7 Best Hydroponic Systems for Tomatoes in 2023

The Click and Grow Hydroponic System features a Scandinavian design, energy-efficient lights, and GMO-free construction with a Growth Guarantee. Another option, the inBloom Hydroponic System, comes with a low water level alarm, silent pump, and IPX-7 nano-coating.

Hydroponics is the science of growing plants, usually for food or medicine, in a nutrient solution instead of soil. Tomatoes are among the most popular crops grown in this manner since they are easy to grow. But you need to find the right hydroponic system for tomatoes to get the best results. 

Fortunately, there are several such systems available that you can use for growing tomatoes hydroponically. And I’ve reviewed the best ones here in this guide.

Best Hydroponic Systems for Tomatoes

1. Click & Grow Hydroponic SystemBest Option With Energy-Efficient Lights

Designed for growing vegetables like indeterminate tomatoes, lettuce, and basil, this kit features a Scandinavian design that looks great and adds to the decor of your room. 

It comes with three GMO-free mini pods for different vegetables, which do not contain fungicides, herbicides, or pesticides. Additionally, after trying out the product, I noticed that the grow lights this garden kit comes with are energy-efficient ones.

They have an automatic on-off cycle, which means growing your own tomatoes indoors is possible with efficient energy use. Each LED light is controlled by a timer and allows plants to perform photosynthesis indoors while having an optimized spectrum that results in greater yields.

Another noteworthy feature of this system is that it is self-watering and can hold water for up to a month, ensuring plants won’t die if you forget to water them. And to make watering the crop easier, the Click & Grow garden kit has a water level indicator.

Apart from these features, the brand offers a Growth Guarantee on this hydroponic system, which means any pods that fail to grow will be replaced for free. This makes this option a worthy choice for everyone, but especially beginners, by providing a worry-free experience.

Material: GMO-free | Special Feature: Energy-efficient lights | Usage: Indoor | Weight: 7.87 pounds

2. inBloom Hydroponics SystemBest With Low Water Level Alarm

Several features make the inBloom hydroponics system a highly recommended option, such as a high-performance grow light, a low water level alarm, and a silent pump. The grow lights are especially noteworthy as they consist of 24-watt LED bulbs that turn on for 16 hours and remain off for eight.

When I tried this product, I discovered that the blue and red lights were tuned to help tomatoes grow up to five times faster compared to plants growing outdoors. Similarly, the low water level alarm system makes it easy to know when plants need watering. 

The reservoir has a capacity of 4.2 liters, which provides plenty of space for plants to thrive and only needs to be refilled once in 15 to 30 days. And the pump present inside ensures proper circulation of nutrients and oxygen to allow plants like hydroponic tomatoes to grow faster.   

Another thing that sets the inBloom hydroponic system apart from the competition is that it comes with everything you need to grow tomatoes. There are ten grow sponges, ten grow domes, ten grow baskets, 12 plant labels, five pod lids, and plant food in the package.

The system is also completely safe to use since the tank is made using BPA-free material, and the pump features an IPX-7 nano-coating for water protection.

Material: BPA-free | Special Feature: Low water level alarm | Usage: Indoor | Weight: 5.44 pounds

3. LetPot Hydroponics Growing System Best Option With LCD Screen

Those looking for a hydroponics growing system with automatic features, like adjustable plant lights and dual planting modes, may find the LetPot hydroponics gardening system an excellent choice. Its standout feature is a water level sensor that can detect when plants need more water.

There is also a 4.8-inch LCD screen for making adjustments and monitoring plant growth. In addition, the plant lights can be easily changed to match the requirements of different species. So, whether you are growing tomato plants, cucumber, capsicum, or something else, this planter is a good choice

Other than that, my team of gardeners discovered through using this product that its construction is incredibly durable since it is made using stainless steel. Then there is the accompanying smartphone app, which can be used as a plant diary, has a plant encyclopedia, and even provides remote over-the-air (OTA) updates for the system. 

The LetPot hydroponic system features dual growing modes for different needs. One mode provides greater manual control for a more hands-on approach, while the other one automatically takes care of all crucial aspects for minimum maintenance.   

Additionally, you get two different LED lighting modes for the growing season, which allow using blue and red light to speed up plant growth in your hydroponic garden.

Material: Stainless steel | Special Feature: LCD screen | Usage: Indoor and outdoor | Weight: 7.16 pounds

4. eSuperegrow Hydroponic SystemBest System With Extendable Height

With its double-layer construction, self-watering pump modes, and extendable height, the E Superegrow hydroponic system is another option worth considering. Its professional design and double-layer construction result in better plant growth, making it well-suited for hydroponic tomatoes. 

As indicated by my tests, the built-in water pump allows improved water circulation while providing plants with more oxygen, allowing them to absorb nutrients faster. Then, there are the high-efficiency LED grow lights, which act as a substitute for sunlight and have a 60-degree lens that concentrates the light plants receive. 

These lights can be controlled using the lighting timer settings, which allow the lights to be adjusted according to different growth stages. But that’s not all; you even get two brightness settings for growing plants like cherry tomatoes easily. 

The pump has two self-watering modes and temperature adjustment settings, which make it easy to provide the optimum temperature for plants to grow. But the most impressive feature of the eSuperegrow hydroponic system is its extendable height, which enables it to provide enough space for large plants to grow comfortably. 

Drawing from experience, I can tell you that growing tomatoes hydroponically using other options is difficult since there is not enough space for the tomato plants to grow. But it’s easier with this system and it’s also made from completely safe materials, like food-grade ABS.

Material: Food-grade ABS | Special Feature: Extendable height | Usage: Indoor | Weight: 10.09 pounds

5. Ivation Hydroponics SystemBest System With A Control Panel

Moving on to the next item, I bring you the Ivation 7-pod indoor hydroponics system, an all-in-one kit that comes with everything you need to grow hydroponic tomatoes. It has seven pod baskets for growing different plants, such as cherry tomatoes, leafy greens, and more.  

The flower box is spacious and comes with two nutrient-rich powders for creating a nutrient solution, 14 seed sponges, and 14 bamboo planters. In addition, the system has a smart LED lamp with height adjustment, so you can ensure each tomato variety gets adequate light during different stages. 

Furthermore, the Ivation hydroponics plant growth system features a touch-operated control panel, making it easy to adjust the settings. As I experienced it firsthand, I can tell you that the panel can be used to switch between three planting modes with different lighting cycles.

And since plants require plenty of space to grow, this general hydroponics system has a large tank that can hold 3.5 liters of water. It contains an integrated pump, which works well to circulate the water, helping plants grow properly. 

Despite offering many handy features, the Ivation system is a lightweight option that can be easily carried from one place to another. This is another bonus feature if you require a portable option and one that is not very common.

Material: Plastic | Special Feature: Touch-based control panel | Usage: Indoor and outdoor | Weight: 4 pounds

6. Lawnful Hydroponics BucketsBest Bucket-Based Hydroponics System

The Lawnful brand takes a different approach to hydroponics by offering multiple buckets instead of one box or planter for growing hydroponic tomatoes. These buckets are designed for deep water culture hydroponics, and each one has a water level indicator.  

There is an air pump system also that can be connected to all four buckets simultaneously. Giving it a try showed me that connecting the pump to the buckets is quite easy, and there are four air tubings, four air stones, and four valves also included. 

The airflow can be adjusted without much effort, while the provided air stones allow you to provide oxygen to the plants for healthy growth. Other items included with the Lawnful hydroponics buckets include 16 sponge cubes, 24 grow baskets, two germination trays, and 24 grow sponges. 

These pH-balanced plant sponges are better than regular mineral wool, coconut coir, and vermiculite for root growth since they contain more nutrients required by the plants. I also found the germination trays to be quite useful, which are 12-cell trays that come with a vented humidity dome.

This dome helps maintain the temperature and moisture at optimum levels so you can enjoy a bountiful hydroponic tomato harvest all year round. Finally, the Lawnful hydroponics buckets feature a space-saving design and can be used almost anywhere for growing fresh tomatoes.

Material: Plastic | Special Feature: Bucket-based system | Usage: Indoor | Weight: 9.53 pounds

7. eSuperegrow Smart Hydroponics SystemBest Option With Multiple Timer Modes 

Another worthwhile offering from the eSuperegrow brand is the smart hydroponics system, which comes with a COB chip and three lighting timer modes that make growing hydroponic tomatoes easy. The COB chip has a 60-degree lens that provides plants with full-spectrum light and helps them grow indoors faster.  

And after giving it a go, I found that the system has a two-layer design for better water circulation, which allows roots to absorb more oxygen and nutrients. This is great when growing something like a beefsteak tomato plant and makes this system suitable for different tomato varieties. 

Apart from that, you get two large grow pots that can be used multiple times to grow hydroponic tomatoes successfully. Grow sponges are not required, as the pots can even be used with clay pellets, pebbles, or perlite when growing tomato plants. 

As for the different lighting modes, these can be easily adjusted depending on the growth stage of your hydroponic tomatoes. And you can even adjust the height of the lights as required easily. The system also comes preinstalled with tresses for climbing plants, which helps save some time.

Assembly is pretty straightforward and does not take much effort, and this hydroponic system can also be used for growing a large plant. And despite these handy features, it is priced quite reasonably compared to hydroponics systems from other brands.

Material: Plastic | Special Feature: Multiple timer modes | Usage: Indoor | Weight: 5.13 pounds

Top Hydroponic System For Tomatoes Comparison Table

Top Hydroponic Systems Material Special Feature Usage Weight
Click & Grow Hydroponic System GMO-free Energy-efficient lights Indoor 7.87 pounds
inBloom Hydroponics System BPA-free Low water level alarm Indoor 5.44 pounds
LetPot Hydroponics Growing System Stainless steel LCD screen Indoor and outdoor 7.16 pounds
eSuperegrow Hydroponic System Food-grade ABS Extendable height Indoor 10.09 pounds
Ivation Hydroponics System Plastic Touch-based control panel Indoor and outdoor 4 pounds
Lawnful Hydroponics Buckets Plastic Bucket-based system Indoor 9.53 pounds
eSuperegrow Smart Hydroponics System Plastic Multiple timer modes Indoor 5.13 pounds

Buying Guide For The Best Hydroponic System For Tomatoes

The options mentioned above are some of the highest recommended ones if you’re looking for the best hydroponic system for tomatoes. However, selecting the most appropriate system from among them will require considering certain factors such as ease of use, construction, operation, and features. 

In this buyer’s guide, I’ll share some of the features you should consider when deciding.

1. Construction

The construction is the first thing to look at when considering various hydroponic system for tomatoes growing. Hydroponics systems can be constructed using various materials, with the most common ones being plastic and steel. Both have varying advantages and drawbacks, making them suitable for different use cases. 

A plastic hydroponic system might be a better choice if you need to grow tomatoes hydroponically in a lightweight system that can be easily carried from place to place. On the other hand, if you require greater durability and intend to use the system for a long time, a stainless steel option may be more suitable.

2. Ease Of Use

Another crucial factor is the ease of use, as even a high-quality hydroponic system with numerous features will not provide a great experience if it is not easy to use. That is why you should check whether setting up and using the indoor hydroponic system, making adjustments, and monitoring plant growth require much effort.

Similarly, in the case of systems with grow lights, controlling the brightness and height of lights should not require much effort.

3. Features

Various features can make growing hydroponic systems for tomatoes easy and enjoyable. These may include touch-operated screens, alarms, smart control through applications, and other features. However, you should remember that, in most cases, systems with more features tend to be costlier.

So, consider which features are absolutely necessary and can make your job simpler before deciding.

How much water does a hydroponic system need for growing tomatoes?

Hydroponics systems require about ten times less water than when growing tomatoes normally since the nutrient-rich water is reused to a considerable extent. And you do not need to worry about irrigation or drainage with such systems.

How long do nutrients last in a hydroponic system?

The period for which nutrients like potassium, calcium, nitrogen, phosphorus, magnesium, etc.,  last in a hydroponic system depends on the quality of the nutrient solutions.

High-quality nutrients do not have any expiry date and can provide plant nutrition for a long time, preventing nutrient deficiencies.

Does a cherry tomato plant require more maintenance when grown using a hydroponic system?

The growth rate of plants like cherry tomatoes is higher in hydroponics, but such a tomato garden will also require more maintenance. You need to pay more attention to aspects like preparing the nutrient solution, pruning, trellising, harvesting, etc.

How often should you clean hydroponic systems used to grow tomatoes?

Whether you’re growing determinate tomatoes or any other fruit or vegetable, I recommend cleaning hydroponic systems after each growing cycle and changing the water and fertilizer. This is also true even if the same shrub or herb is to be grown again.

Can all plants be grown in hydroponic systems?

While you can grow most plants in hydroponic systems, it may not always be ideal as there are many things to pay attention to. The nutrient solution should be in the right concentration and the climate should be ideal.

Additionally, there should be a proper base of vermiculite or similar growing medium, which keeps plants aerated, and adequate pest and disease protection.


Hydroponics offers several advantages over traditional methods of growing crops, such as maximizing space, producing higher quality crops, and helping save water. The seven hydroponics systems reviewed here are the best options if you want to grow hydroponic tomatoes. 

However, in truth, choosing the best hydroponic system for tomatoes growing hydroponically can be tricky, so let me share my favorites from the list. The Click & Grow Hydroponic System with energy-efficient LED lights and a self-watering pump is an excellent choice that also features GMO-free construction. Another worthy choice is the inBloom Hydroponic System, which comes with a low water level alarm, IPX7 certification, and a silent pump.

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