Call in the Experts for Tree Pruning in Edmonton

Call in the Experts for Tree Pruning in Edmonton

Everybody’s seen them, most people have tripped over them, and some people even make wedding cakes that look like them. The fact remains, while oaks, spruces, pines, and elms are beautiful additions to any home, their stumps are not. After all, who would really like to see such an ugly permanent feature on their front lawn? Not to mention all the stubbed toes and broken mowing blades you’ll get if you leave it lying around for too long. When you’re faced with a dead or dying ash or pine, it’s time to find an Edmonton tree stump removal company.

Not all tree care companies in Edmonton employ specially trained arborists. Companies like Chipps Tree Care do, and the difference shows. These are some of the qualities and services you should look for in an arborist.

Call in the experts for tree pruning in edmonton

#1 If you have a full and mature ash, birch, spruce, or pine in your yard, pruning is one of the best ways to extend its life. If your canopy flowers in spring, the best time to start tree pruning in the Edmonton climate is after the flowers have faded. If it doesn’t flower until late summer or the fall, bring in spring tree pruning services from earlier in the season.

#2 In order to delay the inevitable day when you’ll have to start growing your landscaping over again, bring in ISA-Certified arborists. Arborists actually study canopies, and they can recommend a number of treatments and action plans to deal with wilting, dehydration, and pest infestations.

#3 If your ash or pine has become a hazard for falling or its dead wood is infested with arboreal pests, it’s time to remove it. Companies that employ certified arborists like Chipps Tree Care use something called low impact rigging to protect the landscape around the removal.

#4 When everything’s said and done, don’t forget about the stump. After the removal, make sure the company can bring in a stump grinder to lay the groundwork for your lawn’s new centrepiece pine. This sands away and chews up the stump until it is low enough to replant grass over the top of it.

#5 You’ll also always want someone that can give you a fair assessment for your tree pruning needs in Edmonton. When you use professional arborists, they can identify any diseases or risk factors you may not be able to identify yourself. Then they lay out their recommended treatment strategy.

In the end, there’s a good deal more to know about this topic, but the most important quality to look for in an arborist is expertise.Not only do they have the right equipment, they have proven procedures for minimizing their impact on your property and treating infestations to keep your elms and ashes healthy for longer. Too many DIY or amateur stories end with regret. A DIY pruning job can seriously damage your ash or pine. One wrong cut can kill off part of the crown or expose it to infestation. Do it right the first time with professional arborists in Edmonton.

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