Balcony sprinklers may become mandatory in Australia

Balcony sprinklers may become mandatory in Australia

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Balcony sprinklers may become mandatory in australia

Issues surrounding non-conforming construction products were the focus of the 2015 Building Minister’s Forum, held last week. Public safety was a primary concern, with one possible outcome of the forum being mandated fire sprinklers for apartment balconies.

Victorian planning minister Richard Wynne put forward the proposal, linking the changes to a Docklands apartment fire in November 2014 that was found to be in part fuelled by the use of non-compliant cladding.

“All the states have today recognised the need for a stronger building products accreditation system to help prevent fire tragedies in our high rises,” he said.

“We must act on this as a matter of priority, to ensure that the lives of people in the community are safe and not put at risk.” []


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