Canadian Builders Love These Premium Quality Windows

Canadian Builders Love These Premium Quality Windows

Windows and doors play an important role in a home’s design and appearance. Not only does this part of a home’s design add beauty and dimension to its exterior, it adds value as well. Quality doors and windows can increase your home’s market value, improve its curb appeal, and save on energy bills. However, not all products on the market today are high-quality. In order to truly benefit when you upgrade, it is crucial to buy from a manufacturer that offers superior quality, excellent craftsmanship, and experience in the industry.

Lower your energy bills with premium product
Windows take up approximately 15 to 20 percent of the surface area of a home’s wall space. According to recent energy surveys, they play a large role in heating and cooling costs: they lose more heat per square foot in colder weather and increase more heat in warmer weather than any other surface in a home. Simply put, this means you end up losing energy no matter what season it is. Heat loss and gain, can account for up to one-fourth of all energy used. By installing the right type of product in each home, and using a manufacturer that is experienced in the science of environmentally-friendly products, like Golden Windows Limited, you can significantly cut the heating and cooling bills and upgrade your energy-efficiency rating.

Canadian builders love these premium quality windows

Choosing the right types
All are not created equal. If products are made cheap, they’re inferior in quality, and you can end up losing more money in replacements and energy loss than you would save by purchasing cheaper windows. They must be accompanied by quality installation and fit to exact measurements in order to be effective in saving energy. If the house is in a location with very cold winters, then you may want to install double Low E glass, which are filled with an argon gas that minimizes thermal transfer to reduce heat loss. As representatives from companies like Golden Windows are very well aware, warmer climates may need windows that reduce incoming sunlight to prevent UV light from heating the interior. The type of material also plays an important role in choosing the best product for the home. Choosing from a variety frame materials such as wood, vinyl, and aluminum as well as from different styles such as casement or hung products is crucial. An experienced manufacturer can help determine the type of structures and materials that are best for each home and climate.

Style and fit
The aesthetic look of your new product is just as important as the above qualities, since it needs to fit perfectly with the rest of the interior and exterior design. If the windows and doors don’t fit properly, they can leak, cause drafts, and be a major cause of the loss of warm and cold air. Windows must be made with attention to all these issues and more, and created by a manufacturer like Golden Windows, in which the experts will have a great understanding of what to look for at each stage of quoting, ordering and installation. Styles can include wooden frames, which are great for log cabins or cottage-style homes. Vinyl windows are an excellent choice if you want to add depth and dimension. Aluminum clad options are incredibly well-sealed and have a wood interior, and all these choices are maintenance-free because they are designed specifically with builders and homeowners in mind.

Go for quality over low-priced alternatives when purchasing new windows. Choosing an experienced, reputable manufacturer and quality installation will always save money in the long term.


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