Can You Really Afford to Give Your Home a Makeover?

Can You Really Afford to Give Your Home a Makeover?

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Can you really afford to give your home a makeover?

More and more of us are opting to give our homes a modern makeover. Buying new furniture, painting or having somebody fit a new bathroom/kitchen can be costly, so can you really afford to give your home a makeover? It doesn’t have to be too expensive to make your home look a little different, and if you’re really in need of some expensive work, then there are options for you such as poor credit loans. So use this guide to decide if you can afford a home makeover and how to make cheap changes to your home.

How much will it actually cost?

Your home makeover cost will depend on what you need doing and how much you’re willing to spend on each job. Bathrooms and kitchens are likely to cost you the most, but to save a bit on money, visit shops like Magnetas they will be able to give you a deal on the work you need doing. Other expensive items within your home makeover will be furniture, flooring and paint. Shop around at places like Ikea and Argos to get the best prices on beautiful furniture and take a visit to B&Q for your paint needs. Home makeovers can cost anything from £5,000 to £100,000. Whatever you’re spending, make sure it’s going to add value to your property and improve your everyday living.

Cost Effective Ways to Makeover Your Home

There are plenty of cheap ways to give your home a lift. In the lounge area, why not try moving furniture around, you might free up some space. If your sofa looks a bit old fashioned but is still perfectly functional, don’t throw it away, just visit a furniture upholsterer who will be able to make it look as good as new. Don’t fork out for brand new kitchen units, just replace cupboard doors and handles. Finally, in your bedroom, give it a new coat of paint and replace any aging curtains. It’s amazing what a light wall colour can do for the brightness of your room. Check out this website for some more ideas.

Should You Makeover Your Home Before Selling?

Maybe you’re considering a home makeover as you’re looking to move house, but should you sell your home how it is or with a facelift? Doing work on your home could make it more desirable to potential buyers, but before spending any money you need to work out if it will add value to your property. Often, just getting rid of clutter and ‘staging’ your home can be enough to get somebody interested in buying it. Here is a must read guide to help you sell your home.

As our guide has shown you, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to give your home a makeover, so you can definitely afford it. Just use a little imagination, shop around for products and your home will look how you desire in no time and effort at all.


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