Are Imarku Knives Good? Are They Worth Buying? | A Brand Overview and Guide

Imarku knives are more than just good products. They’re designed intuitively and skillfully by professionals in the cookware industry. They are made with high-quality stainless steel materials partnered with cutting-edge technology to keep the knives sturdy and durable.

Kitchen knives play a vital role in a chef’s day, for when they fast-track the cooking process or cut ingredients to the right size for more sumptuous culinary creations.

However, great knives triple the benefits, providing control and great balance to maximize user comfort. This is where Imarku knives come in.

In this article, we’ll show you a complete brand assessment as we help you answer the question: Are Imarku knives good?

Are Imarku Knives Good?

Imarku set of knives on top of a chopping board

To set things straight: Yes, Imarku knives are good.

But how are they considered good kitchen knives? Well, this cutlery is of world-class quality for the following reasons:

  • The blades are made from Japanese and German high-carbon stainless steel (HC) with Rockwell hardness of over 58, ensuring that each blade is sharp, wear-resistant, and will last a few years.
  • The handles are made from Pakkawood, which offers protection from heat and moisture. Each long-lasting kitchen knife comes with a great handle and excellent grip.
  • The knife edges are hand-sharpened and polished at different angles, contributing to the knives’ functionality.
  • The ergonomic design has an excellent weight distribution between the knives and handles, providing balance, grip comfort, and ease of use for home cooks and chefs, boosting their cooking productivity.
  • The option to buy a knife set rather than an individual Imarku knife makes for greater practicality and usefulness.

Background on Imarku Knives

Imarku knife cutting steak meat

A background check is essential to know the greatness of this kitchen knife brand. Having this kind of assessment will provide a better understanding of why and how your knives work.

For starters, Imarku is headed by CEO, Mark Liu.

Liu decided to establish a manufacturing unit in Japan and another manufacturing unit in China to expedite the production of kitchen knives and other culinary tools while prioritizing stability and quality.

Imarku also has warehouses in the United States and Germany to smoothen deliveries across five continents, particularly in Asia and Europe.

History of Imarku Knives

The Imarku brand of food utensils and cookware was named after CEO Mark Liu’s girlfriend, Imarku.

It was established because the latter helped Liu ignite his fire to pursue greater heights in the business, even after several failures.

What started Liu’s interest in the knife industry was when his friend, Bolton, got disappointed when he could not find a decent chef knife.

Liu then organized a five-year plan to help his friend, and although it went wrong at first, Imarku came along, and the rest is history.

Where Are Imarku Knives Made?

Imarku knife with fish and spices

Imarku knives are made in the different countries where its manufacturing units are based, namely in Yangjiang, the People’s Republic of China, and Japan.

These Imarku knives are made with well-thought-out methods, such as:

  • Forging – The process where high-carbon stainless steel is heated in fire and hammered to form its designated design, shape, and length.
  • Hand-sharpening – This process ensures sharp blades, properly angled edges, and thick spines to support a user’s hands.
  • Honing – This method is similar in purpose to hand-sharpening but uses different equipment, such as a honing stone, sharpening steel, or honing rod.
  • Precision-tempering – This method gives a knife the strength and foundation it needs for an uncomplicated forging process.


As with all knives of premium quality, be careful when handwashing or using Imarku products, as they can be VERY sharp on one side.

Imarku Versus Other Knife Brands

Wiping the imarku knife

It’s vital to compare Imarku with other competitors in the knife industry to gauge the value and effectiveness of Imarku knives.

This section will look at the durability, comfort, and pricing of Imarku knives compared to the knife companies Wusthof and Henckels.

Imarku vs. Wusthof

The first comparison we will make is between the Imarku knife and Wusthof. For context, the latter is one of the most popular cookware brands with the best knives in the world.

Here is a comparison of the two:

  • Imarku has a quality tip cover; Wusthof offers complete blade guards
  • Imarku knives have durable double rivets; Wusthof has durable triple rivets
  • Imarku has a Nippon-inspired style in the blade; Wusthof has more general Asian-style knives 
  • An Imarku knife blade is made in China and Japan; Wusthof only has its products made in Europe
  • An Imarku chef knife is HC steel; Wusthof is forged from chrome, vanadium, and molybdenum,
  • The Imarku company uses the Japanese knife honing process for sharper blades; Wusthof uses computer-controlled Precision Edge Technology
  • Imarku uses Pakkawood handles; Wusthof uses synthetic handles

Imarku vs. Henckels

The second comparison is between Imarku knives and Henckels knives. The latter is another top company that competes with Wusthof in creating high-end cutlery.


They have also been used in Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen.

Here is a comparison:

  • Imarku knife is made by forging; Henckels knife is made by stamping
  • Imarku knife has a double-rivet; Henckels have triple-rivets
  • Imarku’s price range is approximately between $24.99 and $479.99; Henckel’s price is approximately $49.99 to $499.99
  • Both are made from high-quality German steel
  • Both Imarku and Henckels have knives with a satin finish

Imarku Knives Offered

Imarku knives mean business as it has a lot to offer from its wide variety of kitchen knives, such as multi-purpose, meat, vegetable, bread, and fish knives, at reasonable prices.

Each item embodies the brand’s stability, comfort, value for money, and functionality, which is why many prefer these knives based on reviews.

Here are the cutting knives this company offers:

  • Boning and fillet, Bread, Butcher 
  • Carving, Cleavers, Deba 
  • Nakiri, Paring and peeling 
  • Santoku, Steak, Sushi 

Imarku does not only sell durable knives individually, but rather in sets.

A knife set provides uniformity among the knives, which makes a knife set beneficial for both appearance and practicability (e.g., easier to reach).

This is why Imarku offers various knife sets for buyers to choose from.

Imarku knives set with avocado

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Imarku Blades Full Tang?

Yes, Imarku blades are full-tang. A full-tang knife has a blade that extends from the visible tip to the end of the handle. It’s secured in a double rivet to ensure the grip will not fall off.

With a shank like this, you can easily manage the knife, which increases the effortlessness of cutting.

Are Imarku Knives Dishwasher-Safe?

There are Imarku knives that are dishwasher-safe. Yet, there are also Imarku products, particularly those with wooden grips, that can be damaged when cleaned through the machine.

Most dishwasher-friendly knives from Imarku are designed to be unibody and made from pure stainless steel.

Is Imarku a Japanese Brand?

Imarku did not specify whether it’s a Japan-based brand or not. However, the owner was inspired to design the knives from Japan’s art and culture.

Additionally, this company sometimes uses German stainless steel made of HC.

Is an Imarku Knife Worth Buying?

Yes, Imarku knives are worth buying because of the features:

Outstanding balance from the blades’ design (e.g., V-shaped, diamond)
Slicing quality from durable and sharper blades that have undergone honing and hand-sharpening
Durable, thicker blades, particularly the spine, for support
Quality craftsmanship in forging

It’s a great buy, as stated by some customer reviews on Amazon. One of the reviews says: 

“I have given this […] as [a] gift at least three times, and I am in the restaurant business, but for your average home cook, this knife is fantastic[.] I have one of my own […] and would recommend it.” -Anonymous, Amazon


Although there are other top-rated knives in the industry, it’s apparent that Imarku is a decent competitor that offers some of the best knives out there.

They’re forged with high-quality steel, and their prices aren’t bad at all!

So, are Imarku knives good? Yes, Imarku’s chef’s knives and other essentials are good. These are designed practically to have the following features:

  • Durable and tough quality when faced with heat and moisture (rust-resistance)
  • Comfort when dicing vegetables, fruits, and fish with ergonomic and well-designed handles
  • Convenience in slicing meat and other culinary tasks with sharp blade tips and edges

You will not be disappointed with your next Imarku purchase; they’re a great company with thousands of positive reviews.

They embody the characteristics of what a great kitchen knife should be.

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