but, if you don’t efficiently unpack and pack your stuff, you will end up with another cluttered space at your home. It’s better to measure out the needs of everyone and plan your move by that.

A good way is to create complete inventories of all the things to move, and how the items are placed according to carton numbers.

When there’s less diversion in the work, your moving partners can move more efficiently and get your work done faster.

  1. Focus on your things

Your moving partner wouldn’t take responsibility for your medication and your special items. It’s better to travel with them and to create a space for them early on. Your daily meds should always be with you, so, that you don’t end up going without medicines for a longer time.

Packing apartment moving tips

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  1. Package properly

Fragile goods will be taken care of, yes, however, the move is a stressful procedure. The journey is stressful, so bubble wrap is essential to keeping your delicate possessions safe. Just cover the things that need extra care, and you don’t have to worry much.

  1. Your needs are primary

This is something we forget easily and its necessary to remember that we’re as important to our moving partners as they are to us. So, make a list of your needs early on and ask them to agree with them, and negotiate a deal on those terms. Documentation also gives you power in case something unfortunate does take place.

There you have it!

A move shouldn’t have you pulling your hair out for weeks. It’s better to concentrate on the things that you can do to make the moving experience better. Simple steps going into packaging and moving makes a huge change and helps you declutter the process.

Also, its best to treat this as an opportunity to get rid of old stuff too. This way your new home or work-space would be decluttered too, and you’ll be in a great place to start over.

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