5 Best Rose Gold Spray Paints Of 2023 Tested

The trend of applying rose gold paints is catching on, and it is one of the most popular color choices of millennials.

However, buying a good quality rose gold paint that dries quickly, has great coverage, and can be applied on various surfaces is anything but easy. Since there are many things to consider, the selection process can get a tad complicated and time-consuming. 

We reckon you must be very busy and don’t have enough time to go through all the reviews from different websites to narrow down your search. So, to help you, we have compiled a list of the top 5 rose gold spray paint options currently available on the market. 

Each option also has its pros and cons mentioned, which would help you make a well-informed decision. If you are looking for more of a chrome effect to spruce up your interiors, then head over to our chrome spray paint buyer’s guide

Furthermore, we have included a buyer’s guide towards the end of the article to make things a bit more interesting. Without further ado, let’s get straight to the good stuff! 

Best Rose Gold Spray Paints

Here is the list of the 5 best rose gold paints that you can use to add a touch of elegance to any space.

1. Krylon K05593007 – Best for Rust Resistance

Founded in 1947, Krylon is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality paint products and accessories. On that note, allow us to introduce you to the K05593007 spray paint from the brand. Featuring a trendy metallic rose color, it is an ideal choice for DIYers who want to add a touch of glamour to their home décor.

Since this brand has over 70 years of experience, the latest product doesn’t let us down with its top-notch results. Firstly, it can be applied on a wide variety of surfaces, including glass, metal, wood, and a lot more. 

Users worried about corrosion will love its rust-resistant feature, which protects the surface from decay and gives it a vibrant appearance. Plus, the trendy rose gold color is ideal if you want a modern and sleek finish, thereby ensuring that your projects are highly elegant.  

What’s more, it comes with a sizable spray tip which allows you to spray it effortlessly without any difficulty. The container features 12 ounces of this aerosol paint, which is enough to cover an area as large as 25 square feet. Overall, it is one of the top-rated rose gold paints currently available on the market. 

This product is undoubtedly an exceptional choice for painting DIY projects, thanks to its rose gold finish. However, while testing it, we noticed that it has a significantly longer cure time. The package says that it gets ready for recoating within 48 hours, but during our period of use, it took nearly 3 days.  

Volume/Net Weight: 12 fl oz | Finish Type: Metallic | Dry Time: 20 minutes or less (to touch) | Resistance: Rust resistant | Coverage: 25 sq ft

2. Krylon K05125502 – Best for Quick Drying

Our next item is yet another quality product from the house of Krylon. Thanks to its spectacular line-up of paint products, we thought it would be fair to include another option from this brand on our list. Having said that, the K05125502 is a spray paint you simply cannot afford to ignore; keep reading to know why.

We were thoroughly impressed with almost everything this product had to offer. But what caught our attention at the very outset was its durable brushed nickel finish, which makes indoor projects scratch and smudge-proof. Be it ceramic, glass, plastic, or wood, you can apply it on a broad spectrum of surfaces.

Apart from this, it has a drying time of only 15 minutes and a cure time of just 1 hour, ensuring that you get the job done in no time. Plus, it has a smooth texture and adheres to the surface well, helping amplify your interior décor. 

Also, it is available in a variety of color options and its 360-degree dial spray tip delivers the accurate output with minimum overspray. Lastly, all these features are coupled with an affordable price tag, making it one of the best-selling options on the list.  

We did not come across any significant drawbacks when using the Krylon K05125502. Having said that, it has a very strong odor and we would strongly recommend using it in a well-ventilated room. Other than its strong odor, it works perfectly.   

Volume/Net Weight: 163 g | Finish Type: Glitter finish | Dry Time: 20 minutes or less (to touch) | Resistance: N/A | Coverage: N/A

3. Rust-Oleum 344697 – Best for Glitter Finish

Rust-Oleum is a long-serving American brand that needs no introduction, and the 344697 rose gold spray paint is a noteworthy addition to its DIY repertoire. Featuring a smooth glittery finish, this product can easily enhance the vividness of your home decor or DIY projects.

For us, the main highlight of the Rust-Oleum 344697 is its sparkling finish which amps up the class and character of your project. Be it rose gold, red, or bright pink, this product is available in a variety of colors. Plus, it is super easy to apply and has a drying time of 20 minutes, which is significantly shorter than other options. 

You will find that it is compatible with various materials, including plastic, ceramic, metal, and wood. Furthermore, its glitter formula provides a multi-dimensional effect, which is again something that is rarely seen in other options on the market.

Apart from this, it is quite durable, thereby protecting your project from scratches and stains. Additionally, it comes at a very modest price, making it a go-to option for first-timers and DIYers alike.  

Without a doubt, this product deserves a place on this list, mainly for its budget-friendly price tag and easy application. That said, we were not impressed with its coverage. 10 ounces of it can only cover an area up to 6 square feet, which is by no means enough.

Volume/Net Weight: 290 g | Finish Type: Shimmery | Dry Time: 20 minutes | Resistance: Scratch resistant | Coverage: 6 sq ft

4. Rust-Oleum 344733-6PK

Given the quality of Rust-Oleum’s products, it should come as no surprise that we have decided to add another top-grade option from the brand to our list. What’s more, the 344733-6PK model features chip resistance, thereby ensuring that your projects retain their quality for a very long time.

We were thoroughly impressed by what this product brought to the table. For starters, it delivers a shiny metallic finish that can be used on a ton of surfaces, including concrete, wood, and metal. Plus, its color retention technology ensures that it doesn’t fade with time. 

Apart from this, you would be pleased to know that it dries in under 60 minutes for fast project completion. But that doesn’t mean it compromises on accuracy as the any-angle spray feature helps you work from any direction you want. 

Moreover, it comes with a broader finger pad and a comfort tip, thereby reducing hand fatigue to let you spray for long intervals. No wonder it does a pretty decent job by adding a touch of elegance to your property, irrespective of the surface material.  

It doesn’t disappoint us for most parts; however, the only gripe we have against this product is its strong odor, which was not at all to our liking. Luckily, it is not a major flaw and we were quite impressed with the vividness it delivers. 

Volume/Net Weight: 312 g | Finish Type: Metallic | Dry Time: 60 minutes | Resistance: Chip resistant | Coverage: ‎6 sq ft

5. Krylon K01600007

As you already know, Krylon is a leading name in the paint industry, so we are not going to waste time introducing the brand. Let us instead take a close look at the product itself. The Krylon K01600007 has a fast drying time, ensuring that it can compete with other options in a similar price range.

Featuring a top-notch metallic finish, it delivers everything that you would expect from a premium-quality aerosol paint. Firstly, it has a very short dry and cure time, which becomes all the more important if you are a professional painter. 

It is also compatible with various surfaces ranging from wood to metal. You will find that it delivers a deep, gleaming finish to closely resemble the actual plating of expensive metals such as copper, silver, and gold. This is due to its high-gloss texture which is quite pleasing to the eye and has the added benefit of being scratch and smudge-proof. 

Furthermore, we found that it has acid-free components, making it safe for use all around the house. Impressive, right? Well, there’s more. It can cover 20 square feet, which is more than sufficient if you ask us. Understandably, it is one of the most effective and budget-friendly options on the market that you should definitely consider.  

Despite having some of the best features, this product has its fair share of downsides as well. We were quite disappointed with the quality of the can it comes in, which is not at all durable. Plus, during our period of use, the lid broke as well.   

Volume/Net Weight: 8 fl oz | Finish Type: Metallic | Dry Time: N/A | Resistance: N/A | Coverage: 20 sq ft

Best Rose Gold Spray Paint Comparison Table

Product Volume/Net Weight Finish Type Dry Time Resistance Coverage
Krylon K05593007 12 fl oz Metallic 20 minutes or less (to touch) Rust resistant 25 sq ft
Krylon K05125502 163 g Glitter finish 20 minutes or less (to touch) N/A N/A
Rust-Oleum 344697 290 g Shimmery 20 minutes Scratch resistant 6 sq ft
Rust-Oleum 344733-6PK 312 g Metallic 60 minutes Chip resistant ‎6 sq ft
Krylon K01600007 8 fl oz Metallic N/A N/A 20 sq ft

Buying Guide For The Best Rose Gold Spray Paint

So, were you able to make a decision after going through our 5 best recommendations? Something tells us that you are still confused. Well, we wouldn’t blame you because knowing the brand names means you are only halfway there.

In order to buy the best option based on your requirements, there are a few factors that you need to keep in mind. In this section, we have explained all these factors in detail, and we strongly recommend reading till the end.


With the market flooded with cheap variants that deliver inaccurate color, selecting the right product can be difficult. Even if you manage to get your hands on an option that provides accurate color, it may not have a proper luster, thereby making your project look dull.

For this reason, we always recommend going with a product that has a shiny effect and produces accurate colors. A shiny option will make your project look beautiful and brand new.    

Ease Of Use

This is one of the most important things that you should keep in mind. No professional or DIYer would ever buy a spray paint that comes in a low-grade can and is difficult to apply. Apart from being time-consuming, a low-grade container takes away all the fun of spray painting. 

We strictly recommend avoiding cans that are cheaply built; you might think you are saving a lot, but if it stops working, the investment basically doubles. So, we would suggest investing a few extra bucks in a product that has a sturdy can. 

Also, stock up on nozzles to ensure that you can easily replace them if they clog.


It can be quite frustrating when your spray paint is not compatible with your project material or if it does not cover a wide area. For this reason, you should always choose a paint that offers good coverage. 

So, do your prior research and only invest in trustworthy brands. Plus, check the packaging to ascertain the coverage and what surfaces the product is compatible with. 

What surfaces can rose gold paint be used on?

Rose gold paint can be used on a wide range of surfaces, such as walls, furniture, metal, plastic, and even fabric.

It is recommended to use a specific type of paint for each surface, so be sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions before starting.

Can I mix rose gold paint with other colors to create custom shades?

Yes, you can mix rose gold paint with other colors to create custom shades.

However, it is advised to test the mixed color on a small portion of the surface first before applying it to the entire surface to ensure it meets your desired finish.

How do I prepare the surface before painting?

Before painting with rose gold paint, the surface should be cleaned and primed. For best results, ensure that the surface is free from dust, debris, and grease.

The primer can protect the surface from getting damaged and make the rose gold paint adhere correctly.

How many coats are needed for the best results?

For best results, at least two coats of rose gold paint are needed. Simply apply the first coat and let it dry before applying a second coat.

If the coverage is not satisfactory, you can add additional layers until the desired finish is achieved.

Do I need to seal the rose gold paint after it has dried?

Although many rose gold paints have a built-in protective sealer, adding an extra protective coating is always a good idea to prevent the paint from chipping, cracking, or fading.

Applying a clear coat of sealer after the paint has dried can offer extra protection to your project and give it a shiny finish.

Do I need to use a specific type of brush?

For best results, the brush used for painting rose gold paint should have soft bristles on natural or synthetic fibers to avoid any visible brush marks.

Also, consider going for brushes that are thin and tapered in shape for detailed projects.

How do I maintain items painted with rose gold paint?

To maintain items painted with rose gold paint longer, avoid exposing them to prolonged direct sunlight, high humidity, and extreme temperatures.

Use a damp cloth to clean the surface, and try not to apply harsh abrasives or solvents.


Rose gold is one of the most elegant and trendy colors that you will ever see. It adds a touch of elegance to your home and can turn bland projects into eye-catching art pieces. So, if you want to enhance your project’s visual appearance, then rose gold spray paint is a must-have!

On that note, we have reached the end of this article, and we hope it helps you buy the best rose gold spray paint. However, before wrapping up, we would like to mention our favorite choices from the list. 

The Krylon K05593007 is the best model overall because it is easy to spray and can be applied on a wide variety of surfaces. Other than that, the Krylon K05125502 is known for its quick-dry time and minimum overspray, while the Rust-Oleum 344697 is an extremely affordable option. 

So, that’ll be all for now. Until next time, keep painting! 

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