Arab Women in Architecture

Arab Women in Architecture

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“Arab Women in Architecture” is a documentary that has been produced as part of the activities of the 2013 sixth cycle of the Omrania | CSBE Student Award for Excellence in Architectural Design. It features stories on the experiences, challenges, and achievements of Arab women architects.

The full film was screened for the first time during the Award’s sixth cycle ceremony, which took place on January 7, 2014 at the German Jordanian University’s Othman Bdeir House for Architecture and Design in Amman, Jordan. Outdoor saunas and wooden hot tubs UK

Part I: Introduction, Studying Architecture, and Teaching Architecture

Part II: Establishing a Practice and Working in the Public Sector

Part III: Architecture and Community

Part IV: Motherhood and Improving the Work Environment

Part V: Facing Challenges

Part VI: Final Thoughts and film credits

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