9 Best Bartop Epoxy Resins | Tutorial + Reviews

Epoxy resins are used widely in DIY projects and art pieces due to their ease of use and beautiful finishes. 

Applying a layer of epoxy to a bartop can make the underlying surface take on a classy sheen that preserves the color and texture of the wood. Besides elevating the look of your bar, an epoxy resin can extend the life of the bartop by forming a protective layer. 

However, using just any epoxy resin for your bartops won’t cut it. We have compiled this guide to help you understand what you should be looking for in a kit. Furthermore, we suggest a few of the top kits available to give your bartop a high-quality finish. 

Without further ado, let’s get into the best epoxy resins available!

Here’s the list of the 9 best bartop epoxy resins on the market today!

1. Pro Marine Supplies Table Top Epoxy – Best for Easy Application and Food Safety

Pro Marine’s epoxy resin is an easy kit to use with the one-to-one ratio mixing that even novices will be able to work with. The formula is designed to level itself out for an even pour every time. This epoxy is incredibly versatile and compatible with a variety of material types and surfaces. 

What makes this epoxy so great to use is the ease of application that the formula allows. By giving a consistent performance every pour, the resin will settle flat with minimal air bubbles. What’s more, any blemishes, such as fish eyes or craters that form between coatings are eliminated. 

After the resin has been allowed to cure properly, it creates a food-safe surface. This can extend the functionality further to be applied on surfaces that may come in contact with food. With a beautiful, clear finish, the underlying surface’s materials pop through and shine. 

Working with the resin for a more extended period is not an uncomfortable experience. Not only is it easy to apply, but the fumes given off are minimal compared to other kits. 

Once a resin is mixed, it is only a matter of time before it fully hardens and then cures. In particular, this resin has a very fast drying time which makes the working time short. To ensure the cleanest application possible make sure the surfaces are prepped to be able to apply it right away. 

Type: High Gloss | Size: 1 gallon | Curing Time: 36-48 hours | Self-Leveling: Yes | VOC Content: Low | FDA Compliant: Yes

2. East Coast Epoxy Resin for Super Gloss Coating – Best for UV-Resistance and Outdoor Use

For pieces that are under regular exposure to sunlight, using resin layering can result in yellowing and cracking. However, East Coast has improved its Crystal Clear Epoxy formula to be more UV-resistant while maintaining a high-glossy sheen. With a simple application process, it is an excellent choice for outdoor uses.

What makes this epoxy so easy to use is the proportions that have been measured for you. As with every epoxy, the kit includes two parts to be mixed; the hardener and the epoxy resin itself. Just mixing equal parts can create the resin in the appropriate ratio. 

Furthermore, there is ample time to work with it; 30-35 minutes of time to fix and touch up any gaps. What’s more, the resin is thick, so it levels itself for an even application. 

If you need some assistance, the included instructions are helpful. They are straightforward and walk you through every step.

Once the resin has been set and cured, the full effect of its crystal-clear sheen can be seen. For a harder surface, you can mix a tad bit more hardener into the resin. However, the one-to-one ratio layering is durable and easy to maintain. 

After pouring out the required amount of resin and hardener to be mixed, it is recommended that you keep both bottles sealed tightly. There were instances where the resin would begin yellowing quickly after the bottles were left exposed. To keep your product clear, work only with the amount that you need at a time. 

Type: Crystal Clear | Size: 1 gallon | Curing Time: 16-20 hours | Self-Leveling: Yes | VOC Content: Low | FDA Compliant: Yes

3. MAS Table Top Pro Epoxy Resin & Hardener – Best for High Gloss and Table Top Finishes

MAS offers a quality resin and hardener kit that gives a beautiful, clear finish designed especially for tables and bar tops. There are some features to this resin that make the application process easier. For example, the resin’s viscosity or the included instruments that help you have an even application. 

To have a high-quality resin finish, the layers of resin poured should be as even as possible, so there are no air pockets formed. Using the included four-inch brush and spreader definitely helped the application process overall.

After mixing both the half-gallon jugs of resin and hardener together, the resin is ready to be applied. The thick consistency made the mixture spread smoothly and evenly. There were little to no uneven surfaces, and overall the resin was level. 

Furthermore, the resin had a beautiful glossy finish that was see-through with no milkiness or clouding. The gloss was not shiny but reflective enough to give off a slight sheen to the surface. As it is meant for tables and bar tops, the resin adds a high-quality finish to the surface, bringing out the underlying colors.

Due to the fast drying time, this resin must be worked with quickly after mixing. As it is designed to be used on a larger surface, the resin begins hardening quickly once the hardener is added to it. If working on small areas, it is a good idea to mix small batches at a time.

Type: High Gloss | Size: 1 gallon | Curing Time: 24-48 hours | Self-Leveling: Yes | VOC Content: Low | FDA Compliant: No

4. TotalBoat TB-9335

Where the TotalBoat epoxy resin stands out from the rest is its penetrating formula that holds to the underlying surface well. It has a simple mix and application process that makes working with it a breeze. No VOCs in this resin’s formula are another feature that makes it comfortable to use extensively. 

Applying a full resin coat on a large surface can create a large number of fumes that are potentially harmful. In the case of the TotalBoat epoxy resin, the smell was bearable and could be worked on comfortably. 

Additionally, once mixed, the formula could be spread with ease thanks to the thick consistency. It had little to no uneven layers; the resin leveled itself out once poured onto the surface. 

One particularly useful feature is the ability to add another coating within four to eight hours after the prior coat. This is useful if you need to make another batch of resin or for any touch-ups, you may have missed. 

Whether it is for a DIY project or a professional countertop project, this resin is able to provide a glossy, clear finish. With an equal parts mix ratio, the overall application process has been made as simple as possible. 

Air bubbles are an unavoidable occurrence when working with resins. However, in the case of the TotalBoat resin, the air bubbles are considerably larger and more numerous than expected. Due to the thick viscosity of the formula removing these bubbles can be difficult and time-consuming. 

Type: Crystal Clear | Size: 1 gallon | Curing Time: 24-48 hours | Self-Leveling: Yes | VOC Content: Low | FDA Compliant: Yes

5. Janchun ER-01

Achieving a glass-like texture using resin can be difficult, especially with the inevitable air bubbles that rise up here and there. The Janchun epoxy resin kit has a unique formula that cuts down on the air bubbles formed while pouring. With a thinner viscosity than other resins, the air pockets are filled efficiently.

Janchun markets its resin as having a crystal clear finish and cutting down on the number of air bubbles formed. It is safe to say that the air bubbles that did come up were few and dealt with easily. 

As for the resin’s finish itself, it dried with a tough surface that was glossy and see-through. A helpful feature, especially for surfaces with high contact, is the anti-smudge finish. Fingerprints and reflections are not as evident on the resin’s surface once dried. 

Additionally, when mixing the resin and hardener, there are little to no fumes produced in the process. Working with such a formula, with the minimal air bubbles produced, makes complex applications possible. 

Janchun designed this resin to be used on art pieces, so adding color to the resin gives excellent results. Dyeing the resin adds a unique twist to a piece, while clear finishes bring out colors more.

Janchun is able to have a resin with minimal air bubbles due to the thin consistency of the formula. As a thinner viscous resin, multiple layers may be required to build up the resin. Additionally, it may take more time and effort to spread evenly compared to a thicker resin.

Type: High Gloss | Size: 1.5 quarts | Curing Time: 16-20 hours | Self-Leveling: Yes | VOC Content: Low | FDA Compliant: No

6. FGCI Superclear Table Top Epoxy

For a versatile epoxy resin, the super clear coat kit from FGCI is definitely worth looking into. Thanks to its thick consistency, it is able to act as a filler to plug holes in wood with resin. With a highly reflective sheen to it, this is a resin that has a truly transparent finish to it. 

Getting a suitable ratio of resin and hardener can be challenging if the proper ratio is not provided by the manufacturer. Using the included plastic measuring cups, the ratio of this resin is guaranteed to stay consistent in every batch.

Mixing the resin and curing agent together makes the epoxy take on a thick consistency. Applying this resin on a large surface was simple as it spreads evenly and has a smooth texture when dried. 

Moreover, the coats were able to be touched up before applying the next coating. This kept each layer of resin clear of bubbles and uneven surfaces. Once the resin dried, the resulting finish was a glossy, transparent surface. 

All the underlying colors of the wood and finish are brought out in sharp clarity. There was no cloudy or milky residue throughout the application process. Overall, a quality resin achieves a clear effect easily. 

It should be noted that while this resin has a reflective, transparent surface, it is vulnerable to smudging. Fingerprints and other similar contaminants show up clearly due to the clear nature of the finish. As such, maintaining a clear effect can entail regular maintenance work in cleaning the surface. 

Type: High Gloss | Size: 1.5 gallons | Curing Time: 24-48 hours | Self-Leveling: Yes | VOC Content: Low | FDA Compliant: Yes

7. Puduo Epoxy Resin

Puduo has developed a versatile resin kit that can be used for coating art pieces or tables and bar tops. With a fast drying time and easy-to-mix ratio, this epoxy resin is a comfortable fit for the pro and novice alike. This resin spreads easily for a clear finish, whether it is for a small area or a large surface. 

Using this resin is incredibly easy to work with. The resin mixes to form a thick consistency that flows uniformly. As it spreads across the surface, it levels itself out evenly. 

Additionally, there were minimal air bubbles; however, the few that did float up were removed easily with a heat gun. Once the resin dried, it was completely transparent and hardened quickly. 

Overall, the drying times while using this resin were just a tad bit faster than other epoxy resin kits. There is a comfortable balance between a fast dry time and enough working time to add details or touch up the resin before it hardens. 

Working on large surfaces or for extended periods is not uncomfortable with this resin kit. Thanks to the low amount of fumes created, it can be used indoors as well. 

While not a guaranteed occurrence, there were still some cases where the resin gave inconsistent results. Possibly due to factors of temperature or ratio, there were some varying textures on the surface of the resin. For example, wrinkling and stretch marks formed on some pieces while giving a smooth texture on others. 

Type: Crystal Clear | Size: 1 gallon | Curing Time: 24-48 hours | Self-Leveling: Yes | VOC Content: Low | FDA Compliant: Yes

8. FamoWood Glaze Coat Kit

FamoWood’s glaze coating is a high-gloss epoxy resin that can be used on a number of surfaces to create a long-lasting shiny surface. With an easy-to-use application and mixing process, creating a quality glossy coating is easy. What’s more, the heat resistance of this epoxy is considerable. 

Before applying this resin epoxy to a large surface, it is a good idea to practice on a smaller application. The resin is quite thick and, as such, has an even pour once mixed. There is no need to continually go over the resin with a leveler as it essentially spreads itself. 

What’s more, the resin is versatile and to be used on a variety of textures and materials. For porous materials, it is recommended to pour a skim layer to have a sealed base to start with. Otherwise, the resin sets solidly and adheres well to the surface to it is applied

After the resin dries, it has an incredibly reflective sheen to it. Small objects encased in the resin or surfaces having a coating have bright colors and are clear. 

Once the resin is mixed with the hardener, it should be applied quickly to have a quality finish. The working time is considerably less than other kits, so touch-ups and removing air bubbles must be done promptly. If the resin sets before these issues are addressed, it can take away some clarity in the finish. 

Type: High Gloss | Size: 1 gallon | Curing Time: 72 hours | Self-Leveling: Yes | VOC Content: Low | FDA Compliant: Yes

9. RTG Supply Co. Bar & Table Top Epoxy

RTG  Supply Co. has an incredible, high-quality epoxy resin that is explicitly intended for bars and tabletops. It has a one-to-one mix ratio, so using it is simple even if you don’t have the most experience with resins. Once dried and cured, the finish is strong and has a beautiful, clear composition throughout. 

One aspect of using this resin that was useful was the heat-deflective properties it had once dried. It was rated to handle up to 125 degrees, so using it on a table or countertop that comes in contact with hot plates is possible. 

Additionally, the sheen provided by the resin is lustrous and brings out the underlying wood’s colors and textures well. Applying one coat is comparable to having multiple layers of varnish. Making an already easy application process simpler is the fast drying times the resin has. 

Thanks to the fast drying times, making thin layers for an art piece or layering effect is easy. With more layers applied, a higher sheen is achieved. Additionally, once dried, the layers of resin become tough and hold up against most elements like moisture and stains. 

While this resin may be able to withstand hot surfaces placed on top of it, UV rays are not an element it handles well. Using this resin on a surface that sees regular exposure to sunlight can cause the finish to yellow and break down. 

Type: High Gloss | Size: 1 gallon | Curing Time: 72 hours | Self-Leveling: Yes | VOC Content: Low | FDA Compliant: Yes

What Is the Best Bartop Epoxy Resin?

This table presents a concise comparison of notable bartop epoxy resin products based on key attributes such as type, size, curing time, self-leveling properties, VOC content, and FDA compliance. Measurements are provided in gallons and quarts, while curing times are specified in hours.

Product Type Size Curing Time Self-Leveling VOC Content FDA Compliant
Pro Marine Supplies Table Top Epoxy High Gloss 1 gallon 36-48 hours Yes Low Yes
East Coast Resin CCER1 Crystal Clear 1 gallon 16-20 hours Yes Low Yes
MAS Table Top Pro Epoxy Resin & Hardener High Gloss 1 gallon 24-48 hours Yes Low Yes
TotalBoat TB-9335 High Gloss 1.5 quarts 16-20 hours Yes Low No
Janchun ER-01 Crystal Clear 1 gallon 24-48 hours Yes Low Yes
FGCI Super Clear Coat Epoxy Resin Kit High Gloss 1.5 gallons 24-48 hours Yes Low Yes
Puduo Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear 1 gallon 24-48 hours Yes Low Yes
FamoWood Glaze Coat Kit High Gloss 1 gallon 72 hours Yes Low Yes
RTG Supply Co. Bar & Table Top Epoxy High Gloss 1 gallon 72 hours Yes Low Yes

Buying Guide for the Best Bartop Epoxy Resin

Before buying an epoxy resin kit, you should understand how it works to know if using it on your bartop is right for you. If you feel using epoxy is the way you want to go, you should keep in mind some important features that can give your bartop better durability and extend its lifespan.

A. Applying an Epoxy Resin 

First things first, when working with any epoxy resin, the surface it is to be applied on should be thoroughly cleaned. A good precaution is to use a plastic sheet to protect cupboards and areas that you don’t want the epoxy to be on. 

Mix both parts of the resin (epoxy and hardener) in accordance with the instructions provided to create the epoxy resin mixture. Before the resin hardens, you won’t have much time, so make sure ample prep work is done before mixing. 

The first layer of epoxy acts as a sealing layer which will remove air pockets and bubbles on the bartop’s surface. Wait a few hours between each layer before pouring another one to allow for a proper drying time. 

Removing any air bubbles as and when they come up is vital between layers. Once the resin hardens, any remaining air bubbles will become impossible to remove and can take away from the crystal clear effect. 

Depending on the formula and manufacturer, resins have varying drying and curing times. To take advantage of the full benefits of the epoxy resin, allow for a full curing time before using the treated bartop. 

B. Unique Features of Epoxy Resin Kits

Some epoxy resins have extra resistance to specific elements or have a smoother application process. These unique features can change how the epoxy performs and should be considered when choosing a suitable kit for you. 

1. Resistance

As epoxy resin acts as a protective layer, the more resistance it has to various elements, the more durability it brings to the bartop. 

There are resins available that have a formula designed to handle UV rays specifically. Ultraviolet rays from the sun can yellow the resin, leaving it unsightly and murky. For application on surfaces that are outdoors or see a lot of sunlight, a UV-resistant resin can come in handy. 

Another feature that is important in resins is a blush-resistant formula. When applying resin, the formula can dull the underlying colors into a darker shade. To avoid this, look for a kit that is blush-resistant for the most transparent, shiniest finish possible. 

Probably the most essential resistance when coating a bartop is water resistance. Drinks and beverages are regularly spilled, which can damage the bartop’s wooden surface. A resin that can wipe off the water with no detrimental effects is a crucial feature to have so your bar stays bright and clean. 

Scratches on your bartop are an unavoidable occurrence. No matter how carefully you maintain it, there is bound to be an eventual blemish here or there. A resin that is tough enough to withstand scratches and dents can preserve the aesthetic of the bartop for longer. 

2. Coverage

Epoxy resins list the estimated area the included formula can cover on their packaging. Find a kit that can cover the full extent of the bartop so you won’t have to make additional purchases later. 

Spreading epoxy over an area that is larger than its rated coverage can have undesirable results. For example, the epoxy’s durability is stretched thinner over a larger area, so it may not last as long or provide the protection it claims. 

Matching the rated coverage to the actual area being covered is essential to take full advantage of the protection that an epoxy resin provides. 

3. Mixing Ratio

Working with resins can seem daunting for a novice due to the exact measurements required to mix the epoxy and hardener. If you are not familiar with working with epoxy resin, it is recommended to use one that has a simple ratio. 

Today most manufacturers do the measuring for you, providing the appropriate amount in the kit right off the bat. However, there are still some exceptions, so look for one that has a one-to-one ratio for the easiest possible mixing process. 

4. Sheen

Epoxy resins typically have a shiny surface to them once they are dried. This effect is used on bar tops as it brings out the colors of the wood and laminates the surface at the same time. 

A shiny surface is a classic look that is easy to attain using epoxy resin. For those looking to replicate this look in their own bar tops, an epoxy resin with a mirror or crystal clear finish can get the job done. 

There are also resin options available that can be mixed with mica powders to create a dyed effect if a clear finish is not what you are looking for. Depending on the formula of the resin, different effects can be achieved that add a unique charm to any bartop as the center of attention. 

5. Bartop Material Compatibility

Bar Tops come in various materials, so matching a compatible resin to its corresponding material is essential. Epoxy resins are compatible with a variety of materials commonly found in bar tops. 

Wood, metal, concrete, ceramic, laminate, and Formica are just some common bar top surfaces that a resin is compatible with. It is even possible to have a granite or marble effect using the right type of resin. 

What is the difference between casting resin and epoxy resin?

Casting resin is a type of plastic resin that is used for making a variety of molds, models, and figurines. It is generally a two-part system that needs to be mixed together before use. Epoxy resin is a more general term for a type of resin that is used for a variety of applications, including making molds, creating coatings, and bonding surfaces together.

What is the difference between clear and colored epoxy resin?

Clear epoxy resin has a glossy, transparent finish, while colored epoxy resin has a variety of different pigments added to it to give it a desired color.

How do I ensure a successful application of epoxy resin?

To ensure a successful application of epoxy resin, it is important to thoroughly clean the surface that you are applying it to and allow it to dry completely before applying the resin. Additionally, you should mix the resin and hardener together in the correct proportions and apply them evenly and in thin layers.

Are there any special considerations I should keep in mind when using epoxy resin on a bartop?

When using epoxy resin on a bartop, it is important to ensure that there are no bubbles in the resin before it cures to prevent any irregularities on the surface. Additionally, it is important to use a heat gun to remove any air bubbles after the resin has been applied.

How do I apply Bartop epoxy resin?

Applying Bartop epoxy resin is a simple process. First, clean and prepare the surface, then mix the resin and hardener according to the instructions. Apply the mixed resin evenly using a brush, roller, or sprayer. Allow the resin to cure for at least 24 hours before sanding and polishing.

What is the difference between polyurethane and polyester resins?

The main difference between polyurethane and polyester resins is their durability. Polyurethane is more durable and resistant to wear and tear, while polyester is more affordable and easier to work with.

What is the most durable Bartop epoxy resin?

Polyurethane resin is the most durable type of Bartop epoxy resin. It is also the most expensive option, but its superior resistance to wear and tear makes it a great choice for tables and countertops.

After going through some of the best epoxy resins available to coat your bar tops, the next step is choosing one and seeing how it goes. 

Using a food-safe option like the Pro Marine Supplies table top epoxy kit can be beneficial, especially for a bartop that sees regular contact with foodstuffs. 

Furthermore, if your outdoor bar needs a shiny new surface, the East Coast resin crystal clear epoxy can be helpful. The formula is designed to drastically slow down yellowing due to UV ray exposure. 

Add a new lease of life to your bartop with an incredibly easy-to-use and apply epoxy resin. Why wait around and pay for a crew when a professional finish is possible using any of these great kits?

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