7 Best Travel Air Purifiers of 2023 [Reviewed]

Over the past few decades, air quality in human-occupied spaces has worsened. While there are many causal factors, the main reasons are environmental.

With the rise of air pollutants like smoke from forest fires, indoor air is no longer as pure as it used to be. Wind-carrying dust, dirt, pollen, airborne bacteria and viruses, and pollutants constantly enter our homes and respiratory systems.

Moreover, some people have severe allergies to pet dander, fur, undetected viruses, and other microbes. Exposure to these can lead to symptoms of runny nose, sneezing, and sore throat. For these reasons, it might be essential to have a purifier that takes care of the air quality.

Let us look at the following options to help you breathe the best air possible.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable and effective way to purify the air around you while traveling, here’s the list of the 7 best travel air purifiers to consider.

1. Levoit LV-H132 Air Purifier – Best for Advanced Filtration and Features

Leviot is one of the leading brands of air purifiers these days. It was ranked as the most popular purifier in 2020 in the United States. It has a reliable advanced filtration system and a multitude of additional features, which make it an attractive choice.

First of all, we liked the complex three-stage filtration system. With its advanced technology, this air purifier from Leviot can target numerous contaminants in the air. It manages to eliminate impurities efficiently by using three layers of filtration.

The first layer is called pre-filter, which captures large particles like dust, lint, pet fur, hair, and fibers which also protect the device and improve its effectiveness. The second layer is the H13 True HEPA filter which captures small particles like dust, pollen, and allergens. The final layer is the Activated Carbon Filter which absorbs smoke and fumes.

Apart from this, this device circulates the air in the room over four times per hour, making it a fast-working purifier. Another valuable feature of this product is the option of adjustable speeds with little to no white noise. It has a total of three speed settings to suit your needs and emits only 25 decibels.

There aren’t any massive downsides to this product. However, its size may lead some people to believe it works for larger rooms, which it doesn’t.

It was designed for compact rooms and worked best in small indoor spaces. Although the weight and size of this air purifier are not massive, a smaller device would have been ideal.

Filtration System: 3-stage | Noise Level (dB): 25-46 | Room Size (sq. ft): 129 | Special Features: 3 fan speeds, Night light | Power Consumption (W): 28 | Dimensions (in inches): 8.5 x 8.5 x 14.5

2. Mooka EPI810 Air Purifier – Best for Compact and Discreet

The Mooka Air Purifier is a compact and discreet solution designed to filter dust, pollen, mold spores, and pet dander, making the air in your home or hotel room fresh and clean. Safe for use around children and pets, this purifier cleans up to 55 cubic meters of air per hour when operating in its normal mode.

The Mooka Air Purifier contains a 3-stage filtration process consisting of a pre-filter, a HEPA filter, and a carbon filter. These elements work together to eliminate pollutants in the air effectively. Furthermore, its 360-degree air intake and outlet allow for maximum efficiency in the circulation of fresh air. The noise-reducing fan and 8-watt power consumption make it affordable and quiet for everyday use.

While the Mooka Air Purifier is an excellent air purification solution, the replacement filters tend to be somewhat expensive when it’s time for a replacement.

Filtration System: 3-stage | Noise Level (dB): <50 | Room Size (sq. ft): 55-60 | Special Features: Quiet operation, Portable | Power Consumption (W): 8 | Dimensions (in inches): 7.5 x 6.9 x 6.9

3. Jinpus Air Purifier – Best for Low Noise Emissions

The JINPUS Air Purifier stands out due to its incredibly low noise emission of 24 decibels, making it perfect for use while sleeping. The new KEPA-tech technology allows for high-performance filtration of smoke, pollen, and odors while being compact and discreet for travel purposes.

In addition to its quiet operation, the JINPUS Air Purifier includes an LED night light, making it perfect for bedroom use. The pre-filter and HEPA filter work together to provide clean and fresh indoor air. Moreover, the built-in negative ion generator quickly eliminates unwanted odors.

The JINPUS Air Purifier emits a constant blue light when in use, which might be slightly distracting at night.

Filtration System: 2-stage | Noise Level (dB): 24 | Room Size (sq. ft): 35-50 | Special Features: Quiet operation, LED night light | Power Consumption (W): N/A | Dimensions (in inches): 4.92 x 4.92 x 7.64

4. Potulas Air Purifier

The Potulas Air Purifier is a compact, yet powerful air purifier with the ability to clean up to 85 cubic feet per minute. It operates quietly at fewer than 30 decibels, making it perfect for use in small spaces, such as your bedroom or kitchen.

This purifier features a 3-stage filtration system that includes a pre-filter, a HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter. The inner ionizer helps keep the air fresh, and the purifier can trap particles as small as 0.3 microns. The soft blue LED light and timer settings with automatic shut-off make it an excellent choice for nighttime use.

One downside of the Potulas Air Purifier is the short power cord, which might restrict the choice of suitable places for its effective operation.

Filtration System: 3-stage | Noise Level (dB): <30 | Room Size (sq. ft): 100-250 | Special Features: 3 fan speeds, 5 timer settings | Power Consumption (W): N/A | Dimensions (in inches): 6.7 x 6.7 x 9.8

5. GermGuardian GG1000 Air Purifier

Up next, we have the GG1000 model by GermGuardian. This air purifier can be plugged at various points around the house. What’s different about this device is that there is no need to replace filtration, making it a cost-effective choice.

GermGuardian has a wide range of air purifiers for all types of rooms and requirements, but this one is ideal for small spaces. It captures more than 99% of small, airborne particles floating in the air. Using the product for a couple of days will drastically improve the air quality of the room.

Another feature that might interest you is the time saved on cleaning. As we already know, dust settles on home appliances, floors, and furniture every day. Using this device daily prevents the build-up of dust, thus saving you time spent cleaning.

To add to that, its compact design is perfect for using it in different rooms from time to time. Plug it in the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, or children’s space to remove smoke, and cooking fumes, or kill microbes.

It is also possible to carry this tiny 7-inch purifier along with you while traveling to a hotel or a friend’s house.

Unlike other air purifiers, this option does not run on a removable filter, so there is no need for filter replacement.

However, this device runs on a UV-C light bulb which may need to be replaced every eight to ten months. Extra bulbs do not come with the product and need to be purchased separately.

Filtration System: 2-stage | Noise Level (dB): <40 | Room Size (sq. ft): 56 | Special Features: UV-C light, Plugs into wall outlet | Power Consumption (W): 3.5 | Dimensions (in inches): 3.2 x 3 x 7.5

6. Clarifion GL-139 Air Purifier

Another portable option we have in this list is the GL-139 air purifier model by Clarifion. Apart from being incredibly lightweight, it helps remove bacteria viruses, and chemicals from the air. It is advantageous for people with respiratory conditions like asthma and rhinitis.

The first thing we liked about this option is its compact and portable design. Weighing only 135 grams, this device can be plugged into any small room and sanitized. It covers a floor area of 150 square feet and can easily be used in bedrooms, bathrooms, staircases, corridors, and other living spaces.

Coming to the functionality of this product, we found that it uses an ionization technology that releases up to 10 million pcs/cm^3. Air ionizers diffuse negatively charged ions into the air.

These ions bind to airborne pollutants, making them heavy. As they become heavy, they drop to the floor instead of floating around, which can later be vacuumed or swept away.

Furthermore, these small devices do not require much energy. Thus they are low-power-consuming device that is also eco-friendly. Lastly, there is no installation or maintenance required.

There’s no doubt that this option is cost-effective and travel-friendly. And despite being light in weight and having ionizing technology, it isn’t free of flaws. The usage of this device over long periods of time can damage it in the long run. Thus, it is not recommended to keep it on for long.

Filtration System: Ionic | Noise Level (dB): N/A | Room Size (sq. ft): N/A | Special Features: Plugs into wall outlet, filterless | Power Consumption (W): 1.5 | Dimensions (in inches): 3.9 x 3.1 x 2.4

7. AirTamer A310PM Air Purifier

Coming in next on this list is the A310PM Parent model by the brand AirTamer. This battery-powered rechargeable device emits negative ions in the surrounding atmosphere to remove pollutants, thereby purifying the air. It is a solid option for carrying on the go.

Firstly, AirTamer is a leading brand of personal air purifiers on the market. The device uses a technology called Electrostatic purification, which creates a 3-foot orbit of purified air in all directions, thus making a circle of safety against harmful microbes.

Moreover, this was one of the few devices we came across with a rechargeable battery feature. This portable air purifier does not need to be plugged in, and it operates for over 150 hours without a single charge.

Apart from that, there is no need to buy replacement filters and change them often. Since there is no filtering device in the product and the air is purified effectively without any of these additional items, it saves up some money.

What’s more, it has a power booting technology that emits nine times clearer air. You can also carry it to offbeat locations where the atmosphere is unsanitary since it needs no maintenance.

Although there aren’t any substantial flaws in this product, we will share the experience of a few reviewers. This device this small enough to be worn around the neck. However, the band may cause rashes for people with sensitive skin. Also, it costs a bit more than other air purifiers.

Filtration System: Ionic | Noise Level (dB): N/A | Room Size (sq. ft): Personal space | Special Features: Wearable, rechargeable battery | Power Consumption (W): N/A | Dimensions (in inches): 1.65 x 0.75 x 3.5

What Is the Best Travel Air Purifier?

This table provides a concise comparison of key attributes for various travel-sized air purifiers. It includes filtration system type, noise level in decibels (dB), recommended room size in square feet (sq. ft), special features, power consumption in watts (W), and dimensions in inches (in).

Product Filtration System Noise Level (dB) Room Size (sq. ft) Special Features Power Consumption (W) Dimensions (in inches)
Levoit LV-H132 Air Purifier 3-stage 25-46 129 3 fan speeds, Night light 28 8.5 x 8.5 x 14.5
Mooka EPI810 Air Purifier 3-stage <50 55-60 Quiet operation, Portable 8 7.5 x 6.9 x 6.9
Jinpus Air Purifier 2-stage 24 35-50 Quiet operation, LED night light N/A 4.92 x 4.92 x 7.64
Potulas Air Purifier 3-stage <30 100-250 3 fan speeds, 5 timer settings N/A 6.7 x 6.7 x 9.8
GermGuardian GG1000 Air Purifier 2-stage <40 56 UV-C light, Plugs into wall outlet 3.5 3.2 x 3 x 7.5
Clarifion GL-139 Air Purifier Ionic N/A N/A Plugs into wall outlet, filterless 1.5 3.9 x 3.1 x 2.4
AirTamer A310PM Air Purifier Ionic N/A Personal space Wearable, rechargeable battery N/A 1.65 x 0.75 x 3.5

Buying Guide for the Best Travel Air Purifier Buying Guide

There are several things to be mindful of when purchasing a travel air purifier. While cost plays a factor in purchasing any product, other features like durability, size, utility, range, and purpose must be clear too.

1. Size and Portability

This is important because these devices usually have a specific reach; the smaller the size, the lesser the area covered for sanitizing. Also, if you want an inconspicuous air purifier, it should be small enough to blend in your room.

As far as portability is concerned, you should consider if you will often travel with the device and the places you will need to place it – hotel rooms, cars, or even crowded places. These factors will determine which device will be best for you.

2. Types of Filter

There are a few main types – sieve filters and UV-C light filters. The regular or sieve filters basically trap small particles like dust, smoke, and pollen and release clean air. These filters get grimy over time and need to be replaced to run smoothly. The HEPA filter is considered the usual standard for air purifiers.

Carbon filters are another type of filter that uses activated carbon to absorb debris and dust particles. On average, these need to be replaced after six months. As for the pre-filters, they might need to be replaced more often.

UV-C light filters are usually found in portable air purifiers that penetrate the air to kill floating microbes. With this type of filter, you do not need to change the bulb unless it breaks or malfunctions.

3. Utility

As we already know, air purifiers are used to clean dust and pollen, especially indoor air. When you are out and about, a portable air filter will protect you from airborne pollutants.

Moreover, you may need an air purifier if you have pets. A good-quality purifier gets rid of pet dander and fur shedding. Apart from that, it takes care of unpleasant odors – pet smells, cooking, smoke, and chemicals; all these odors are neutralized with the help of high-performance air purifiers.

4. Range

The air purifier you select should easily cover the square foot area of the intended room. The larger ones are supposed to be utilized in one room to clean the air of odors and pollutants. At the same time, the portable ones are small enough to carry in your pocket or around your neck. The kind of air purifier you choose will depend on your personal purpose.

While traveling, if you want to sanitize the hotel room or ensure an ample supply of pure air in crowded places, a portable machine with less coverage would be good enough. However, if you mainly require a purifier for rooms or small spaces, then make sure it has a high-efficiency filter system.

5. Noise

If you are planning to use an air purifier in the bedroom, make a note of the decibels it emits. After all, no one wants a purifier to disrupt their night’s sleep. Keep in mind that some have a louder sound than others. To verify, check the description of the product before purchasing.

Also, the purifier fan moves rapidly and makes more sound when set at a higher setting; this can be easily solved by setting it to a lower speed at night.

Why should I use a travel air purifier?

A travel air purifier can help remove pollutants such as allergens, smoke, dust, airborne bacteria, and viruses from your immediate surroundings. This can prove highly beneficial for people with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions, and can also enhance overall air quality when traveling.

How does a travel air purifier work?

Travel air purifiers operate primarily through a fan mechanism that draws in air. This air is then processed through a series of filters, such as a pre-filter, a HEPA filter, and sometimes an activated carbon filter, which captures and holds various air pollutants. Clean air is then circulated back into the environment.

Are travel air purifiers safe to use?

Yes, travel air purifiers are safe to use. However, those using ionization or ozone technology should be used with care, as they can potentially produce harmful ozone levels. Always ensure the product is tested and certified by trusted organizations like the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM).

How often should I replace the filters of my travel air purifier?

Filter replacement varies from product to product, but generally, filters should be replaced every 6 to 12 months. Always consult the user manual for specific recommendations related to your device.

Does a travel air purifier make a lot of noise?

Noise levels can vary between different models. Generally, travel air purifiers have a low noise output similar to a white noise sound or a running refrigerator. Check user reviews or product specifications for information regarding noise levels.

Can I use a travel air purifier in a car?

Yes, many travel air purifiers are designed to be used in a variety of small spaces, including cars. Ensure the purifier is secure during transit and avoid blocking the device’s intake and outflow vents.

After a comprehensive review of seven impressive travel air purifiers, it’s evident that these devices are essential for maintaining fresh and clean air during your travels. They serve as valuable companions for people who suffer from allergies, or respiratory issues, or those who merely desire better air quality for ultimate comfort. Out of these seven travel air purifiers, here are the top three expert recommendations.

Best for advanced filtration and features: The LEVOIT LV-H132 is an ideal option for those seeking an air purifier with a reliable filtration system and various additional features. This highly popular purifier from Levoit effectively targets multiple air contaminants and works efficiently in small to medium-sized rooms. Its adjustable speed settings and minimal noise production are other significant benefits.

Best for compact and discreet: The Mooka Air Purifier is a good option if you prefer a more compact and discreet air purifier that efficiently eliminates pollutants. The device’s 3-stage filtration system and energy efficiency are noteworthy, although it’s worth mentioning that the replacement filters can be a bit pricey.

Best for low noise emissions: The Jinpus Air Purifier is the right choice for those who prioritize low noise emissions, as it operates at only 24 decibels. This compact air purifier features an LED night light and employs high-performance filtration to enhance your bedroom’s indoor air quality.

In conclusion, carefully consider your specific needs, the features that matter most to you, and the space in which you’ll be using the air purifier while traveling. Each of the top three expert recommendations brings its unique advantages to the table, catering to different requirements and preferences. Select the one that suits you best and enjoy healthier and cleaner air on your travels.

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