The architects that could change India’s skylines forever

Information Directorate Headquarters, Lucknow, India
Information Directorate Headquarters, Lucknow, India / © Studio Symbiosis

“India is the place to be,” said Amit Gupta, architect and co-founder of Indian design firm Studio Symbiosis.

And for the rising Indian architectural star, this certainly seems to be true.

Though the design firm — founded by Gupta and his wife, Britta Knobel Gupta — is only seven years old, it is already looking to shape cities and skylines throughout the South Asian nation.

Of the 40 projects Studio Symbiosis has signed to date, 38 are based in India. This not only includes lone-standing structures, such as hotels and offices, but several large-scale housing and city-planning projects.

For a practice like this one, they said, the scope is unique. […]

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