Carlsberg City: The town that beer built

Carlsberg City: The town that beer built

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New neighborhood named Carlsberg City set to emerge in Copenhagen, Denmark and the district has been built on site of beer company’s former brewery

Carlsberg city: the town that beer built

It’s the beer so good the Danes hate to see it leave, or so Carlsberg advertisements used to say.

Now, Copenhagen residents can live in a new neighborhood set to emerge on the historic grounds of the famous beer-maker in the heart of Danish capital.

The area in question — aptly named Carlsberg City — has been home to the famous Carlsberg brewery since 1847, and with it a big slice of Danish cultural history.

But the brewery has moved on and the future is moving in.

Amidst the district’s historic treasure trove of protected architectural buildings will be some 600,000 square meters (6.4 million sq ft) of residential, business, sporting, cultural, and educational space.

Prices range from just below Copenhagen’s average $5,000 per square meter to about $12,000 — well below other major European cities.

Modeled after intimate medieval towns, Carlsberg City won “Best Master Plan” at the World Architecture Festival in 2009. The project has since attracted interest from all over the world. []

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