Call for Submission – #OpenTaranto

Call for Submission - #OpenTaranto

Call for submission - #opentaranto

The International Ideas Competition is intended as a way to create a future vision for Taranto Old Town and a means to kick-start the engine of regeneration through an Action Plan.

The Competition seeks to activate hidden energies and talents, unknown and underused resources; find innovative ways to interpret resources and draw out memories, creativity, inspiration, ideas and methodologies.

Proposals should help reinforce the importance of the Old Town for public functions on an urban and wider territorial scale and underline its role as a cultural attractor for a large area, helping to position Taranto within the regional and national cultural tourist system.

The competition consists of two basic stages: pre-selection and submission of proposals by the selected competitors.

The pre-selection stage consists of acceptance of expressions of interest and the selection of a maximum of 20 competitors for admission to the next stage of the competition.

The submission of proposals competition takes place under conditions of anonymity and concludes with the award of prizes and declaration of a winner.

Participation is open to all: natural or legal persons of Italian or foreign nationality who meet the requirements of the new Public Procurement Code.

Competitors must be headed by an architect or an engineer (in the role of GROUP LEADER) and must combine to form a multidisciplinary working group that includes at least one professional expert on issues of urban regeneration and local development.

In order to refined and optimize their proposal, groups can bring in additional experts beyond those required. These figures may be:

– historians of art or architecture;
– experts in the conservation and restoration of cultural heritage;
– archaeologists;
– experts in territorial marketing and smart planning;
– experts in ecology and/or environmental protection;
– experts in mobility;
– expert in participation and communication processes.

At the end of the Submission of Proposal phase , the Selection Board will draw up a short list and identify the three best ideas that will gain, respectively:

– First Prize: 60,000.00 Euros
– Second Prize: 30,000.00 Euros
– Third Prize: 15,000.00 Euros

The winner of Submission of Proposal phase will be winner of the Competition as well.

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