13 Best Jigsaws of 2021

The yellow jigsaw for wood working.

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When we hear the term jigsaw, we immediately think of a puzzle. But there is another jigsaw out there that makes an essential tool for many workers.

While this list is not about puzzles, buying the best jigsaw is somewhat like a puzzle. What we mean is that when purchasing a new machine, a lot of things have to come together to make your work experience complete.

All the nitty-gritty and different aspects have to fall into place like the little pieces of a puzzle so that you can bring home the ideal tool. The best jigsaw will help relieve you of the stress of getting your work done quickly while also adding the perfect finish.

While there are many machines available, there are things for which a jigsaw is best suited. From simple cuts to intricate shapes, it can be a vital addition to your work station.

So, to help you choose, we have here a list of the 13 best options available out there, showcasing top-notch products across different brands.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Best Jigsaws 



Archilb-table__imageBosch JS470E 120V Top-Handle Jigsaw
  • 7-amp motor cable
  • Solid aluminum gearbox
  • Variable speed setting
Archilb-table__imageDEWALT DCS331M1 20V Max Jigsaw Kit
  • 4 bevel cut options
  • 4-orbital adjustments
  • Variable speed setting
Archilb-table__imageBLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C Jig Saw
  • 5-amp motor
  • 4-orbital adjustment
  • Variable speed setting
Archilb-table__imageSKIL 4495-02 Orbital Laser Jigsaw
  • 6-amp motor
  • Laser guide feature
  • Variable speed setting
Archilb-table__imagePORTER-CABLE PCE345 6-Amp Jig Saw
  • 6-amp motor
  • 4-orbital adjustment
  • 7 variable speed setting
Archilb-table__imageMakita 4329K Jig Saw
  • Die-cast aluminum base
  • 3-orbital adjustment
  • Variable speed setting
Archilb-table__imageBosch JS470EB Barrel-Grip Jigsaw
  • 7-amp motor
  • Aluminum gearbox
  • Built-in dust blower
Archilb-table__imagePORTER-CABLE PCC650B 20-Volt Jigsaw
  • 3-orbital adjustment
  • Variable speed trigger
  • 45-degree bevel cutting ability
Archilb-table__imageDEWALT DW331K Top Handle Jig Saw
  • 6.5-amp motor
  • 4-orbital adjustment
  • Variable speed setting
Archilb-table__imageMakita JV0600K Top Handle Jigsaw
  • 6.5-amp motor
  • 3-orbital adjustment
  • Variable speed control dial
Archilb-table__imageBosch 7.0 Amp Variable Speed Jigsaw
  • Variable speed setting
  • 4-position orbital operation
  • Adjustable dust blower
Archilb-table__imageMilwaukee 2445-20 18-Volt M12 jigsaw
  • Hybrid grip handle
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Tool-less bevel change
Archilb-table__imageRyobi One+ P523 18-Volt Cordless Jigsaw
  • Variable speed switch
  • Trigger lock system
  • LED lighting


Close up photo of cutting wood with fretsaw over dark background. Copy space.

  1. Bosch JS470E 120V Top-Handle Jigsaw

This is one of the most trusted brands in the market known for developing robust and excellent tools. Similarly, this product, too, justifies why most people have had high hopes from this brand for so many years. You will find a range of features in this tools jigsaw that does justice to the brand’s reputation.

BOSCH Power Tools Jig Saws - JS470E Corded Top-Handle Jigsaw - 120V...
  • Convenient: Featuring a tool less blade change...
  • 4 in 1: 4 orbital action tool settings provide...

Why Did We Like It?

For over 15 years, Bosch has been making highly efficient products, and the JS470E 120V Top-Handle Jigsaw tool comes with some exciting upgrades. This is a powerful tool that offers precise cuts for you to get the perfect finish.

It has a robust die-cast aluminum footplate along with an industrial design to help it face severe working conditions with ease. To make it more adept at handling the pressures of the workstation, the designers have added a robust aluminum gearbox as well.


The versatility of this model is due to the power generated from the 7-amp motor. This motor then produces a no-load speed of 3100 strokes per minute that allows it to make both accurate and clean cuts in several materials.

Thus, it can be used in a variety of applications. Apart from these, the jigsaw saw tool comes in an ergonomic design to provide comfort while working.

What Could’ve Been Better?

There are two issues with this tool jigsaw. Firstly, the tools from this brand are priced higher and that could make potential buyers opt for a different brand. Secondly, there is an issue with the jigsaw blades that could become skewed after continuous use.

  • No-load speed of 3100 SPM
  • Ergonomic design
  • 4-orbital adjustment
  • Die-cast aluminum shoe
  • Clean cuts
  • Slightly pricey
  • The blade may become skewed after prolonged use
  1. DEWALT DCS331M1 20V Max Jigsaw Kit

This is another well-known brand that has focused primarily on combining flexibility with versatility in this product. The DEWALT DCS331M1 20V Max Jigsaw Kit will keep you interested in its ability to cater to a variety of tasks with ease. You will find some cool features in this model that have made it highly accessible.

DEWALT 20V MAX Jig Saw, Corded (DCS331M1)
  • All-metal, lever-action, keyless blade change...
  • All-metal, keyless shoe bevel with detents at 0...

Why Did We Like It?

This jigsaw is sure to give you optimal value for your money as this 20-volt tool combines the best parts about being cordless and powerful. The powerful battery is able to produce 3000 strokes per minute, which is one of the highest going around.

It is solidly built to withstand years of heavy-duty work, while at the same time being versatile as well. This means you can use it on a range of materials and applications.

Some of the exciting improvements that add to the versatility include the quick blade change feature. This feature offers you an uninterrupted work experience on top of saving valuable time.


Along with these, it has a 4-orbital adjustment complemented by a variable speed setting. This combination will enable you to fine-tune the jigsaw based on the type of work.

Finally, this model flaunts an ergonomic design to provide maximum comfort while working for long hours.

What Could’ve Been Better?

This model, too, faces the problem of charging slightly more than other brands. While this may not seem like a significant factor, a large number of people may be unwilling to loosen their purse strings. Apart from this, the designers could have included a better zero clearance insert for improved performance.

  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Powerful
  • Motor capable operates at 3000 SPM
  • Provides stability
  • Slightly pricey
  • Poor zero clearance insert

This is a well-built jigsaw that is ideally suited to satisfy the different demands of work. The BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C Jig Saw makes all the right noise when it comes to power, efficiency, and performance.

This tool has been designed, keeping in mind the rigors of the workstation. Therefore, among other things, you are sure to enjoy its longevity.

BLACK+DECKER Jig Saw, Smart Select, 5.0-Amp (BDEJS600C)
  • CURVE CONTROL TECHNOLOGY - Four curve settings for...

Why Did We Like It?

It is tough to get a good product that has all the latest features while being affordable at the same time. Although a rarity, this model solves that issue. It is a versatile and well-built jigsaw that is powered by a 5-amp motor.

This motor drives the blades that offer 3000 strokes per minute, the same as the DEWALT DCS331M1 model. However, the improvement lies in the bevel cut feature that provides a cutting ability of up to 45 degrees.


Further adding to the flexibility is the 4-orbital setting. This setting is coupled with the variable speed function to help control the power and offer accurate cuts.

It also includes an adjustable shoe that helps it to perform tasks as well as the top brands. In addition to this, to ensure that long working hours are not an issue, the jigsaw comes in an ergonomic design for maximum comfort.

What Could’ve Been Better?

There are a few difficulties that crop up during use. For one, the lock-on button is a bit difficult to use in certain instances, which could affect the overall performance.

Another thing is that as there is no power button on the body, you have to be extra careful so that it does not start automatically.

  • Capable of 3000 SPM
  • Curve control technology
  • 45-degree bevel cutting ability
  • Provides stability
  • Adjustable shoe
  • Lock-on button is a bit difficult to use
  • No power button on the body
  1. SKIL 4495-02 Orbital Laser Jigsaw

The name of this model lets you know what it stands for. However, the two most eye-catching aspects are the skill and laser of the SKIL 4495-02 Orbital Laser Jigsaw.

We can certify that this brand has adapted itself to deliver an accurate result and fine finishing that will make you want to bring this product home.

SKIL 4495-02 6.0 Amp Orbital Action Laser Jigsaw
  • Powerful 6.0 Amp motor
  • Built-in laser guide for accurate straight cuts

Why Did We Like It?

When you think about the skills that a jigsaw must possess, you immediately think of the cutting ability. This is a cordless jigsaw that provides high maneuverability. On top of this, it can be effectively used on any woodwork or metal project with ease.

To tackle the different materials, it has a 4-orbital adjustment setting that will allow you to set the type of cut from fast to smooth. Aiding this feature is the variable speed system that lets you control the strokes per minute, with the maximum being 3200 SPM.


This is one of the highest strokes offered by any device, thanks to the powerful 6-amp motor. To manage the power, the designers have therefore added a stable foot design so that you have more stability while cutting.

But the most significant addition is the built-in laser that guides the users on how to make the most accurate cuts.

What Could’ve Been Better?

For all the good things about this product, there are a few downsides such as the weight. It weighs more than other tools, which could be a problem for many people.

The heaviness also makes it difficult to control, and so you need to take care while operating this tool.

  • Produces 3200 SPM
  • 4-orbital adjustment
  • 22.5- and 45-degree bevel cutting ability
  • Accurate
  • Ergonomic design
  • Slightly heavy
  • Difficult to control
  1. PORTER-CABLE PCE345 6-Amp Jig Saw

This is another trusted brand that has been around for a long time, so the expectations are naturally high from this model. Through the PORTER-CABLE PCE345 6-Amp Jig Saw, the designers have vested you with the power.

That is, you get to decide from a wide range of functions how you want to use it.

PORTER-CABLE Orbital Jig Saw, 6.0-Amp, Corded (PCE345)
  • 7 position speed dial (0-3200 spm) integrated into...
  • 6 Amp motor of the jig saw delivers power in...

Why Did We Like It?

Some significant upgrades are noticeable at once about this model. This jigsaw is powered by a 6-amp motor that offers a high of 3200 strokes per minute.

While this is the same as the SKIL 4495-02 model, the upgrade lies in the fact that it comes with 7-speed settings. This is considerably higher than most other products and allows you to effectively control the blade velocity for different tasks.

51e5u duutl

Further improvements include a lock-on button that comes in handy when making long cuts. This feature is well supported by sizeable over-molded front and top handles that offer more grip and comfort during extended working hours.

Along with these, it is quite easy to use and has a tool-free blade changing system that enhances user-friendliness. This ease of use is visible even when using the jigsaw on different materials and applications.

What Could’ve Been Better?

A problem you are likely to face while using this tool is the absence of a dust control port. So, even if you are wearing goggles, it will be difficult to see because the dust will blow up in your face.

Added to this is the issue with the difficulty in using the lock-on button which is not smooth.

  • Produces 3200 SPM
  • Large over-molded front
  • Lock-on feature
  • Easy to use
  • Tool-free blade changing
  • Lock-on button could be hard to use
  • No dust control port
  1. Makita 4329K Jig Saw

This brand has made a name for itself by coming up with powerful tools that can easily withstand the pressures of working for long hours. The Makita 4329K JigSaw has a simple name, but when it comes to performance, it does not compromise one bit.

You will find working with this device to be quite fulfilling.

Makita 4329K Top Handle Jig Saw
  • Variable speed control dial (500-3,100 SPM)...
  • Ergonomically designed rubberized grip for...

Why Did We Like It?

Quality is of the utmost importance for any machine, and so this model uses a 3.9-amp motor that drives the jigsaw. The motor, in turn, powers the blades to provide strokes ranging from 500 to 3100 per minute.

This allows it to complete any project in a quick time, even in the most demanding situations. Its significant features include an industrial-strength design that provides for ergonomic handles and a rubberized grip.


Along with this, the aluminum die-cast base makes it robust and comfortable so that you can attend to most tasks with ease. Furthermore, it has a variable speed setting and a 3-orbital adjustment to provide precision cuts.

Adding to this is the lock-on feature that allows you to make long cuts without much difficulty. Overall, this is a compact and lightweight machine that takes into account user-friendliness to deliver the best results.

What Could’ve Been Better?

This tool fails to offer protection from the debris produced during work. This not only makes working dangerous with a high-powered device, but you also have to clean up after a hard day’s work.

Besides this, the power cord is difficult to store due to the lack of an adequate storage case.

  • Lock-on feature
  • Rubberized handle
  • Durable
  • Produces 3100 SPM
  • Suited for extended use
  • No cover from debris
  • Power cord storage is an issue
  1. Bosch JS470EB Barrel-Grip Jigsaw

You will find this brand featuring more than once on any list dealing with electrical appliances and with good reason. This second product from Bosch has made significant improvements to the earlier models.

This makes the Bosch JS470EB Barrel-Grip Jigsaw a top-notch product and is sure to endear it to future buyers.

BOSCH 7.0 Amp Corded Variable Speed Barrel-Grip Jig Saw JS470EB with...
  • CONTROL: Featuring Internal precision control with...
  • CONVENIENCE: Tool-less blade-change system allows...

Why Did We Like It?

The devices from Bosch keep getting better, and there is no choice but to include them in our list. This model consists of a 7-am motor, which is one of the most powerful in the market.

This motor sends the necessary power to the blades, which offers 3100 strokes per minute. Thus, to control these highly powerful features, it must be sturdy as well. This is achieved through the reliable, aluminum gearbox and a die-cast aluminum footplate.


Both of these extend the lifespan of the machine so you can work without having any worries. On top of this, there is a unique blade ejection system. What this does is allow users to remove a hot blade without having to touch it.

Furthermore, this tool flaunts a built-in dust blower to help keep the workstation clean. In addition to this, there is a plunging, as well as a low vibration mechanism, to ensure that you get accurate and precise cuts.

What Could’ve Been Better?

While using it, you may have difficulty in reaching the speed trigger, which is a little away from the handle. So, it could take some time before you come to grips with how to ideally use this product.

Added to this is the problem of the large barrel size that many first-timers will find it hard to cope with.

  • Produces 3100 SPM
  • Die-cast aluminum footplate
  • Ergonomic design
  • Plunging mechanism
  • Low vibration mechanism
  • The trigger is far away from the handle
  • Barrel size could be a problem for first-timers
  1. PORTER-CABLE PCC650B 20-Volt Jigsaw

Just looking at the PORTER-CABLE PCC650B 20-Volt jigsaw, you will realize that the designers have spent considerable time making it user-friendly. The thing that straight away grabs your attention is the smooth design of this tool.

Complementing this design are certain unique functions as well that allow it to top rival brands.

PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Jig Saw, Tool Only (PCC650B)
  • Dust Blower of the cordless jigsaw clears debris...
  • Tool-free blade release allows for quick and easy...

Why Did We Like It?

This jigsaw has a 20-volt MAX Lithium battery that produces a maximum of 2500 strokes per minute. To manage this, you have the choice of using the 3-orbital setting, which will allow you to adjust the aggressiveness of the blades depending on the work.

Apart from being cordless, it has a tool-free blade release and a bevelling show, which makes this machine highly versatile. This versatility is on display when it cuts through a variety of metals and woods with ease.


Such is the effect that it works just as good as any battery-operated tool. This can also be seen with the variable speed trigger that provides users with excellent cuts and delicate finishes to make your project stand out.

Finally, it is equipped with an ergonomic design that is seen in the large handle. This provides you with comfort and stability during work.

What Could’ve Been Better?

There are a few disadvantages of this device, one of which is that it is heavier than most other products on the market. For those who want their tool to be light and comfortable, they might be tempted to look elsewhere.

Besides, the battery on this model runs out quickly, so you need to have backups just in case.

  • Powerful
  • Can produce 2500 SPM
  • Ergonomic design
  • Tool-free blade release
  • Durable
  • Heavier
  • The battery may run out quickly
  1. DEWALT DW331K Top Handle Jig Saw

As you may have already noticed that we have featured more than one device from some brands. This is not because we are lazy, but it is only because the tools are useful enough to make an impact.

Similarly, the much improved DEWALT DW331K Top Handle Jig Saw offers many features that you will find to your liking.

DEWALT Jig Saw, Top Handle, 6.5-Amp, Corded (DW331K)
  • Powerful 6.5 amp motor of the jigsaw tool delivers...
  • Variable speed of the jig saw delivers 500 - 3,100...

Why Did We Like It?

This DeWalt model has many promising functions, starting with the 6.5-amp motor that produces 500 to 3100 strokes per minute. To manage this, you have the option of using the 4-position orbital action, that lets you choose how powerful you want the cuts to be.

This comes in handy when using it on different materials that make it versatile as well. Complementing this is the variable speed control that lets you make quick adjustments while offering precise cuts.


Now, talking about the durability, this jigsaw is equipped with an all-metal gear case and a plastic, non-marring shoe cover. Thus, it is a viable choice while working on not only the most stringent task but also for cutting through delicate materials.

It also has a 4-level bevel cutting ability along with the lock-on system. Both these functions come together to allow you to get the perfect finish.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Often users look for products that can face the burden of tough work. However, in this case, the tool has shown a propensity to deform under stress when used regularly.

Added to this is the alignment, which also takes a hit, thereby affecting the desired finish.

  • Lock-on feature
  • 4-degree bevel cutting ability
  • Produces 3100 SPM
  • Ergonomic design
  • All-metal gear case
  • May deform under stress
  • Improper alignment in some cases
  1. Makita JV0600K Top Handle Jigsaw

Known for making great power tools, this brand has made the Makita JV0600K Top Handle Jig Saw a highly maneuverable device. Among the many features, you will have the added comfort of using it even in tight areas, which is sure to drive its popularity.

As a result, this corded jigsaw has been receiving positive feedback from customers.

Makita JV0600K Top Handle Jig Saw, with Tool Case
  • 6.5 AMP motor and 3 orbital settings plus straight...
  • Variable speed control dial (500-3,100 SPM)...

Why Did We Like It?

This is a well-engineered tool that comes with a low-profile body to ensure customers get better handling. The handling comes into effect when taking charge of the 6.5-amp motor that can generate strokes up to 3100 per minute.

Thus, you will be able to take on numerous applications while at the same time, getting fast and accurate cuts. To further help in this regard, it comes with a 3-orbital adjustment and variable speed dial to fine-tune the cuts according to your needs.


There is also, the lock-on function that provides better performance and makes intricate cuts look easy. Furthermore, it has a sizable rubberized top handle that offers better grip and comfort even during the toughest jobs.

The significant improvement, however, has to be the weight, which is very low, considering all the features. Therefore, this lightweight and compact jigsaw reduces fatigue and is ably supported by the tool-free blade changing system.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The orbital dial setting on this model is not smooth, which means that users may face trouble in controlling the device. This, in turn, could affect the finish that you desire in your work.

Another problem lies with the broad base opening, which causes the molding to come up during functioning.

  • Produces 3100 SPM
  • Rubberized top-handle
  • Lock-on feature
  • Tool-free blade changing system
  • Lightweight
  • The orbital setting dial is not smooth
  • Large base opening
  1. Bosch 7.0 Amp Variable Speed Jigsaw

Bosch makes yet another appearance, and as expected, this model has come with significant upgrades. The Bosch 7.0 Amp Variable Speed Jigsaw ticks all the right boxes and comes with a range of features to ease your workload.

You are sure to resonate with the many applications available on this tool.

BOSCH Power Tools Jig Saws - JS470E Corded Top-Handle Jigsaw - 120V...
  • Convenient: Featuring a tool less blade change...
  • 4 in 1: 4 orbital action tool settings provide...

Why Did We Like It?

This third Bosch model on our list is a highly convenient tool that has a tool-less blade changing system, supported by a blade ejection function. These two functions ensure fast blade insertion and the ability to remove the hot blade without touching it.

The blades are powered by a 7-amp motor, that you can control with the 4-in-1 orbital action. Thus, you can adjust the aggressiveness of the blades depending upon the toughness of the task.


In addition to this, there is a variable speed dial that sets the maximum speed while the accelerator trigger manages the operating speed. It also has a lock-on button that is ambidextrous and allows you to perform accurate cuts with ease.

On top of all this, it is durable as it includes a large, robust die-cast foot with a steel insert and an onboard wrench. Furthermore, the multi-directional blade clamp allows it to get a better grip on the T-shank blades.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Given the fact that this is a well-known brand, Bosch could have made sure that the markings are visible while cutting. As is the case, dust ends up covering the line making it difficult to see.

Besides, this tool is pricey as well, which may keep a section of buyers at bay.

  • Produces 3100 SPM
  • Accelerator trigger for better control
  • Tool-less blade change
  • Tool-less blade ejection
  • Onboard storage for bevel wrench
  • Difficult to see the line in some cases
  • Pricey
  1. Milwaukee 2445-20 18-Volt M12 jigsaw

The color combination is the first thing that you notice about the Milwaukee 2445-20 18-Volt M12 jigsaw. The mixture of red and black immediately draws your attention, and you want to know more about this product.

Luckily, the designers have made sure that there are enough features to keep you interested.

MILWAUKEE'S 2445-20 M12 Jig Saw tool Only
  • Compact and Lightweight - Only 3.8 lbs and 8.75"...
  • Maximum Control - Innovative Hybrid Grip design...

Why Did We Like It?

This compact and lightweight tool is powered by a Red Lithium battery system that ensures powerful cuts. These cuts range from 0 to 2800 per minute for fast and controlled cutting through different materials.

The major upgrade is the inclusion of an innovative hybrid grip that provides greater control by bringing the grip closer to the material. In this, it is supported by the variable speed trigger that helps you get the perfect cut by adjusting the speed based on the type of work.


Along with this, there is the Quik-Lok T-shank blade clamp and the tool-free bevel capability with a positive lock. Both these functions provide for increased stability as well as quick blade changes.

Finally, the designers have included an LED light that provides you with maximum visibility to better see the cutting line. There is also a fuel gauge for user-friendliness so that you can keep an eye on the run-time.

What Could’ve Been Better?

As has been seen with other devices, in this case as well the debris generated from the machine ends up covering the markings. This leads to frequent interruptions as you have to keep stopping to clear the line.

Also, in certain instances, the blade may end up cutting the plastic guide, so you need to be careful.

  • Produces 2800 SPM
  • Quik-Lok T-Shank blade clamp
  • LED headlights
  • Counterbalance system
  • Non-marring shoe
  • Difficult to see the cutting line
  • The blade may cut the plastic guide
  1. Ryobi One+ P523 18-Volt Cordless Jigsaw

The green color of this model jumps out at you and demands that you notice this jigsaw. The Ryobi One+ P523 18-Volt Cordless Jigsaw has some unique features that have earned it a favorable position in the market.

Buyers will undoubtedly notice the fact that this device manages to stand apart from the rest.

Ryobi One+ P523 18V Lithium Ion Cordless Orbital T Shank 3,000 SPM...
  • 4 ORBITAL SETTINGS: The higher the setting, the...
  • BUILT-IN DUST BLOWER: This feature on the tool...

Why Did We Like It?

This jigsaw is equipped with an orbiting motor that can generate up to 3000 strokes per minute. To manage this, you have the 4-orbital system at your disposal, which offers faster cuts if the setting is higher.

It is also ideal for making straight cuts in lumber, and all that you need to do is lower the setting. This will also make it suitable for you to create curves or even to cut into the metal. Furthermore, the machine features a unique blade saving base that allows you to drop the foot as the blade wears out.

51ura waiwl

This is an important aspect when it comes to longevity, as now the blades will be able to dig deeper by using fresher teeth near the base. On top of this, it has a built-in dust blower that keeps debris away from your project so that your line of sight is unobstructed.

What Could’ve Been Better?

A couple of things that could have been better about this model are the blades and battery. This jigsaw is not compatible with U-shaped blades, which could deter a portion of buyers.

Besides, it tends to drain the battery quite quickly, so you will need to have backups.

  • Produces 3000 SPM
  • 4 orbital settings
  • Built-in dust blower
  • Blades last longer
  • Controlled cuts
  • Not compatible with U-shaped blades
  • Drains battery quickly

The yellow jigsaw for wood working.

Jigsaw Buyers’ Guide

There is so much to choose from and so little time. Thus, efficiency is the need of the hour.

Just as one would like to get things done with aplomb in the workplace similarly, while buying any product, you would not want to waste too much time pondering. So, to quicken the process, there are certain things that you can keep in mind.

These are things that not only help distinguish the good from the bad but also lets you see what makes the best jigsaw. It is essential, therefore, to keep the following points in mind.

  1. Power

Power is the driving force behind any good piece of machinery. To slightly tweak the quote from Spider-Man, with great power comes great responsibility.

If your device has an adequate amount of power, then that means that it has the potential to deliver an excellent performance. But too much of anything is not healthy, so there must be a mechanism to control the power.

The best jigsaw should provide substantial power so that no task is difficult while also having a system whereby you can control the power according to your needs. In this way, you become the supreme master of how you want the work to be done.

  1. Durability

For any machine having modern, up-to-date technologies is a must. In the same way, the product must be sturdy enough so that you can get the maximum benefit out of those features for a long time.

Users spend a lot of money on buying any device, so naturally, they would want it to last. On top of that, when the work deals with cutting wood, the chosen tool must be robust to outlast the rigors of daily use.

It is not feasible to stop work due to a flimsy product, nor can buyers keep spending on a jigsaw every few months. The modern world demands excellence in terms of the finished result, and for that, your jigsaw needs to be long-lasting.

  1. Ease of use

Finally, it is you who should get priority. Any tool should be curated according to the needs and demands of humanity.

There is no logic in building a high-tech product that ultimately fails to meet the demands of work. The designers are making new and advanced tools to make the lives of people more comfortable.

While there is nothing wrong with making a product feature heavy, those features should be able to add value to the workplace. You should be able to use the functions with ease rather than having to figure out what each one does.

Any tool, especially the best jigsaws, should be constructed by giving the benefit of the doubt to the buyers rather than focusing on just making it look good.

Close up electric jigsaw cutting a piece of wood, electric hand tools


We hope that our list of the 13 best jigsaws tools for 2021 will help you to fit the different elements together to bring home the option best suited to your work type. There are many products to pick from, and this comprehensive analysis will help you make an informed decision.

Based on what we have seen, Bosch charges slightly more than other brands, but if money is not your concern, you can go for any of the Bosch jigsaws. On the other hand, if what you are looking for is reliability at an affordable price, you may go for the Milwaukee 2445-20 18-Volt M12 jigsaw.

Along with these, the PORTER-CABLE PCC650B 20-Volt Jigsaw is another excellent option you can consider.

So, what are you waiting for? Bring home the best jigsaw to complete your workstation.

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