Athenaeum of World Architecture ’20

Athenaeum of World Architecture '20

Architects are not endowed with designing just buildings but with time, they are now building ecosystems. This expanded role of architecture is becoming more and more evident with the passing century, where the profession found itself from making enclosures for functions to defining how the functions would be.

Athenaeum of World Architecture ’20

As we enter into 2020, these changing definitions are becoming more noticeable. As architecture evolves these themes continuously shift with amazing trails behind.
And this, in context of South American subcontinent looks more real than ever.

Framing the world capital architecture as a place of dialogue, the time to build architecture for architecture is now. The word “Athenaeum” in the 21st century should be more than just a space for learning. This one of a kind endeavor of Architecture for Architecture should disseminate the past and its links to the current architectural trends, which shall pave way to the future of world architecture ideologies.



The competition brief here is to design an Athenaeum for Architecture at Rio De Janeiro, that resonates with the evolving trends of world architecture. The users of this Athenaeum would not be just architects or from a certain educational background, but for people and designers at large. The place is not dedicated just for the built environments, but for the architects of ideas and concepts that led to this place, inspiring more people to know about the hidden lines between architecture.

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Rio de Janeiro is a city of sights and sounds. As diverse as its people is the collection of impressive architecture found in Brazil’s second most populous city—from Eurocentric historical architecture to 20th-century regionalist modern marvels, not to mention the city’s growing crop of contemporary cultural venues. The combination of mountainous terrain, lush rainforest, and the ocean inspires many to create lively and unique architecture. Home to over six million people, who live in neighborhoods coming from various economic – cultural diversity

The site is located on the coastal face of Flamengo precinct, in Rio De Janeiro. The site is surrounded by various parks and beaches that have a clear view to the place, making it possible for the general public to discover the Athenaeum and be a part of it. The parking for the site is shared with the common parking next to the restaurant. Considering the site is waterborne, the participants will also have to mitigate the flooding risks on the site as well


EunSeok Lee – Architect D.P.L.G, Kyunghee university / Atelier KOMA, South Korea

Cristina Verissimo – Office partner, CVDB Arquitectos, Lda, Portugal

Kerem Erginoğlu – Architect, Erginoğlu & Çalışlar, Turkey

Etan Kimmel – Co-Founder, Kimmel Eshkolot Architects

Ertuğ Uçar – Principal, TEGET, Turkey


Launch 16 February 2022

Early Registration closes: April 22, 2022.

20$ Students, 30$ Professionals, 75$ Institutional Access

Standard Registration closes: June 1, 2022.

30$ Students, 50$ Professionals, 125$ Institutional Access

Late Registration: July 16, 2022.

40$ Students, 70$ Professionals, 200$ Institutional Access

Submission Deadline: July 26, 2022

Public Voting begins: July 27, 2022

Public Voting ends: August 27, 2022

Result Announcement: September 07, 2022


Prize pool of worth 4000$

First Prize: 1500$ (For students and professionals)

Runner up: 750$ (For students and professionals)

People’s Choice: 500$ (For students – Most appreciated project wins this)

People’s Choice: 500$ (For students – Most appreciated project wins this)

Honorable mention x 2 (Students): 200$ Each

Honorable mention x 2 (Professionals): 200$ Each


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