9 Best Chrome Spray Paints of 2023 [Reviewed]

Spray painting often brings to mind visuals of rebel teens running around at night to spray on building walls.

So, today we thought about reviewing the best chrome spray paints available on the market to restore your faith in this unconventional technique. It’s an efficient way of painting your home, and you won’t require additional tools like a surface brush or chrome paint roller. 

All you need to do is spray over the desired area and let it dry before applying the second coat. In this way, it’s possible to brighten up your living room, office, or make a particularly attractive showpiece stand out.

We have formulated a guide of nine premium-quality spray paints to help you make an informed decision. Furthermore, we’ve added a chrome paint buyer’s guide, discussing the essential attributes of this handy chrome paint tool. 

If you’re ready, let’s look at our first chrome paint review. 

Best Chrome Spray Paints

Here is the list of the 9 best chrome spray paints that offer superior coverage and quality that you can trust.

1. Krylon Chrome Spray Paint K01010A07 – Best Coverage

Krylon’s well-researched products are the standard of excellence when it comes to chrome spray paints. The latest product delivers wide coverage and a shiny finish, ensuring that your home has a modern yet cozy feel. Understandably, there’s growing interest surrounding the finish among prospective buyers.

Although the description says metallic spray paint, the designers have developed a wide-ranging palette comprising various shades of shiny silver. As such, this metallic chrome paint is perfect for spray painting your home and different furniture, delivering a classy and sleek finish.

Thanks to this spray paint’s fantastic coverage of 25 square feet along with a fast drying time of fewer than 15 minutes, it’s possible to complete DIY projects quickly. You’ll get a smooth, high-gloss finish that amplifies the interior décor, perfectly in keeping with the latest trends. 

Now, on what surfaces can you use this chrome spray paint? Be it wood, plastic, paper, or wicker, this chrome paint guarantees a consistent coating, making it worth the investment. Moreover, one spray bottle holds eight ounces of solvent, so there’s no need to make frequent purchases. 

Other than that, the solution is acid-free and doesn’t contain toxic chemicals. Meaning, it’s safe for kids, pets, plants, and prevents health issues. 

We found that paint drips from the spray nozzle, which might affect the thickness of the finish. The spray nozzle may also create lines, meaning you’ll have to brush the walls to get a smooth texture. Other than that, it’s essential to apply at least two coats of paint to achieve the desired consistency on your wall surfaces. 

Color: Original Chrome | Finish Type: Metallic | Paint Type: ‎Solvent based | Volume: 8 fl oz | Usage: Interior/Exterior | Coverage: 20 sq ft | Drying Time: 10 min

2. Krylon Spray Paint K01406 – Best Color Variations

Our next spray paint is a watercolor solution, allowing you to get a consistent coat on most surfaces. Using multiple bottles of this chrome paint is better than buying a large can to apply with a surface brush. Thanks to its powerful spray nozzle, you won’t need to bother about lumps or brush lines on the wall surfaces.

In tune with Krylon spray paints, this chrome paint is ideal for giving your home a modern touch. Its metallic spray paint is available in different colors, including silver, brass, and gold. And once you choose your preferred shade, it’s easy to spray it on most surfaces for a high-gloss finish. 

The best feature of this chrome paint is that it’s a watercolor solution, delivering wide coverage of 25 square feet. That said, you may need to apply more than one coat of paint to get a consistent color, for which this 12-ounce bottle proves sufficient. It promises to be money well spent, and you won’t have to spend all your savings buying multiple cans of spray

We love its sharp design on all things big and small. Even something as simple as the night lamp will stand out in your room, thanks to its vibrant colors and smooth surface texture. 

You can’t use this chrome paint for outdoor projects, such as painting exterior walls or the car surface. This is because the paint needs the right conditions to achieve the desired surface finish, which is only possible indoors. Apart from that, it’s important to sand the surface, removing impurities before work. 

Color: Silver | Finish Type: Metallic | Paint Type: Water Based | Volume: 11 fl oz | Usage: Interior | Coverage: n/a | Drying Time: 10 min

3. Rust-Oleum Spray Paint 7718830-6PK – Best Vibrancy and Texture

Alongside Krylon, Rust-Oleum has also left its mark on DIY painters with its fantastic selection of products. The outstanding feature of this model is its incredible durability so that your walls continue to shine even in areas with heavy traffic. Hence, this chrome paint is one of the top choices of customers.

This metallic spray paint from Rust-Oleum is available in multiple bottles ranging from two packs to 11 ounces. The six-pack bottle contains 66 fluid ounces, proving sufficient for several indoor DIY tasks. Although you can’t use it for large-scale applications, this chrome paint is perfect for amplifying your interior décor. 

You’ll get the best results on wood and masonry, with its rich texture and numerous color options, delivering a vibrant appearance. Moreover, this chrome paint retains its shininess, thanks to its durable coating, which is resistant to chipping and stains. 

Once you apply a coat, you’ll need to wait for an hour for the paint to dry. While the Krylon K01010A07 dries faster, Rust-Oleum offers an elegant coating, ensuring that the longer dry time is worth the wait. 

Apart from that, it’s the ideal unit for accent painting to bring your furniture in focus. 

You’ll find that certain colors don’t match the product description, proving quite dull, so it would be best to choose light colors rather than dark shades of this chrome paint. Besides, it’s critical to apply multiple coats of paint to your furniture surfaces, meaning you’ll have to stock up on several bottles for smooth completion of work.

Color: Chrome | Finish Type: Metallic | Paint Type: Acrylic | Volume: 11 fl oz | Usage: Interior | Coverage: ‎6 sq ft | Drying Time: 60 min

4. Rust-Oleum Spray Paint 327910

This Rust-Oleum model has several trademark attributes, giving it the edge over other chrome spray paints available out there. Significantly, it helps reduce finger fatigue and delivers substantial coverage, allowing you to work for extended periods. Understandably, the spray has generated substantial buzz among DIY enthusiasts.

Rust-Oleum guarantees wide coverage, and fast drying time, and delivers a consistent coat on most surfaces, meaning it’s ideal for DIY projects. You’ll find that the spray is available in bottles of different sizes, but we feel that the 11-ounce model should suffice for most painting needs. 

Now, you can only use it for indoor painting projects, but the advantage is that it evenly coats most surfaces, including wood, plastic, wicker, and ceramic. What’s more, the paint dries in under 20 minutes and covers 12 square feet, allowing you to complete your projects on time. 

Additionally, a single coat of this chrome paint lasts for many years, meaning your furniture won’t lose its shine or brightness despite heavy use. In spite of that, we suggest that you apply at least two coats, a few minutes apart, using a smooth forward-and-back motion. Hence, the surface looks clean and doesn’t form lumps.

If the temperature is too high or the mixture too thin, the paint tends to blur. Your only option is to store the bottle in a cool, dry place and add multiple coats to get consistent color on the walls. Furthermore, surface maintenance is essential to prevent dirt accumulation.

Color: Metallic Silver | Finish Type: Metallic | Paint Type: Spray | Volume: 12 fl oz | Usage: Interior | Coverage: 12 sq ft | Drying Time: 20 min

5. Krylon Spray Paint KSCS032

The Krylon KSCS032 is a fantastic option available with additional components like a paint pen, delivering a sharp metallic coating. One bottle contains three ounces of fluid, suitable for painting on various surfaces, be it wood or plastic. No wonder this Krylon chrome spray paint has received largely positive reviews.

The many color options available with this Krylon model ensure that your DIY projects will stand out. Each color delivers a vibrant and attractive coat suitable for accent painting your furniture. Be it wood, ceramic, plastic, or metal; you can apply an even coat without any hassle. 

Understandably, this chrome paint is extremely easy to use, and one bottle contains three fluid ounces, delivering a wide coverage. Since it’s an enamel solution, you will get an elegant and smooth finish, suitable for redecorating different rooms and surfaces. In fact, you can also use it to spruce up your office, thanks to its modern and trendy colors. 

Moving on, it’s highly durable and can withstand daily use due to its excellent color retention. So, the chrome paint is perfect for areas with heavy traffic, ensuring that the paint doesn’t scrape easily.

Lastly, you’ll need to apply at least two coats for the best results, for which pre-sanding might prove useful. 

We noticed that it’s a thick gel mixture, delivering a long-lasting coat; the flipside is that it’s not suitable for exterior painting. If the outside conditions are warm, the chrome paint dries quickly without spreading to all areas. Now, you may want to thin the paint, but it’s quite challenging and takes time. 

Color: Chrome | Finish Type: Eggshell | Paint Type: Aerosol | Volume: 3 fl oz | Usage: Interior/Exterior | Coverage: n/a | Drying Time: 15 min

6. Dupli-Color Spray Paint SHD1000

Of all the chrome paint products in our guide, this spray paint has the most striking color, available in a shadow chrome black shade. Apart from painting, it’s also suitable for making touch-ups around the house to repair damaged walls or scratched surfaces. We assure you that this spray is worth the investment.

Compared to other chrome paint products, what the Dupli-Color lacks in variety it makes up for in spray performance. It has a shadow chrome black-out color which may not be the best primary shade but acts as a brilliant supporting color. The advantage is that it contrasts other colors around the room, meaning it’s ideal as accent paint.

Moving on, there are no extra components like a brush or paint pen as it’s an all-in-one touch-up tool. Apart from painting, you can use it for fixing damaged walls, thanks to its abrasive pep tip technology. 

We loved this spray paint’s clear coat, delivering a fresh color on most walls to ensure that black doesn’t look too imposing on the surface. Also, the color mentioned on the bottle and the actual coat are exactly similar so that you get your money’s worth

Finally, this chrome paint is mainly good for indoor projects but delivers fantastic results while painting cars. 

The key to getting the desired texture is mixing the spray solution before work. However, it’s far from easy given the thin nature of the paint, and you’ll need to apply multiple coats to achieve the required consistency. Hence, it’s important to have extra spray bottles in your yard at any time. 

Color: Chrome | Finish Type: n/a | Paint Type: Enamel | Volume: 11 oz | Usage: n/a | Coverage: n/a | Drying Time: 30 min

7. Rust-Oleum Chrome Spray Paint 286477

Up next is the Rust-Oleum 286477, which is well-known for its shiny and reflective finish. You can use it to paint walls or other surfaces with its mirror-like finish amplifying the brightness around the house. Additionally, using a painter’s tape or stencil allows you to custom decorate your home.

When it comes to delicate projects like painting vases, candle holders, glasses, and tabletops, you don’t have much room for error. Luckily, this chrome paint model is ideal for such projects, thanks to its oil-based solution that delivers a glossy finish on all surfaces.

Now, its reflective surface proves useful for accent painting or highlighting different parts of the room. Moreover, every coat of paint adds another layer of durability, ensuring that it doesn’t peel off after a few years. You will need to clean the surfaces from time to time, but that shouldn’t be much of a problem. 

We found that one bottle contains six ounces of paint, delivering coverage of four square feet. Although it doesn’t cover a large area, the silver lining is that the chrome paint dries in under 10 minutes. In other words, you can paint more in less time and even opt for a custom look, using painter’s tape and stencils. 

Like the Dupli-Color SHD1000, this model also has a thin coat, making it challenging to get the required texture. Even more troublesome is the free-flowing nature of the paint, which causes it to drip from the spray nozzle. So, you might end up with chrome paint lines on the walls.

Color: Silver | Finish Type: High-Gloss | Paint Type: Acrylic | Volume: 12 fl oz | Usage: n/a | Coverage: 4 sq ft | Drying Time: 10 min

8. Ultimate Mirror Paint SZX10009

This is a simple yet efficient tool that has received mostly positive reviews from painters and DIY enthusiasts alike. It has a terrific nozzle, suitable for painting various surfaces such as plastic and wicker.

What’s more, this mirror chrome spray doesn’t fade, thereby maintaining the surface walls in premium condition.

As the name suggests, this product delivers a vivid appearance, allowing you to paint on plastic, wood, metal, and wicker. It has a total volume of 3.5 ounces, delivering an even coating so that your interior décor stands out. 

Especially pleasing is its exceptional durability so that the wall surfaces retain their luster even after years of heavy use. Furthermore, your kids can also use chrome paint for their painting projects as it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals or toxins. Neither does it have an obnoxious odor, meaning it’s perfectly safe for pets and plants. 

Moving on, this chrome paint has a substantial coverage area along with a fast drying time, allowing you to complete painting projects without any hassle. We suggest that you read the instructions carefully before painting. This will provide a clear idea about the number of cans and tools needed to get a consistent surface coating. 

It’s costlier compared to other spray paints, leading to hesitation among buyers. Now, even if you make room in the budget for its higher price, it’s essential to apply multiple coats of paint to get a vibrant color. So, this chrome paint might be unsuitable for large-scale painting projects. 

Color: Chrome | Finish Type: Mirror | Paint Type: Aerosol | Volume: 3.5 fl oz | Usage: n/a | Coverage: n/a | Drying Time: n/a

9. Rust-Oleum Spray Paint 280716

If you’re looking to apply a different type of metallic finish, we suggest opting for this aluminum spray paint. You get the guarantee of a well-known brand like Rust-Oleum, so there’s no need to worry about peeling or damage.

The chrome paint lasts for many years, proving reliable and pocket-friendly for a variety of surfaces.

This latest spray paint from Rust-Oleum is available in an Aluminum color, suitable for working on both indoor and outdoor projects. Unsurprisingly, you can paint on wood, plastic, metal, or ceramic for all-around property maintenance. 

Each spray bottle has a volume of 11 ounces, delivering coverage of 50 square feet. So, you won’t need to buy too many bottles, making this chrome paint an affordable option while its long-lasting texture keeps the walls and furniture protected. Moreover, the chrome paint dries in 20 minutes, ensuring that it doesn’t take long to complete your DIY tasks. 

We also love its comfortable spray nozzle, featuring an angle-spray tip to help you paint for extended periods. It reduces finger fatigue, and you get to reach tight spots, like behind the bed or underneath the chairs, without any difficulty.

What’s more, its smooth coverage and metallic finish deliver a modern touch to your home. 

We have received reports from users that the spray nozzle clogs due to daily use. This is because paint drips from the nozzle and after some time, blocks the opening. The only solution is maintenance; you’ll need to clean it before and after work to remove the dry paint.

Color: Gloss Clear | Finish Type: Gloss | Paint Type: Spray | Volume: 12 fl oz | Usage: Interior/Exterior | Coverage: 12 sq ft | Drying Time: 20 min

Best Chrome Spray Paints Comparison Table

Product Color Finish Type Paint Type Volume Usage Coverage Drying Time
Krylon K01010A07 Original Chrome Metallic Solvent based 8 fl oz Interior/Exterior 20 sq ft 10 min
Krylon K01406 Silver Metallic Water Based 11 fl oz Interior n/a 10 min
Rust-Oleum 7718830-6PK Chrome Metallic Acrylic 11 fl oz Interior ‎6 sq ft 60 min
Rust-Oleum 327910 Metallic Silver Metallic Spray 12 fl oz Interior 12 sq ft 20 min
Krylon KSCS032 Chrome Eggshell Aerosol 3 fl oz Interior/Exterior n/a 15 min
Dupli-Color CS101 Chrome n/a Enamel 11 oz n/a n/a 30 min
Rust-Oleum 267727 Silver High-Gloss Acrylic 12 fl oz n/a 4 sq ft 10 min
Ultimate Mirror Chrome Chrome Mirror Aerosol 3.5 fl oz n/a n/a n/a
Rust Oleum 280702 Gloss Clear Gloss Spray 12 fl oz Interior/Exterior 12 sq ft 20 min

Buying Guide for Chrome Spray Paint

It’s time now to proceed to the best chrome paint buyer’s guide, where we’ll provide pointers and information to help you make a purchase.

  1. Paint Durability

The chrome paint must last a long time so that the color doesn’t peel off the walls after a few years. To get value for your money, it’s essential to choose a paint that delivers a vibrant coat while also being damage resistant.

  1. Spray Paint Price

No one wants to spend all their savings buying spray paint, so the manufacturers need to develop a solution that delivers consistent coating across all surfaces at affordable prices. That said, premium-quality models cost more, and it would be best to have a flexible budget.

  1. Chrome Texture

The thickness of the solution determines how many coats are necessary to achieve the desired texture. Usually, the best spray paints have just the right amount of viscosity, allowing you to get an even coating over most surfaces. 

How long does top chrome paint last?

The longevity of spray paint depends on certain factors. For instance, the type of spray paint you choose – some are resistant to cracking, chipping, mildew, and UV rays, while others aren’t.

Apart from that, if you leave the newly painted surface outside for too long (uncovered), then the lifespan of spray paint shortens. 
So, considering all factors, chrome spray paint delivers at least one year of flawless coverage and shows signs of wear after some time.

Why is it important to seal off the chrome paint finish?

Once you’ve applied one to two coats of spray paint, it’s important to top it off with an external protective layer on it. It enhances the shiny result of the paint and delivers the protection needed to keep it well-maintained.

To seal off the paint, use an acrylic sealer, preferably airbrushed, or hand-brushed. Anything containing toluene, acetone, or xylene will mess up your chrome.

Can we restore chrome?

Yes, it is possible to restore chrome, but only if you follow the steps outlined. Start by thoroughly cleaning the surface to be painted as dust particles can affect its finish. Leave the surface for a few minutes to dry, then coat it with chrome paint.

The paint will revive the surface and make it brand new and shiny. Once the first layer dries completely, apply one or two additional layers to get splendid results.

How can we protect the chrome surface from rusting?

The chrome surface comes in contact with moisture and rain, especially if it is kept outside, so rusting is fairly common. Apply a coat of chrome wax or polish to cut off the contact between chrome and moisture. This will give the chrome coating an extra shine.

 If there are pits in your chrome, use wax designed for chrome plating and fill in those pits. This way, we can keep away rust from forming and restore the surface of the chrome.

Does spray paint work, and can I use chrome paint on my exhaust?

Chrome paints do work in some cases, but in many, they fail to deliver an authentic chrome-like finish with a mirror reflection. In simple words, a perfect chrome coating produces a shiny and bright silver color.

Now, if you’re planning to spray paint on surfaces like exhaust, getting yourself some special paint designed for enduring high temperatures is essential. Otherwise, any regular chrome paint would just melt.


That’s all there is to know about chrome spray paints; hopefully, you can now buy a suitable chrome paint for your DIY projects. 

If you’re still in doubt, there’s no need to worry as we’ve decided to highlight our favorite products in different categories. For us, the Krylon K01010A07 is a well-rounded unit, offering excellent coverage and a glossy finish. But there are issues with its spray nozzle, which is a bummer. 

Other than that, the Krylon K01406 is available in several colors, helping spruce up your interior décor. Now, it’s time for us to bid you farewell; we’ll meet you soon, reviewing other fantastic products. 

Before we end, checkout our other article on how to do chrome painting to know more on chrome paints other than spray paints.

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