Brutalist architecture of Sydney: The buildings many love to hate

Brutalist architecture of Sydney: The buildings many love to hate
Sirius building

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Brutalist architecture of sydney: the buildings many love to hate
Sirius building

Brutalist buildings — you either love them or hate them, though the number of people that fall in the former category is increasing, according to an architecture writer.

The concrete structures that often resemble stacked cement toy boxes built with raw textures are divisive and date back to the post-war period.

“You often think of it being a relic of the communist era,” UK author Christopher Beanland said.

“They were often buildings designed for the people, so you have social housing like the Sirius building or universities.”

The future of the Sirius building in The Rocks has been in doubt following the eviction of most of its public housing residents.

While it was once considered an eyesore by the National Trust, it is now at the centre of a protection battle by the Heritage Council which hopes to save the building from being sold by the State Government.

“I think people are rediscovering the weird beauty of these buildings,” Mr Beanland said.

“They are strange places, they’re not to everyone’s taste.

“The weirdness of it is one of the things that appeals to me, but it’s also different to a lot of architecture we see now that is often flimsy and quite shoddy a lot of the time. And these were sort of solid, meaty constructions.”

According to Mr Beanland, who recently released a book titled Concrete Concept, Brutalist Buildings Around The World, opinions about brutalist architecture are changing. […]


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