The BUG, responsive structure by Najjar & Najjar Architects

The BUG, responsive structure by Najjar & Najjar Architects

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The Bug – A space of isolation with a dynamic interface. The envelope is an instrument of communication – it changes its structure according to the events that occur inside.

The space changes its structure through shifting and transferring its center of gravity. The conception of Bug is to visualize the dweller actions to his outer environment.

About the Architects:
The Vienna and Beirut based practice Najjar & Najjar was founded in 1999 Karim and Rames Najjar. Activities include designing commercial buildings, residences, bridges, interiors, and furniture. Since 2006, the practice has also been involved in yacht design and won an award for innovative yacht design concepts. The affinity to ship building is tangible throughout their body of work.The architect’s interdisciplinary design approach and their research in different fields as buoyant and kinetic structures give the architects their specific edge.


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