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The first step to realizing a dream is to dare.

Can you imagine what it would mean to one day be recognized for your art and turn your work into a stellar design for a top brand?

Well, if you’re ready to take that leap of faith and the first step to turn your dreams into reality, then let us tell you that the moment has arrived!

Because right now, we are cordially welcoming you to the Call For Entries for The A’Design Awards & Competition that is all geared up and set to make its grand entry again in the year 2021!

The A’Design Awards & Competition is one of the most prestigious, globally acclaimed design competition and awards ceremonies that seeks to bestow the benefits of global exposure to all of its winning designers through widespread publicity.

And as the slogan of the enterprise explains its purpose, there remains no doubt to the fact that it is indeed “born out of the desire to underline the best designs and well-designed products.”

It is, overall, an extraordinarily famous international competition function that rewards designers, architects, and innovators in every category for their leading designs.

Not only does it help to showcase their work to a global audience, but it also gives all it winners the fantastic opportunity to get noticed by some of the celebrated brands in the world!

The edition for this year is now grandly open for entries, and all aspiring contestants can register their submissions right here!

The competition welcomes and judges designers in over 100 Design Competition Categories, testing various forms of designs. Apart from Architecture, Building, and Structure Design, some of the notable amongst these are:

You can view all of the categories on their website here.

The winners of the A’Design Awards will receive the trophy apart from numerous other benefits. These include a certificate and the winners’ inclusion in an exhibition as well as in a yearbook publication, winners’ badges and an exclusive interview to be featured on the A’ Design Awards website and beyond.

However, the most coveted rewards that this enterprise provides include the winners’ inclusion in the world design rankings, an invitation to a gala night hosted by the awards for networking and a chance to participate in an extensive PR campaign for all its winners.

You can see the full list of benefits right here.

All entries will be judged by the A’ Design Award’s jury that consists of hundreds of experts from all over the globe. This includes professionals, media members, and scholars.

Each jury member will be required to sign an agreement for the jury and expected to follow a code of conduct. Additionally, the jurors may not be selected amongst the employees of the participating companies to prevent conflicts of interest.

The procedures of the jury have been designed in a way that contributes to a fair and equitable awards process. It prevents any juror from exercising undue influence on the results of the awards. 

You can learn more about the jury and its processes here.

The regular submissions for the A’Design Awards close on September 30th. You may submit your designs here, or learn more about the awards in multiple languages right here.

The names of the winners will be announced on April 15th, after which a selection of winners associated with architecture shall be featured in a post on Architecture Lab.

A’ Design Architecture Award Winning Designs

Curtain Sales Office by Larry Wen and Yibo Wang – Aoe

Malangen Retreat Family retreat by Snorre Stinessen

Furusaki Tokyo Office by Hiroyuki Niwa

Solar Egg Public sauna by Futurniture and Bigert & Bergstrom

Tongling Recluse Historic Building Renovation by Buro Ziyu Zhuang – RSAA

Zhao Hua Xi Shi Living Museum by Paul Bo Peng

Zhuhai Hengqin Headquarters Complex Retail, Office and Apartment by Aedas

The Beacon Serviced Apartment and Retail by Aedas

KAP House Residential Home by Diego Molina and Maria Arango

Changde YouArt Centre Exhibition Space by Atelier Global Limited

Zeytinburnu Sales Office Sales Office by Arkiteam Architecture

Flexihouse Residential Complex by Seyed Roozbeh Ghaemmaghami



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