Buying A New Home? Don’t Skip The Structural Inspection


There are many costs involved with buying a new home. Legal fees, taxes, removal costs – they soon add up. And when you are keeping a close eye on your expenses, it can be tempting to cut a few corners. However, when it comes to turning down the opportunity of paying for a structural inspection, you could be making a big mistake. In today’s guide, we’re going to go through some of the benefits of structural inspections, and reveal some of the big issues that could occur if you turn them down.

Buying A New Home? Don't Skip The Structural Inspection

A standard inspection is not enough

The standard inspections that are carried out on a property before buying them are not enough to ensure your investment is a good one. According to, your home loan company will make one, but it will be basic and they are only looking for a valuation, rather than highlighting any defects that may not be obvious. A homebuyers inspection is a little more thorough, but, again, it focuses more on the general condition of your home. For more confidence, you need to hire a home inspector to look at the structural condition of the property.

It can save you a fortune

As a homebuyer, a structural assessment of the property for sale will set you back a few hundred dollars. And, while you might be trying to keep your costs down, the simple fact is that if you fail to check a property’s structure, you could face costs of tens of thousands. It is in your benefit to have an inspection before signing any papers You will have grounds for negotiating the asking price, or it will give you a good reason to look elsewhere. Buying a home is one of the most expensive investments you will make – don’t let it become even more so.

The dangers of not arranging a thorough inspection

So what sort of things can you miss if you don’t hold a thorough inspection? Unfortunately, there could be hidden defects everywhere, either concealed by the seller or behind walls and under floorboards. Foundation issues are a major problem, and, as point out, they can cost a lot of money – and time – to fix. Plumbing problems, subsidence, roofing and attic faults, electrical systems – they all cost money to fix. And without a thorough inspection report, you will end up fitting the bill once you realize there are issues. You also need to be aware of pests, which can make your home life a living nightmare. Rats are an obvious problem, but infestations of bugs can also cause serious damage to a property.

It gives you confidence

Ultimately, a home inspection report can give you the extra confidence you need to buy a home without worry. As we mentioned above, it’s a significant investment on your part, and it can be heartbreaking to find out there are structural issues once you move in. Buyer’s remorse is more common than you might think, but your report should give you a full rundown on the property’s condition, and give you peace of mind. There are other expenses that you can avoid when buying a home – a proper inspection should not be one of them.