Cabrillo Residence / Modal Design

The Cabrillo Residence is a single family custom designed home located on a 30’x90’ lot in Venice, CA, just blocks from the beach.

At 3,300 square feet, the project explores visual and physical connections between interior program and exterior surroundings through a vertically progressive series of openings.

Cabrillo residence / modal design

Incorporating low cost, durable materials that relate to the context of the area, the project exploits its small lot and provides maximum livable area with a unique sense of space and identity.

Cabrillo residence / modal design

To respond to the varied context of this eclectic ocean-side community, the design is based on a diagram charting the various walking paths to the beach. The diagram turned plan informed a series of window placements that articulate a hierarchy of spaces via borrowed light and punctuate circulation nodes though the house via two staircases required by local code.

Cabrillo residence / modal design

Low cost painted wood siding arranged in a pixelated pattern weaves in and out of the structure visually tying the home together.

Project Details:

Location: Venice, California, USA
Type: Residential – Houses
Year: 2009
Area: 3647 sqft
Architect: Modal Design –
Project Architect: Daniel Monti
Photographers: Lawrence Anderson Photography

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