Black Pearl / Zecc Architects

Black Pearl / Zecc Architects

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Black pearl / zecc architects

The construction of a Rotterdam house has degenerated in an architectonic spectacle, in which is experimented with time and space. The 100 years old facade has been entirely painted in a shiny black oil.

Black pearl / zecc architects

The brickwork, the window frames and the glass of the existing facade is painted black.
Because of this black layer you can say a shade aroused on the old façade. This shade has been taken as a basis layer in which is modern steel frames have been placed to form new windows.

Black pearl / zecc architects

The windows are placed reacting on the new floor plans that were created behind the façade.
Because of this placement there is a relation between the original façade and the new interpretation of the house behind it.

Project Details:
Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Type: Houses Residential
Architects: Zecc
Program: house and workshop
Photography: Frank Hanswijk
Prizes: Winner BNA Building of the year 2011, region Delta
note: Design facade: Studio together with Zecc Architects
Design interior: Studio


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