CASA BE / Spaceworkers

CASA BE / Spaceworkers

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Casa be / spaceworkers

The idea of a vernacular architecture (forgotten) and how it seeks to form a clear speech between the landscape and programmatic needs is something that we always admire.

A very successful example of this discourse, are the structures to support agriculture (normally function barns / granary), which in a more or less random would punctuate the countryside, as blocks of ephemeral appearance that levitated on the ground.

Casa be / spaceworkers

It is precisely this idea of “gravitational lightness” that fascinates us and which is based the concept of this project.!

Casa be / spaceworkers

Generally, the proposal presents a tripartition according to the vernacular elements, the base, with an image of a static and megalithic mono-block, which includes the service functions of the house, the open area, identified with the more public housing programs, which explores the visual and physical relationships with the outside through the huge glass windows that transmit the idea of lightness and structural weakness sought with the concept, and finally the geometric block that seems to “gravitate”, where are the private spaces of the house.

Casa be / spaceworkers
Casa be / spaceworkers

The concept of tripartition is complemented with a choice of materials that seeks to exploit the apparent weakness of wood in contrast to the black stone block (base level) and the concrete block (upper level).

Project Details:
Location: Paredes, Portugal
Type: Residential
Year: 2007 – 2013
Size: 800m2
Photos: FG+SG –


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