Architectural wonders of the world rendered in Lego

Architectural wonders of the world rendered in Lego

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Architectural wonders of the world rendered in lego

At last a museum exhibition that can tick off everything on a bucket list — so long as it’s a plastic bucket list.

Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry has opened a 7,000-square-foot display of the planet’s architectural wonders made entirely out of Lego bricks.

From the International Space Station and the Roman Colosseum to the 60-foot-long Golden Gate Bridge, the collection includes more than a dozen Lego-built giant engineering marvels.

Titled “Brick by Brick,” the exhibition is the work of Chicago-born Adam Reed Tucker, one of only 14 people around the world certified as a “Lego professional.”

Despite the incredible attention to detail, Tucker says his work, involving up to 64,000 bricks and hundreds of hours of labor per structure, can be the result of trial and error. […]

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