7 Best Paint Brushes For Trim [Review & Buyer’s Guide]

The trims around the doors and windows of a room, if painted in the right way, can enhance its visual appeal by a great extent.

But for applying a uniform coat on a part as narrow and intricate as a trim, you can’t just use any brush out there. What’s needed is an efficient, specialized paint brush that can achieve a perfect-looking trim in less time and with minimal effort. 

Sure, that may narrow down the search to some extent, but you still have a ton of specialized options to choose from, which makes the task confusing. That’s why we have tried to help you out with this carefully-curated list of the 7 best options to consider. 

So, go ahead and give it a read!

Best Paint Brushes For Trim

Here is the list of the 7 best paint brush for trim.

1. Richard 13418 Elegance Trim Brush – Best Overall

Looking for a high-quality option to paint your trim with ultimate perfection? Then this tool from Richard is the one for you since you can use it to apply the finest coat on all the trims at your home with minimal effort.

Sporting a range of advanced features, it is a highly popular choice among DIY lovers.

First things first, this brush consists of soft, tapered polyester fibers that help paint the edges of the trim with clarity to retain the sharpness in its look. The paint pickup on offer is almost flawless, while the coverage provided is praiseworthy. Ultimately, you get a better finish than most brushes can achieve. 

Another advantage is the ¾-inch size of the brush which makes it suitable for painting trims with greater accuracy. 

Speaking of paint compatibility, this tool has been tested to work with modern paints and stains. Plus, it can handle larger projects such as painting trims on longer doors and windows with equal efficiency.

Painting with this brush is also super comfortable, thanks to its soft-grip handle that helps reduce hand fatigue. Thus, long painting sessions would no longer seem tiring. 

This brush doesn’t include any protective covering for the bristles, so you’ll have to be careful with the storage. It’s best to cover the bristles with a piece of paper as they are soft and naturally more prone to damage.

Material: Polyester | Size: 3/4″ | Bristle Type: Synthetic | Weight (oz): 1.58

2. Wooster Brush Q3211-2 – Best Triangular Brush

Next up is this superior-grade brush from the leading brand Wooster, which is trusted by users all over the country. With this brush at home, you can paint the trims on all doors and windows with absolute accuracy. To learn more about all its features, let’s move on to the next few sections.

The best thing about this brush is that it offers an amazing paint pickup despite being more lightweight than the majority of the options on the market. What makes this possible is the 2-inch bristles, which help to draw more paint each time. 

Moreover, it provides effective paint release, which helps you complete the work much faster. And going back to our point about the bristles, they are made using high-quality nylon and polyester fibers of high quality, which facilitates a more uniform and elegant finish. 

We also found its design to be quite convenient, as it enhanced the overall maneuverability in covering the corners and other tight spaces without breaking a sweat. Last but not the least, its Shergrip handle provides great comfort, so that you don’t have to strain your muscles. 

Although we were highly satisfied with the performance it delivered, we felt its packaging could be improved. The package was torn in quite a few places when it arrived, making the brush easily vulnerable to damage during delivery. 

Material: Other | Size: 2″ | Bristle Type: Synthetic | Weight (oz): 1.6

3. Purdy 144152125Best All-Rounder

We’ve also picked this elegant-looking brush from the classic brand Purdy. It is designed to offer top-notch performance and is handmade just like every other brush from the brand. As such, this tool is a favorite among many professional painters and homeowners alike.

What sets this brush apart from others is the unique combination of Oral Polyester and specialized DuPont Tynex nylon filaments used for its bristles. This offers increased stiffness to the brush so that it becomes suitable for use in all climates and with all kinds of paints. 

Furthermore, it has a specifically engineered cutting-in ability that helps in providing a smoother finish on trims with a much smoother finishing than the standard options found on the market. In addition to this, the angularly trimmed bristles provide great coverage each time. 

As for the material used, both the hardwood handle and the stainless steel ferrule are quite strong and durable. So, rest assured that the brush will provide long-lasting performance even with regular use.

The only downside of this brush is that it gives a slightly heavier feel to the hand. As such, some users may find it a bit tiring to work with the tool for a longer duration. That said, we have no complaints regarding its efficiency. 

Material: Nylon Polyester | Size: ‎2.5″ | Bristle Type: Synthetic | Weight (oz): 4

4. Wooster Brush 1/2 Q3208

Almost halfway through the list, and here’s yet another good-quality product from Wooster that you can opt for. Measuring 1.5 inches long, this brush offers great user convenience. So, let’s have a closer look at all the features on offer.

First and foremost, this brush uses bristles made from a unique blend of white nylon and gold polyester filaments, which possesses great durability. Besides, they make the bristles suitable for use with a range of oil-based and latex paints. 

What’s more, the tips of the bristles are very soft so that you obtain a more smooth finish with almost all paint varieties. It comes with a rare brass-plated steel ferrule that further enhances its durability by firmly holding its bristles together.

We also liked its attractive pear-yellow handle made from high-quality plastic that’s sturdy yet quite comfortable. Aside from earning brownie points for appearance, it makes for a quiet uninterrupted painting experience that’s much less tiring than average-quality brushes.

Despite being really useful for achieving flawlessly painted trims, this brush has a lesser paint pickup than some of our previous recommendations. So, if you need to handle larger projects, it will be ideal to go for a brush that offers a better paint pickup like the Q3211-2 brush from the same brand. 

Material: Polyester | Size: 1.5″ | Bristle Type: Synthetic | Weight (oz): 1.6

5. Purdy 144080310

This Purdy brush is a cost-effective option for getting smooth and effortless coats on all your trim. Its slew of useful features work to provide a consistent performance for years; hence, you won’t require buying a new brush for a long time. It is quite versatile as well, so you can paint trims of different designs with equal efficacy.

To begin with, let us tell you that this brush belongs to the XL range of Purdy, which features the stiffest bristles among all the other brushes of the brand. This makes it extremely capable of painting with utmost efficacy in all climates. In fact, when compared to the Purdy 144152125, it does a better job in this regard. 

Another highly beneficial feature is its hand-chiseled formulation that allows for maximum paint pickup and also facilitates a smoother application. 

Talking about the fibers used in the bristles, it utilizes a blend of orel polyester and durable satin-edge nylon that is compatible with all types of paints. Not only that, but the polyester component also ensures that the stiffness is retained in the long run.

Some customers have complained that the handle of this brush was more rough compared to other brushes, so handling it for longer durations was exhausting. They pointed out that this might be due to the use of relatively inferior material used for making the handle. Apart from that, they were quite satisfied with how it performed.

Material: Nylon Polyester | Size: 1″ | Bristle Type: Synthetic | Weight (oz): 0.01

6. Zibra PB125LZT

Sporting a unique design, this brush from Zibra can help beautify a room by achieving smoothly painted trims with ease. Coming in a pack of 4 and priced very reasonably, this is one of the most sought-after paint brushes among the country’s homeowners.

It can be used for much larger projects of painting all the trims around the home.

Perhaps, the most interesting aspect of this brush is its rare triangular shape, which facilitates easy corner painting. It is equally useful in painting smaller trims with perfection, so much so that you can go ahead with the job without using any tape to border them.

We were also impressed by how it provides a consistent and crisp coverage that’s made possible by its solid, tapered, and round brush tips. Plus, it offers a really smooth paint release so that your projects are completed faster and more efficiently. 

Coming to ease of use, it is very lightweight and hence quite easy to maneuver. Apart from that, the hourglass handle is very comfortable and lets you use the brush in different ways by spinning, rolling, or flipping it. 

We found this brush more difficult to maintain than the other brushes since the paint stains the bristles and the protector that’s included in the package is also quite challenging to clean. The best way to deal with this problem is to rinse it with soap and water, but even that would take considerable time.

Material: Latex | Size: 1.25″ | Bristle Type: Flagged Bristle | Weight (oz): 3.52

7. Bates- Trim Brush

Towards the end of our list, we’ve included this professional-grade brush from Bates Choice Pro, which delivers a perfectly smooth finish on most surfaces. You can use it to paint trims of varying sizes and designs as it comes with a couple of superior features.

In the next few sections, we’ll discuss this tool in greater detail.

Firstly, this brush consists of thick synthetic filaments that can hold more paint so that you save considerable time without compromising on the quality of the finish. These filaments also offer great durability to deliver a more long-lasting service. 

Furthermore, it’s built to be suitable for all users irrespective of their proficiency level in painting. And thanks to its lightweight and convenient design, you can hold and maneuver it easily. The handle is made from high-quality plastic which makes it very comfortable to paint with, while the nickel-plated ferrule enhances its durability further.  

Ease of maintenance is another benefit that you get from this tool since paint stains can easily be cleaned. Finally, it is available at a more affordable price than the majority of brushes. 

The only issue that you might face with this product is with its packaging since the material used for the purpose is weaker, which may well cause damage during delivery. Other than that, it delivers quite efficient performance, especially for the pocket-friendly price.

Material: Plastic | Size: n/a | Bristle Type: Flagged Bristle | Weight (oz): 1.44

Best Paint Brush For Trim Comparison Table

Product Material Size Bristle Type Weight (oz)
Richard 13418 Polyester 3/4″ Synthetic 1.58
Wooster Brush Q3211 Other 2″ Synthetic 1.6
Purdy 144152125 Nylon Polyester ‎2.5″ Synthetic 4
Wooster Brush 1/2 Q3208 Polyester 1.5″ Synthetic 1.6
1″ Purdy 144080310 XL Nylon Polyester 1″ Synthetic 0.01
Zibra PB125LZT Latex 1.25″ Flagged Bristle 3.52
Bates- Trim Brush Plastic n/a Flagged Bristle 1.44

Buying Guide For The Best Paint Brush for Trimming

Using the right paint brush for trim and baseboards is the key to a successful paint project. To make sure you have the best paintbrush for trim, you’ll need to consider several factors, such as bristles material, size, handle, and edge shape.

In this article, we’ll help you make the right choice when it comes to painting trim.

Bristle Material

The type of paint you’re using will determine the type of bristles to use. If you’re using oil-based paint, choose a brush with natural bristles, as they are best suited to hold the thicker consistency of oil paint.

If you’re using latex paint, choose a brush with synthetic bristles, such as nylon, as they are less likely to absorb the water in the paint.


When it comes to choosing the best paintbrush for trim and baseboards, size matters. For trim work, choose a brush with a small-to-medium size, as it will help you paint more efficiently around trim and into corners.

For larger projects, such as painting cabinets, a larger brush will help you apply paint more quickly.


When it comes to choosing a brush for trim, you should also consider the handle. If you’re working on a lot of painting projects, it may be a good idea to invest in a brush set with multiple handles, as this will give you more control and make it easier to manage your paint project.

Edge Shape

The shape of the brush will also help you paint evenly and efficiently around the trim. The best option is an angled brush, as this will help you get into tight corners and around trim more easily.

When choosing an angled brush, make sure it has a quality handle that will help you control the brush and apply paint with precision.

Choosing the right paint brush for trim and baseboards is essential for a successful paint project. Consider the factors listed above to help you choose the best paintbrush for trim. Investing in quality brushes will help you paint more efficiently and with better results.

What is the best way to achieve a smooth finish on painted trim?

For a smooth finish on painted trim, sand the surface with a fine-grit sandpaper, clean the trim with a damp cloth, and apply two coats of paint, allowing the first coat to dry before applying the second.

What should I paint first, trim or walls?

It is recommended to paint the walls first before painting the trim.

What type of paint is recommended for trim?

For trim, it is recommended to use a high-quality, water-based acrylic paint.

Is priming necessary before painting trim?

Priming is not always necessary before painting trim, but it is recommended to ensure a smooth finish.

How can I clean trim before painting?

Trim should be cleaned before painting by using a mixture of warm water and mild detergent. Rinse the trim with clean water and allow it to dry before applying paint.


That brings us to the end of this guide. We hope that, by now, you’ve zeroed in on a suitable paint brush for your trim. 

But before we wrap up, here’s a small tip for you: in case you need to paint multiple trims around the home, look for a brush with thicker and denser bristles since it will offer better coverage. 

Now, let us quickly take you through our favorites from the list. The Wooster Brush Q3211-2 offers a brilliant performance at a low price, which is why it’s the best option overall in our opinion. However, for those who prefer to go for a brush with a triangular shape, the Richard 13418 Elegance Trim Brush will be the perfect choice to go for. 

Agree with our verdict? Let us know in the comments section below.

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